The Whoorlie Smoothie


Oh, you guys. The Vitamix. THE VITAMIX. I love it.

(By the way, the Vitamix talk is all me. I have no ties to Vitamix – I bought it with my own money, and there is no sponsorship going on. And, as a reminder, if/when I write a sponsored post, there will always be a disclaimer at the end of the post. Cool? Cool.)

The whoorl household pretty much morphed into a smoothie test kitchen this weekend. I was trying out all sorts of smoothie recipes, while experimenting with my own fruit/veggie combinations. We had some hits and misses, but I pretty much nailed it with this one. It is an adaptation of the Laughing Gorilla from the Vitamix Live Fresh cookbook – I added some chia seeds and an apple and omitted one of the oranges. I christened the delicious concoction the “Whoorlie.”

You guys, this was so unbelievably delicious. When Wita hit the bottom of her sippy cup, she started crying. CRYING. We had to bust out a spoon and feed her every last drop, as you can see below.

Now, as much as I would like to say that EVERYONE initially loved the smoothie, Wito pretty much freaked out when he saw the green color. I asked him to take a sip, and although I could totally tell he liked it, he pulled the whole “I can’t eat it because it’s GREEEEEN” drama. So I poured it back in the blender, added a handful of blueberries, and voilá, purple smoothie. Suddenly, this smoothie (which tasted the exact same), “was the BEST SMOOTHIE EVER,” according to Wito.

Kids, man. What can you do?

You all have got to try this one out, but also, let me know if you have a favorite smoothie recipe!

Viva la Whoorlie!



  1. Ha. So funny because I just pulled mine OUT OF THE BOX after buying it 2 years ago. Never used it. Sigh.

    Anyway, right now I do a daily kale, carrot, apple (with ice then water) juice and it’s yummy.

    • I did a romaine, apple, and lemon juice last night, and it was sooooo good. (I used the filtration bag that came with the Vitamix and it worked perfectly in removing all the bulk.)

  2. Hi Sarah! That smoothie sounds delicious! I usually go with banana, strawberries, chocolate protein powder, and spinach but I need a change! Could you tell me about how much your recipe makes? Thanks!

  3. I LOVE adding spinach to my smoothies, and I go pretty heavy handed with berries. Yum!
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  4. It was the today special value on qvc yesterday. I got it there two years ago as the TSV but I had to return it because it was soooo huge it wouldn’t fit on my counter (pushed back under the cabinets) and I couldn’t handle that. Plus I didn’t think I’d get enough use out of it to justify the cost.
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    • It is very tall, and that was one of the reasons I considered the Blendtec, but we have enough room on our counter to set the Vitamix container right next to the base.

      • Tammi Marie says:

        Thank you for mentioning that article

        • Carrie Scott says:

          They have a new model that fits under the counter! I ordered that plus the bigger container which I keep under the cabinet for when I’m making a large recipe.

          • I don’t have my own home and live with my landlord. I just keep my Vita in a cupboard — problem solved!

  5. I have never used lettuce, I always use spinach. I might try this. I recently got a juicer and am obsessed with fresh juice. Carrot/Apple/Ginger is my fav.
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    • Have you looked into the oxalic issue with spinach? We love spinach too, but are trying not to consume it raw everyday. (This article has a lot of interesting information regarding raw cruciferous vegetables and thryroid function too.)

      “Eat a big spinach salad everyday and it is virtually certain you will eventually succumb to kidney stones, according to Dr. William Shaw, Director of The Great Plains Laboratory for Health, Nutrition and Metabolism.”

  6. This looks great! I just got myself a blender (though nothing as fancy as a Vitamix), and I’ve been looking for new smoothie ideas, so I just might have to give this one a try.

  7. I busted my Vitamix last year making one too many a crazy load of margaritas.
    gorillabuns recently posted…feed a cold with vodka, right?

  8. I tell my kids that green juice is kiwi juice. Works like a charm :)

  9. Lisa (modmama) says:

    So glad you all love your vitamix!
    I got mine 2 weeks ago but have been stuck on Kim Snyder’s ‘glowing green smoothie’ and a combo of kale, frozen blubes/mango/raspberries with almond milk.
    I’m officially inspired to bust out that recipe book. I haven’t yet, but you may want to check out the yahoo group created by the vitamix lady There’s a ton of recipes and tips there and she is a vitamix demonstrator. I came across it on the chow hound vitamix review page (I too, spent a few nights agonizing over vitamix vs blendtec)

    • Lisa, thanks for the Kim Snyder rec! I am totally going to make that smoothie this week.

    • I’m on kim snyders glowing green smoothies and love them. I have lost 7 lbs since the begining of December. Nothing makes smoothies the way a vitamix does. I would be lost without mine and fat.

    • I bought my Vita Mix about 8 years ago. Then, mostly out of curiosity, I bought a Blendtec about 3 years ago. Used it 2-3 times and have had it in storage ever since. I found it to be SO not user-friendly. >:-( I just got it out of storage and am now putting it up for sale on craigslist, hoping to get back at least SOME of the money I wasted on it. In the meantime, I just purchased the Vita Mix Creations GC on QVC and can’t WAIT for it to arrive!!! By the way…I’m still keeping my older Vita — after 8 years it still runs like a champ! To me there is absolutely NO comparison between a Blendtec and a Vita Mix — VITA MIX RULES!!!

