Just a Few Things


1) I’m so happy American Idol is finally down to 24 contestants. The auditioning process was so. very. tiring. to. watch.

2) Speaking of American Idol, my husband’s hair temporarily looks like Simon Cowell. It is very unfortunate. We both got haircuts yesterday, in which he had a fair amount cut off. His hair literally did not know which way to lie, so it just stood straight up in perfect Simon Cowell squared-off fashion. Sexy.

3) Have I mentioned that Whoorlito will most likely break the world record for the most hair? The thickness factor between D and I is insane- it’s very possible that Whoorlito might look like this.

4) So many of my daily blog reads have been in my dreams lately. Jurgen Nation, Something So Clever, Sarcomical, and some sort of Sarcastic Journalist and Secret Agent Josephine hybrid. Maybe I need a break from all the reading.

5) My belly is starting to pop.

6) Chipotle for lunch! Wiping the drool off my keyboard.





**gloating alert**

Whose husband returned from the flower market with this bouquet for Valentine’s Day? And, might I add, took the time to handpick each and every flower instead of having some stranger create it?

That would be MINE!

**gloating alert**


Happy Valentines Day




Olympic Opening Ceremony or Rousing Tribute to Disco?


You decide.

Did you see the Parade of Athletes last night? I tried my hardest to focus on the individual athletes and comradery, but my brain couldn’t get past the music. Why the American Disco? Are these songs just becoming popular in Torino? Did the Olympic Committee brainstorm for months, only to decide that American disco music could bring the world back together? Many, many questions…

Not that I’m complaining, Olympic Committee. I’m sure the athletes enjoyed walking to the likes of YMCA, Hot Stuff, Disco Inferno and Shake Your Booty. I’m sure Iran very much relished strutting their stuff to Funkytown. I even think I may have heard a little Video Killed The Radio Star while Mongolia made their appearance. Video Killed The Radio Star? Way to think outside of the box, Torino! I can just envision the committee’s heated discussions…”We won’t be pigeon-holed by 1970’s disco! Hell no! We’re modern citizens! We will include mid-80’s music just to throw the world citizens for a loop. Take that!”

And their plan worked. I almost lost my shit when I heard Dreams by Van Halen. I mean, that’s 1986, people! How’d that one slip in?

Those crazy Italians.