When will the REAL American Idol start? I’m so tired of watching losers do their thing.

Am I destined to use this old ratty broken-screen iBook forever since I spilled half a glass of water on my brand new beautiful Powerbook yesterday and I am not allowed to turn it on for 24 more hours according to a very helpful genius at the The Genius Bar? Do you understand the suspense of waiting 48 hours to turn on your computer to see if it MIGHT have survived a major water spill? And the ramifications of ruining a $2,000 laptop? All because your STUPID ELBOW KNOCKED OVER THE GLASS OF WATER THAT YOU HAD TO HAVE ON YOUR DESK BECAUSE YOUR SHITTY PREGNANCY-INDUCED HEADACHES ARE SUPPOSED TO RESPOND TO DRINKING A GALLON OF WATER A DAY?

Am I going to catch every single cold virus that is circulating in Orange County this season?

Is Daniel going to win on Project Runway? Because I have a crush. BIG crush. I’ll be his little orchid muse anyday.

Should I tell you the sex of my baby since I have known for over a week and it’s killing me but the ultrasound was really early so I want to make sure? Even though the tech and nurses were all willing to bet money on the fact that IT IS SOOOO A <<<>>>? I was going to post my new ultrasounds for you all to see for yourselves, but they are held hostage on my Powerbook. And we all understand that won’t happen for 24 MORE HOURS if it happens at all. Oh pleeeeeeease let my laptop be OK.



  1. It’s so exciting that you know! You don’t have to share if you don’t want to though. I’d totally understand.

    I, too, hope your laptop is okay. If it makes you feel any better, I have spilled coffee on my keyboard twice in the last two weeks.

  2. You are so killing me. I just won’t tell you that I am pregnant, too.

  3. Hope your computer is okay…. and I’m guessing it’s a boy since they said “it’s SOOOOO a…”

  4. It’s a boy, isnt it? ISNT IT?!!!!!

  5. It’s totally a boy… right?????? That’s my guess, what with the beef consumption and all. :)

    But either way, please do tell!

  6. UC,

    Project Runway is the best. Did you hear Santino’s imitation of Tim? It was hilarious!

  7. undercover celebrity says:

    I am right there with you. I like American Idol but am completely bored by all this hoopla. And… Daniel — I totally fell in love with him last night. Mark and I are convinced that it’s the BEST show on TV. He was kind of flying under my radar until last night I realized that I really like his stuff. I’m also a Chloe and Nick fan (though he wasn’t so good last night).

    All that out of the way… I can’t believe you’re keeping this news to yourself… tell us about your baby already!


    Tell us NOWWWWW!!!!!

  9. If they were sure a week ago, my guess automatically becomes boy!

  10. Jurgen Nation says:

    ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?? YOU’VE KNOWN FOR A WEEK?? I’m so not talking to you after you tell us RIGHT NOW. I know it’s a boy.