I’m sure 80% of you have seen this already…just HUMOR ME


One of my best friends emailed a link to me a couple of days ago. The only correspondence she included was,

“This reminds me of you and your sister in high school”

I guess I have to agree- besides the fact that we aren’t male, Asian or Yao Ming fans, the performance is eerily similar to our Performance Art from days of yore.



Favorite Food Meme


I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Something So Clever, yesterday and noticed her favorite food meme. So today, I am going to crash the meme party and do one myself. Mine is entitled “My Favorite Foods That I Never Get To Eat”.

Besides the mixed nuts and english muffins, for whatever reason, I only eat these foods a few times a year (which is probably a good thing minus the sushi and soup).

What’s up with that? GIMME MY CHEETOS!

– If you were wondering, #4 is Tom Kha soup. YUM.


A Reprieve from Fantasy Madness


My Fantasy Football playoffs began today. It’s high stress around here, people. I wish you all could see the set-up in our living room…Direct TV NFL Ticket displaying a trillion games simultaneously on the television, 2 Mac laptops on both arms of the couch (which we refresh every 2.5 seconds to check our players’ points) and a shitload of yelling and cursing.

I love fantasy football, except for when I am losing. And today, I’m losing. So D and I decided after 6 hours of screaming at the television, we needed a little fresh air and decided to take a quick walk around the block.

Just as we started walking, the sun was setting behind Catalina Island. Isn’t it beautiful? Sometimes I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to live in this amazing place.

I take back everything I said about California during the holiday season.




Should I feel guilty that I didn’t send out holiday cards this year? I feel kind of guilty…