Urban Outfitters Is Making a Mockery of Me!


After my rant last week regarding stretch leggings, look what appeared in my inbox today.




  1. I don’t know about the leggings, but that black and white striped dress looks like it would make a really cute maternity dress!

  2. The only time I would think of wearing any combination of leggings/yoga pants under skirts (or leggings at all) is when it involves yoga. I don’t understand the leggings and it makes me remember the trauma that was middle school.
    The models above look okay in the leggings because they are little wisps; generally the folks who end up in leggings really…should…not.
    The End.


    Next thing you know the Units store will be back at the mall.


  4. To borrow a quote from Jurgen Nation, Jesus Tapdancing Christ!!!!!!!!!

    Fucking Urban Outfitters. Damn them and their leggings!!!

  5. Yeah, I saw kristen dunst (sp?) wearing black leggings on idontlikeyoulikethat and they looked AWFUL. let go of the 80s..please!!

  6. You know who probably dresses like this… Ann Cury!

  7. Jurgen Nation says:


  8. Or Rachel Ray…

  9. “Leggings for Every Look!”

    Uh, I’m pretty sure that there is just ONE look you are communication while wearing leggings…and the look is ASS.

  10. oh crap. that’s it. i’m over 30 and i officially give up on following any fashion trend whatsoever. i predict the “fashionable” ladies here in San Diego will be sporting that nonsense in, oh, five seconds.

  11. who is RESPONSIBLE for this crap fashion?! didn’t we suffer enough in the 80’s?


  12. Leggings. They’re so hot right now. Leggings.

    Yeah… not working for me. I’d rather wear the garbage line from Derelicte.

  13. Ann Curry hair update: She is cutting her hair off on-air tomorrow and donating it to the place that makes wigs for cancer patients. Hopefully the cancer patients will look better with her hair than she does.

  14. Brian J. Hong says:

    But Urban Outfitters is dumb.


  15. I saw someone wearing leggings at work. With boots up to the knee. It took 3 of my friends to hold me off to tell her the *’80’s called, they want their clothes back.