Things That Are Blowing My Mind


1. The weather forecast for my trip to Oklahoma.


The new state motto – “Come to Oklahoma and inhale the fiery breath of the devil!”

Ah, Oklahoma. How I DON’T miss your weather.

2. The current state of my laptop.


Most of the damage is due to a little turd named Wito, although, really, whose fault is it for leaving her laptop in a toddler’s path of destruction? I’ve been fine with the physical damage, but now it seems my screen is on its way to laptop heaven. (Word to the wise, working on a laptop with a blank screen isn’t productive.)

Never fear! A new Macbook Pro is on its way! Let’s all do the Roger Rabbit together!

3. Wito turns 22 months old tomorrow, and has a memory like an elephant. Seriously, watch the dude in action.

Due to this development, I’m already forced to watch my mouth. Obviously, I’m not doing a very good job since I heard a fairly over-dramatic “Ohhhhh, SHIT” coming from the living room yesterday afternoon. I’m sure he’s just brimming with excitement to use this new word with his grandparents AND great-grandparents in Oklahoma. Maybe we can work on something like, “God DAMN, it’s hot here!” before arriving tomorrow. Wish us luck.



  1. woah dude…you got to oklahoma a lot! just remember that no matter if the weather forecast says hot/windy…it could possibly be a rain/blizzard the next day. you never know.
    my laptop plastic outlining is coming off too and i don’t even use the damn thing that much…
    so now at least you have a back up machine if ever something goes wrong:)

  2. p.s. i can’t wait for the day express jet flies out of john wayne direct to Tulsa. that will be a happy happy day!

  3. Remind me to cross Oklahoma off of my “Places To Visit” list.

    Congrats on the MacBook Pro! I am trying to convince Matthew I need one.

    I just used my wiles to garner a new lens, so I may have to wait a bit before I go spending more money ;)

  4. That video blows my mind. Like I said on Flickr, he’s a little genius!

    Have a great trip.

  5. Just My Type says:

    I’m just as concerned about the finish on your tabletop as I am your laptop!

    Don’t worry, that’s the designated toddler table from hell.

  6. I’m in the same boat. We’re going to Oklahoma (Mulhall/Orlando – N of Guthrie and E of Stillwater) for a family reunion this weekend. The trip is made even more fun when Grandma won’t set the AC below 85 degrees.

  7. When my daughter was 2, she picked up a lot. I called her my little camcorder, because she would copy anything and everything… including me dropping my favorite swear word. It was hearing her next to me say “ga-damet” that made me have to censor myself for the time being. Now that she’s 16, she doesn’t swear hardly at all, but we can be comfortable with each other when I blurt out a “fuck” or “shithead” while driving.

    Utah’s weather hasn’t been all that. Still waiting for something called “summer” to arrive.

  8. I’m about to be in tears because I wanna go to Oklahoma!!!

    Go stop at Susan’s. It won’t be so…uh…’trailer park’ from the front anymore. Also give Sam some kisses from me and tell Lala that I’d like to drink with her at some point and take a picture of your parent’s indoor arboretum. Oh and give Shana’s belly a little pat.

    I’m so jealous. I need to go back soon, don’t I?

  9. Oh, and happy new MacBook Pro. The old one does look pretty sad. Kids under 8 with computers can cause all sorts of bad results.

  10. Do you know how BITTER that video makes me? BITTER AND SEETHING WITH JEALOUSY.

    I want one of those kinds who talk. BUT I DIDN’T GET ONE.

  11. someone else who has a flapping toddler! awesome! Seriously, my 19 month old does that hand wavy thing ALL the time, like he’s trying to fly away. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

    So sorry about the laptop. :(

  12. Miguelina says:

    Oooh, have fun in Oklahoma! Are you going to see Susan? Wait! Don’t tell me – I’ll die of jealousy.

  13. Think of it this way: maybe you’ll bring some of that lovely California weather here with you. GOD KNOWS WE NEED IT.

  14. Ahhh – that video is so cute!! Evan was like that too… memorizing all his books and then proceeding to “read” them to us! I love it. Yay Wito. :)

    Have a great trip to OK.

