Queen Bee Arrives Soon


This is a quick post because my mom will be arriving in Orange County in less than 2 hours. I am seriously jazzed. It’s a bonafide mom/daughter weekend free of any men. Do you know what that means?


Not only is my mom fantastic in every way possible, but she is already spoiling the shit out of whoorlito. Every week while chatting on the phone, she will mention oh-so-casually “I think the baby is going to get a present today…”

Within an hour or two, the UPS man is knocking on my door with things like this


Um yeah, it has fucking darling froggies on it.


And she doesn’t discriminate against other animals, such as ducks.


Calling geisha services…


I’m not sure what animal this is, but HELL it’s a cute bath wrap.


The softest blanket ever.


Are you catching my drift? The woman has gone BABY CRAZY. And she is about to experience the Baby Boutique Mecca of the West Coast. Hell yes.



  1. Is this your first baby? If so, let’s hope Gramma keeps it up for any more you have!

  2. My daughter has one of those blankets — they rock. What a lucky baby!

  3. awww.

    it’s a LAMB. so cute!


  4. that is soo how my mom is with my sister being preggers (you two are due around the same time- fun!).

    your mom has GREAT taste. i can see where you get your stunning good looks too. ;)

    have a fab weekend!!

    :) sizz

  5. So fing jealous – in a very good way. You guys are going to tear.it.up. hell yes.

  6. I want a blankie, too.

  7. Wow…that is some beautiful baby gear. Hope you’re having fun with your mom. Whoorlito deserves to be spoiled (as do you, of course).

  8. Damn! Your mom does rock. All I’ve been buying for my little niece-to-be are tiny baby punker shirts that have the anarchy symbol on the front, are emblazoned with the words “Question Authority”, and have L7 or the Ramones on the front. I’d better step up and bring my A-game, if I want Whoorlito to take a shine to the little Pookette.

  9. Yep, I think the bathwrap is a lamb. God those clothes are all so yummy! I wonder if they make them for 13 year olds — duh, what am I saying? I wonder if they make them for MOMS! :O)

    Have a fabulous visit! :O)

  10. Jurgen Nation says:

    The adorable meter just blew up. This stuff is the cutest I’ve ever seen for a baby. My heart…bursting…!

  11. My best friend’s daughter has that blanket, and holy crap, I wanted to steal that thing from her. It’s soooo soft.

  12. what a cute stuff for baby ^_^