Nightline Airs Tonight!


Sorry for the late notice, but the segment featuring Hair Thursday will air tonight on Nightline!



  1. I’ve already set my DVR!

  2. Me too!!!

  3. Damn! I should have gotten your autograph at the art show! ;)

  4. You were awesome. Congrats! And, to be on the episode with Madonna. How awesome!

  5. Catherine says:

    Woohoo!!! I jus watched you on Nightline!!! Is it weird that I totally feel like I know you??? The internet does strange things to us…

  6. That was so fun, congratulations!!! Your voice is so different than I imagined, a sweet southern!

  7. Oh, how I wish I had a TV! (I know. If it weren’t for the laptop, I’d be virtually Amish. I don’t own a hair dryer or a curling iron either.)

  8. bishop stu tu says:

    whOOrl gOOrl….


    Such a wonderful and joyous moment for your ol’ man.

    yo dad

  9. More exciting than the finale of American Idol! Be prepared for the crowds…

    I remember having a dream over a year ago where you were combing you hair in some imaginary bathroom. I knew something hair-related was your ticket to stardom. Soon, we’ll see the other sides of you too… (like stories about your former life as a pharmaceutical salesgirl — now that’s a book!)

  10. Thanks for the notice. It’s almost on here.

  11. Hooray! I cannot wait to see this! Congratulations!

  12. Love it, watching Nightline at this very moment…I am hair obsessed and a product whore. My hairstylist is one of my best friends, and we all know it’s like cheating if I go somewhere else.
    Glad I was up to see the spot. Love your blog, will be back for sure!

  13. Just watched the Nightline feature… nice job. You are a TV natural, Sarah.

  14. Just saw it- yay Whoorl!

  15. I’m not in the US any chance of linking it or puting it on your site on Red Lasso or something?

  16. I’m saddd..i didn’t see you…please post a video here so i can see you….i sleep like a babe…and didn’t record it…. :-(

  17. Damn! I missed it.
    I need video!

  18. Look at you, little Southern-sounding girl! So cute! So cute! What a great little segment!

  19. First time commenting but I had to say CONGRATULATIONS. My friends and I were so excited to see you on TV. We feel like we know you and now have a famous friend. :) You did great!

  20. Great job! Encouraged me to put my name back on the wait list for my turn in the Hair Thursday chair. After this, I am sure it will be 2013 before I get my chance.

  21. Miguelina says:

    You did a fantastic job!

    I loved how your personality came across on TV – now everybody knows just how sparkly and lovely you are in real life. The cat’s out of the bag!

    (Also? We love your house! Have I mentioned this before? Does D. take east coast clients?)

  22. Nooooooo!

    I missed it!!