Brunettes Are Sessy!


Did you see the InStyle Sexy Poll in the June 2008 issue? Thousands voted online in their 11th annual survey, and drumroll please, brunettes were voted a sexier hair color by a whopping 76% to 24%. Blond was the runner-up, and there was no mention of redheads (discrimination!) on the page.

HUZZAH! Come on, you know you want to fondle our luscious, brunette locks.

Oh, you don’t? Well, let’s implement our own Whoorl Sexy Hair Poll on this lovely Monday morning. (Actually, it’s hotter than hell. Is anyone else on the West Coast melting?)



  1. Dude, that’s total redhead discrimination! And plus, everyone knows we’re better in bed! ;)

    (I promise I didn’t make that up! As a redhead – I have heard them ALL.)

  2. Just My Type says:

    I colored my hair brown once……my children cried.

  3. Michelle says:

    Hi Whoorl – I voted for brunettes (partial to)…two questions for ya – 1. When I’m up for my Hair Thursday, would you suggest an overall color to hide my underneath greys – Oy, I’m so done with them!

    2. I was looking at one of your headers, and I was wondering, is it a group of ties placed one on top of the other? Too cool.

  4. Goooo team brunette!!

    Brown is SEXY.

  5. I voted Redheads to be contrary (okay, maybe a bit more because I was a redhead when I was born), but I honestly can’t decide! It always depends on the person in question for me I guess.

    And yes, it is terribly hot on the West Coast right now, and humid (in Vancouver). I feel like my skin hasn’t been truly dry for the last three days. :(

  6. Obviously I had to put my vote in for the ginger population – represent!

    That said, I think a lot of people find redheads sexy and unique, but stereotypes abound about how much trouble we are, or how short our tempers are, or how slutty we are – so redheads are perceived as too much of just about everything. All I can say to that is THOSE PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE MISSING. ;)

    Rant over.

  7. Heather says:

    Brunettes! We’re way hotter.

    I am a puddle right now, it’s so hot. I tried to play ball with my dogs this weekend, and they looked at me like, “Are you fucking nuts, woman?”

  8. What about Silver ? I vote Silver ….

  9. Giselle says:

    Uhm. Are we talking everyone or just girls? I would go for brunette or red for girls, but blonde for guys, hands down. I love guys with longish blonde hair. I swoon.

  10. As a natural blonde I could have voted for that…but no, I choose redheads!

  11. I think brunettes more often tend to look exotic, whereas blondes are often considered ‘cute’. At least this is what I’m telling myself in order to feel better. :) I think it’s usually true of guys, too. I prefer blondes because they are more likely to have that baby face that I just looove.

  12. as a natural blond who dyed her hair red for ten years, i had to go with redheads. but i do think brunettes are gorgeous, too!

  13. Mary Sue says:

    Redheads! Seriously, we should get something after being picked on all the time….

    I live in Portland and I LOVE how hot it has been lately. We were almost at a 100 on Friday, and after six months of cold, I could never complain about the sun! (Although, being aforementioned redhead does mean that I went through about two bottles of sunscreen while wearing my sunscreened shirt and a hat this weekend.)

  14. Yes! I’m melting too!

  15. Boo. I just voted for blond because I am one, but I always secretly wish I could pull off being a brunette. I’m just too pale and freckle-y.

  16. Brunettes ARE Sessy! I am living proof ;)

    I have always loved red hair, though. Mine has a hint of it, sometimes I wish it were a bit redder.

  17. i say red, only because it’s my hair color of the week. and i’m pregnant. i need to feel good about myself.

  18. I have always been jealous of my best friends brunette locks and I have blonde hair. For me, it is partly texture, my hair is so fine and show every cut a stylist takes, but brunettes blend so well. And it is so much thicker. The grass is always greener…

  19. What about black hairs, sista??

  20. I voted for brunettes too.

    Mostly to make myself feel better.

  21. Brunettes but only cause I am one!!!

  22. yah, brunettes! SO hot here in PDX – we were in the high 90’s all weekend! gotta love the portlanders – we complain about the cold and rain in the winter and then complain at the first sight of heat!!

  23. Sexy? A fabulous cut and a gorgeous smile.

    I’m a golden blonde who has tried to be every shade of brunette and red. It just isn’t going to happen. I’m sexiest in my natural golden state with a few highlights.

  24. I AM. I am! melting. Or have been melting, past tense. Currently I am sitting in front of a large box fan stuck in a large window. Again.

    Also: proud to be a natural brunette, baby.

  25. Miguelina says:

    Go team Brunette!

  26. My fiance is totally vindicated!

  27. It’s not the color.
    It’s how you wear it.


    However, I must say that I quite like my brown hair (with natural red highlights in the summer).

  28. When is the nightline segment going to air? Do you have a specific date? Perhaps I should just DVR it all week…

    Oh – Go Brunettes!!

  29. When is the nightline segment going to air? Do you have a specific date? Perhaps I should just DVR it all week…

    Oh – Go Brunettes!!

  30. So I think being blonde is sexy, but the problem is everyone else who isn’t blonde has been trained to put us down and criticize us for our “roots” (and yes I mean NATURAL blondes). In reality, almost all blondes have some darker roots but are forced to highlight to cover them up or risk being pointed out …And then, the roots look so much worse growing out once you’ve highlighted them. So it quits being sexy. Does anyone else feel me on this one? I still think I am a sexy blonde though. Ha! Take that!

  31. cocodrie says:

    Sing it, sister brunettes!

  32. Oh, please, there are more brunettes in the world, hence more of them to vote in a poll! Rigged! Rigged, I say!

    I’m a natural blonde, hence the hysteria, but really I think brunette is totally sexy, and so is red. The best look is one that is full of life and vigor, whatever color. Grey can be sexy too, by the way. ;)

  33. I LOVE my blonde hair and wouldn’t trade it for anything (well, maybe red for a week), but I have to agree that brunettes are sexier–I think because there are so many fake blondes out there and I think it’s sexy when women have the confidence to just be who they are (although with maybe some highlights or enhancements). Long live my sexy brunette friends!

  34. I always wanted red hair. Pined for it. I do not have fair skin and do not know that I could pull it off. But still? Red hair is by far the sexiest if for no other reason than it’s the most “exotic.”

  35. Yay for brunettes!

  36. Brunnettes for sure. Seeing as I am one!

  37. What about brunettes who are going prematurely gray? THAT’S HOT, right?