  10. I freaking LOVE my friend’s Vitamix, but have not bit the bullet and bought my own yet. With a new little one in sight in the next couple months, it’s immersion blender city for me for a while, sadly. You have a blast with that sucker! Wait ’til you watch it pulverize cocoa nibs. I AM TELLING YOU. It is the greatest satisfaction watching that sucker go to town.
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  11. okay, this is a totally simple one compared to yours (which looks delicious btw… & i will definitely try it), but it’s our go-to breakfast when were in a hurry and rushing out the door~

    we were drinking a spinach smoothie every day (spinach + 3 types of fruit & a little water), and was planning to get back into it this month, but i just saw your comment to danielle about spinach… on my way to read the article (thanks for sharing!)…
    Torrie @ a place to share… recently posted…Bold moves.

  12. You might want to try making Chia gel instead of adding the seeds directly to the Vitamix. There’s something about the seeds being both soluble and insoluble fiber which makes them so good for you – I “think” that may be partly mitigated if they are ground up. Don’t trust me though, I’m an idiot!!

    The gel is super simple – put one tablespoon of Chia in 9 ounces of water and stir with a fork to make sure all the seeds have contact with the water. Let sit 10-15 minutes. Viola – Chia gel! Add it to your smoothies, substitute up to 1/3 of your fat in recipes with it, add it to any drink or soup.

    Have you tried “Mamma Chia” – it’s a drink available at Mother’s and Whole Foods (way cheaper at Mother’s, FYI). It is beyond delicious! My favorite is Blackberry Hibiscus. It’s a great treat if you are out running around and want something yummy, filling and not bad for you!

  13. I’ve been doing soups (broccoli cheddar and loaded potato are big winners) with my VitaMix. But I have to say, I too LOVE LOVE LOVE my VitaMix and anyone that might have thoughts of “taking” it ……. well they had just better get those thoughts out of their head because I have already claimed it as MINE!!

    I will have to try your smoothie – maybe for breakfast this week (with the blueberries since green doesn’t go over well here either). Thanks for sharing.
    Kat Meller recently posted…Heart Smart Recipes

  14. Miss Virginia says:

    Freeze a bunch of bananas and put them in the vitamix (maybe like 5). Use that long black stick thing to really puree them and it turns into banana soft serve ice cream! (freeze bananas that are not very ripe so that it won’t taste too much like banana flavor…mostly like vanilla ice cream). We love to add peanut butter in the vitamix too, for a peanutbutter/banana ice cream. Also, my kids love to add all types of toppings to it (chocolate chips, whipped cream, sprinkles, you could go the berry route, etc). It sounds gross, but it is SO GOOD!

  15. girlofsteele says:

    I teach first graders and borrowed a friends vitamin to make smoothies with the class after studying healthy eating and fruits and vegetables. The teacher next door brought her class over as well and we had forty first graders excited as all get out about Groovy Green Smoothies. (We thought we would have a better chance of getting them to eat it with a snazzy name.) The kids took turns adding ingredients and we waited until the end to add the spinach for an exciting effect. They were amazed that it turned green and every single one of them tasted it, which felt like a breakthrough for me and my coworker. :)

  16. He is SO wearing an Old Navy PJs!

  17. I’ve been so torn between a Vitamix & an Omega VRT 350HD juicer. I want to make the kids fresh apple & orange juice, but I want to make smoothies for myself. Will the vitamix make any type of thinner juice or is it just a smoothie machine? I’ve seen youtube videos of some very stoned looking people trying to make orange juice, but they’re really just talking about how powerful the vitamix motor is. They never actually pour any oj :(

    • Yes! The Vitamix I bought (Turboblend VS) comes with a filtration bag, so you can blend smoothies and then pour through the bag to create a juice without any of the bulk. Yes, it’s an extra step, but takes about 1 minute and is fantastic. (I made a delicious romaine, lemon and apple juice this weekend. Yum!)

      • Awesome! I’m sold. Just trying to decide now on which machine to purchase. Since it’s such a large purchase for us I’m really leaning towards buying it at QVC since they do the “4 easy payments!” and that saves me having to pay the interest on my credit card. Plus free shipping, of course if we buy there our selection is limited to the Creation Vitamix, which I think is fine. Ugh, I must have one!

  18. You should check out: for some smoothie inspiration.

  19. Hi Whoorl,
    Someone might have already asked this…but I didn’t think I so….if I just have a regular ol’ blender will this whoorlie work? Or would I need to buy the big mamajama to get this going?
    Haley recently posted…Style my Neck

    • Hmmmm, I think you would have to chop the fruits up very well beforehand, and it might not be as smooth as a Vitamix might be…but give it a try!

    • i’ve been trying green smoothie recipes with my ol’ kitchenaid blender. it’s definitely not as smooth (i get little bits of spinach) but it’s not a big deal

  20. Hi Sarah–Here’s our favorite smoothie (sounds bizarre, but really, it’s good!) is plain non-fat yogurt + a little milk or water + frozen berries (we like a mix of raspberries and blueberries) + a few tbs of agave syrup + big handfuls of raw kale (stems removed). Optional addition is a banana (frozen or fresh). The kale really doesn’t taste like anything at all, and even for those without a Vitamix (like me), the little bits are not bad. Just be sure to brush teeth before you go out :)

  21. My favorite smoothie, is part plain greek yogurt, part plain keifer, a banana, pineapple, mango and coconut milk. Yummmmm. I also make one with the yogurt and keifer, a banana, some blueberrys and strawberrys and spinich.

  22. I love my Vitamix. Not only can I control the ingredients, but the colors and textures too. It’s fun making healthy smoothies for my friends who don’t eat a lot of fruit and veg, they drink it instead when they visit and they like it.
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