We’re back!


Wow. This road trip has been AWESOME so far.

About one hour into the trip, Wito took two bites of my everything bagel and broke out in hives all over his entire body. We are back home at the doctor.

Viva la Road Trip!



  1. Oh noes! Feel better, Wito!

  2. Poor Wito! Poor you! Hope he’s OK!!

  3. Oh no! Poor little fella.

  4. Oh oh… hope everything is okay…

  5. I hope he is ok! Maybe it is a good thing you didn’t fly?

  6. Ah-oh…eek, hopefully it’s just a mild toddler allergy that he will outgrow. Hope the little guy gets better and you guys can still take that trip!

  7. That’s not good! Hope he’s all better soon.

  8. ooohnooooo!! sorry. :-( hope he gets better soon!!

  9. Poor kiddo! Hope he feels better. (And that your trip gets back on track.)

  10. Oh, no!! Hope he’s all better. (Was it the sesame seeds?)

  11. Feel better, kid!

    The real tragedy in this (assuming a quick recovery) is that now he’ll never get to enjoy an everything bagel again. Poor kid!

  12. Oh no! Did you figure out what he might be allergic to?