A Few Questions for my 19 Month Old


First of all, would you just look at this face?

How much do you want to squeeze and kiss and cuddle and love on that toddler?! (What? You don’t want to squeeze and kiss and cuddle and love some random blogger’s toddler? YOU’RE AS COLD AS ICE, I SAY!!)

Wita, why are you growing up so fast?

Why is “I don’t know” your very favorite thing to say? And when you say it, it just melts my heart again and again and again?

Also, when you do that high-pitched, almost desperate-sounding “Uh-huh!?!” upon being asked to do something you really want to do? My lord, it’s so sweet.

Why do you “chat” on the phone incessantly? Is it to prime me for the upcoming decade with you?

(That’s my computer mouse, by the way.)

Most importantly, however, why do you put up with me making you wear size 6-12mos tights that are obviously too small, as the crotch seam now hovers around your knees, as seen in the video? Do you think that maybe your mama doesn’t want to accept that her baby is 19 months old, 33 inches and 27 pounds? Do you think mama is having a hard time watching her littlest and last baby grow up?

I think maybe so.



  1. Oh Wita, Wita, Wita…you even make this mommy’s heart ache as my own little girl is two months older than you and growing up just as fast!

    Please, for the love of God, slow down time!!!

    Great photo of that chunky cheeked babe!

    Jill V. / TerraSavvy recently posted…Valentine’s Day Countdown ~ Day 3: Message in a Collar

  2. hug her because when she’s 7, she will…. well….. just hug her.:)
    gorillabuns recently posted…you are my sunshine

    • Oh girl, I know. She just slammed the door in my face last week. Slammed the door in my face! On purpose! She’s one!

  3. Oh my goodness. Yes I do want to squeeze and kiss and cuddle and love some random blogger’s toddler!!! She is so very cute.
    Adrienne J recently posted…blogging – month 1 & resolutions update

  4. OMG whoorl has the freaking cutest children on the planet. So I might be the opposite of cold as ice. #psychowhoorlfamilyfan

  5. She is super adorable and I would, as you say, want to cuddle her. The photos you and D share on instagram just melt my heart.
    sizzle recently posted…More Reasons I Can’t Wait For This Gig To Be Over

    • Thanks, Sizz. I do love D’s instagrams of the kids…you know, when he steps away from the damn retro cars once in awhile.

  6. I love how she turns away from you while having her phone conversation. “I mean, jeez, mom, privacy! Please!”

  7. My baby (boy) turns 18 in 2 weeks and his older brother will be 21 in August; talk about having to learn to let go. College, fast cars, girls, parties, yikes!!! You are still in the sweet years…enjoy them while you can as they are fleeting.

  8. Me, me! I will hug your toddler! Too cute for words.

  9. My youngest is 18 months old. Such an amazing and fun (and sometimes frustrating) age Yours is adorable!!
    Kelly recently posted…an update

  10. Michelle Baxter says:

    Cutest. Baby. Ever. Love the tights too!

  11. How on earth is she already 19 months!! Your sure it wasn’t yesterday that she was born? Or the day before that that you announced your pregnancy? Geez…I just didn’t realize how long I’ve been visiting.
    She is one heck of a cutie!
    Amanda @ Ramblings of an Empty Mind recently posted…Yep, Weather Again!

  12. I love her. And you. And Wito. And D. xo
    Angella recently posted…These Hard Times

  13. Soooo cute. Just discovered and am loving your blog! Gorgeous!
    Mary recently posted…Weekend Recap – Stowe

  14. That is definitely a face. Love it. Thank goodness babies are super adorable. Otherwise we’d be super mad at them all the time.

    My only kiddo is 2, which makes me sad, but then I think about how awesome it is that I can leave the house with only a diaper and a sippy cup. She gets more fun every day. :)