Five and a Half Months


I haven’t written a full entry in a week, so why start now?

Instead, here is a photo montage of my current pregnancy cravings.


Who am I kidding? I have no cravings…these are the exact things I eat when I’m not pregnant (well, maybe not THREE servings of Maggiano’s spaghetti and meatballs in one week. Ok, and the popsicles). How boring can I get? Hot dogs? No thanks. Cheeseburgers? I’ve had 3 in 22 weeks. Pie and ice cream? (c’mon, pregnant girls love pie and ice cream!) Nope. Man, it’s hard out there for a preggers pimp.

D and I had such a lovely dinner at our home with friends last night, and of course, I didn’t take one photo. I love cooking dinner for friends, except for the “lack of focus” that takes over my psyche and results in nearly amputating my thumb while chopping onions.

I bet you can’t guess what D’s response was in regards to the thumb-chopping incident.

But never fear, mucho fabulous photos will be taken when I visit Carolina in LA this weekend. Baby boutiques, get ready.