I don’t think I am supposed to fake type


Uh oh. Fake typing is bad…jdfhjskfhsdfdfsfsf



  1. Ohhhhh! Fake typing on camera! You rebel… what would your parents say! ;-)

  2. Keep these coming, they’re cracking me up!!!

  3. haha:) fake typing AT least your nails will look nice! can you believe HOW fast and HUGE you are NOW!? your simply amazing;)

  4. That you can type at all is testament to your grace under pressure. I would be sweating and shivering under the table.

  5. I think you should start doing crazy typing tricks. I dare you.

  6. I would do those mad typing test games and get 123 WPM but 0% accuracy.

  7. all we want to know is when to watch NIGHTLINE so we can see you fake typing

  8. am'ti b says:

    i hope you are sitting in the bouldy salvation army chair, i will feel so honored. maybe they have you sitting at the desk b/c you are a pro now. share pics soon. i know it is going well, you are such a good speaker-you are well trained-heehee.

  9. Just keep typing “the brown dog jumped over the lazy fox” repeatedly – it looks a lot more authentic than random, repetitive keyboard drilling.

    have fun! ;)

  10. uh-oh. Can you pretend to read comments?

    Your hair looks great.

    Your outfit looks great.

    {Maybe a really funny comment here that makes you laugh.}

    {Uh-oh- A mean nasty comment that you have to delete.}


  11. Come on, blogger! Blog that blog!