Admitting Defeat


It’s been approximately 7 weeks since I wrote this post.

I tried to be a better, non-internetish sort of person. I really did.

Truth of the matter is, I love Twitter. I love it so much it hurts deep down inside.

Where else can I record a fleeting thought about some chick’s way-too-short-hoohah-baring “pants” on So You Think You Can Dance? How else will I know if Metalia goes into early labor? What if I am looking for a recipe utilizing Rotel and need an answer in milliseconds? Huh?

When I deleted my account, Twitter made it extremely clear that it was over. The account would be deleted forever and ever. However, last evening, I was informed that my account wasn’t deleted forever and ever! It could be restored with a click of a mouse!


So, yeah. I’m back. Just in time for SYTYCD.

(Please don’t tell my husband.)

(Although, I do have a plan for time suckage reduction. Never fear.)



  1. Twitter’s been kind of wonky for me the past few days and I’m not that shocked to say I’ve been a little panicky about it.

  2. I’m glad you’re back. I love Twitter too. It’s so concise.

  3. Tell us what your time management plan is! I need help, clearly.

    By the way, I’ve noticed that you’ve apparently switched to a full feed and I love you forever for it.

  4. Okay, I’m not addicted to Twitter but I am totally addicted to SYTYCD. And also in love with Mary Murphy and Cat Deely.

  5. add twitter from your mobile phone… its the final step on the road to addiction… less “open laptop” time though…

  6. Around 11:30 last night, I noticed that my carefully sculpted block of buddy icons suddenly increased by one. I scanned to find… your face! YEAH!! Welcome back.

    I dig Twitter. It suits the snippets of random neuro-firing that takes place in my brain.

  7. Twitter isn’t so bad… I admit to some tweet addiction at times, but it’s pretty cool sending updates from pretty much anywhere.

  8. This seriously just made my Saturday. Who else am I going to Twitter about Canadian candy and cocktails (Oooh. New pairing!) with?

  9. We missed you! Glad you are back!

  10. I’m not cool enough to have joined the Twitter party yet. I’d ask what’s so awesome about it, but I’m afraid someone will convince me I’ll die without it and then I’ll have one more addiction to worry about.

  11. What Liz Said says:

    I just found your blog through sizzlesays, and I am hooked. :)

  12. Hmmm….I’ve heard a lot about this Twitter. Must look into it.

  13. I’ve seriously cut down my Twitter usage to maybe twice a week at best.

  14. What is this “Twitter” that you Internets speak of? I don’t get it…

  15. Wooo! I’ll reward your return to the fold with a Twitter update when I go into labor.

    PS: I somehow missed seeing hoohah-baring short pants lady on SYTYCD (an addiction for which I blame you, Angella and Lawyerish, btw) but that’s probably because I was temporarily blinded by the lipstick n’ stubble-wearing man calling himself Betty.

  16. Annnnd…just to clarify, the addiction to which I’m referring is in fact SYTYCD, and NOT women wearing hoohah-baring pants. In case that wasn’t clear.

  17. SYTYCD is the best “reality” show ever. Second only to Project Runway, amen.

    I have hereby accepted that I am even more addicted to Twitter than I am to The Regular Internet, which might not make any sense at all, but I can tweet from my phone! people. The world makes sense again.