  15. Oh have fun in Okie! But my god, i don’t miss the weather there at all: hot, hotter, melt your face off.

  16. am'ti b says:

    i wish we were going this weekend. i can’t wait to see y’all soon. i am on the road to getting amo c to travel to 3 places this summer you home and co! help!

  17. One of my mom’s favorite stories to tell: When I was 2, my dad had his boss and his boss’s wife over for dinner. I came running down the hall, fell as hit the living room carpet, and promptly yelled out, “Shit!” I’m pretty sure my dad lost his job right after that. (jk :P)

  18. That laptop hurts my eyes.

  19. Holy child prodigy, Batman!

  20. I am currently limping along with a laptop that is pretty much trashed, so I feel your pain. Enjoy the new Mac!

  21. I feel your pain about the heat. Here in Austin it hit 100 yesterday, and the forecast for the rest of the week is between 95 – 99 degrees. To add to the fun, I’m about to have three kids home ALL DAY EVERY DAY for the summer, and every afternoon I will hear “it’s tooo hot to play outsiiide!” Do we have a pool in our backyard? No, no we don’t. Is the local pool PACKED everyday? Why yes it is. Suddenly, margarita popsicles for mommy everytime the kids have a popsicle is sounding like an excellent idea. They’re going to be eating a LOT of popsicles!

  22. It’s a sad day when I’d rather be in Oklahoma than San Francisco (no offense to you Oklahomans). But come on, the temp is almost double there!!!

  23. Well, I don’t envy you the dry heat of Oklahoma. At least that leaves 50/50 with the new MacBook coming your way. :) I hope the trip is great. You can always teach him “newfangled” swear words that his great grandparents don’t know, and then sit back giggling. You know, like “CHICKEN!” — which is my swear of choice around my two all-ears preschoolers…

  24. Giselle says:

    I like Oklahoma. Way less humid than Florida. :)

  25. We had NO SPRING. NO SPRING AT ALL. It was seriously like cold (TEXAS COLD OBVS) until about three weeks ago. And now this.

  26. Roger Rabbit! yay!

  27. I’m pretty sure that I need a new laptop. Oh geez! How the hell did it fly out the car window? Must be breezy! Whoops! How did that tire get on top of the keyboard? Silly tire.

    MacBook here I come.

    And what is this “Roger Rabbit” you speak of?—‘cept for the movie, of course. Is it a dance? If so, I believe a demo is in order.

  28. I hate to tell you this, but it was much hotter than the predicted 94 degrees here in OKC today and the wind…oh the wind! Hot as hell and the exact amount of wind to cover you with just enough red dirt to justify a second daily shower. Welcome home Whoorl!

  29. Sarah, seriously I need to know the name of that book. My son would give his left leg for it! He LOVES tractors SO much right! He just turned 2 and got a sweet little ride on one! Sweetness!

    Trucks, Trucks Trucks by Peter Sis. :)

  30. Yep, I melted yesterday.

  31. Natalie42 says:

    “Ah, Oklahoma. How I DON’T miss your weather.”

    I hear you, sistah. I don’t know how I made it through 24 years of that heat.

  32. I love that Peter Sis gets writing credit for that. I’m in the wrong industry.

  33. Big Momma Pimpalishisness says:

    Yeah that Oklahoma weather is looking pretty nice to me right now. I LOVE the heat.

  34. I think it’s safe to say that your son is a genius. I mean, of course most parents already feel that way about their child, but I’ve met enough young children to know, that ain’t typical. And I love the hand-shaking when he gets excited. Adorable.

  35. Those pictures of your Mac: the knowledge that someone could do that to a Macbook is sacrilege. After seeing them I feel the need to go to confession and get purified or something.

    A Macbook Pro….so! jealous!

  36. As I am currently in Seattle wearing a TURTLE NECK SWEATER…IN JUNE, I feel no sympathy towards you and the OK weather.

    In fact, I’m jealous.

    You’re damn right….I’m jealous.