How Apropos


Did anyone watch Grey’s Anatomy last night? In the midst of my nanny search, was it really necessary to include a storyline about a nanny backing over a child with the SUV?

And to make matters worse, the child ONLY wants the nanny to comfort her in the hospital? And not her own mom? Who doesn’t even know HER CHILD’S BLOOD TYPE?! OR HER FAVORITE LULLABY? BECAUSE SHE CHOSE TO WORK OVER TAKING CARE OF HER CHILD?!

IS THIS A GLIMPSE INTO MY FUTURE?! Sweet Jebus ABC, could you make me feel any shittier?

I can see it now, Wito scraping his knee and calling out to Marta/Amalia/Heather/Emily/Amy (all fine candidates, might I add).

I better go figure out my child’s blood type.


The Nanny Diaries: Update


Scratch the previous questions. I have now resorted to one single request.

Must have a pulse.

Where are all the experienced Southern California nannies and babysitters? HELLO OUT THERRRRRRE!?!

…echo echo echo…


The Nanny Diaries


I’ve printed out several helpful question sheets for nanny interviews from various websites, but I really want to ask the following questions:

1) Will you be washing your hands after defecating in my bathroom?

2) Have I seen your boyfriend/husband on Dateline’s “To Catch A Predator”?

3) Will you fill the bottles from the tap because you’re too lazy to use the cold filtered water which has to be heated (not in the microwave of course, HOT SPOTS! HOT SPOTS!)?

4) Are you prone to fits of rage involving hurling babies across rooms?

And finally,

5) Are you comfortable with an over-protective and curious mother stopping by the house every hour to check up on you?

No, you say? Excellent.


Pressure’s On


I’m going back to work…don’t know for how long, but right now I have to focus on finding a nanny in 13 days. Peace.

Maybe some photos from Cabo will hold you over…

Eve of the suspect yellowtail sushi. Dabbling in some performance art…little did I know what would be happening 6 hours later.


Randoms from the trip.


And of course, MY favorite photos. My boys.