Emi-Jay Hair Ties


As much as I try to let these long locks of mine hang loosely, my day-to-day grind calls for pulling my hair back regularly. Thank goodness for Emi-Jay hair ties because I no longer feel like my ponytails and braids are totally blah.

I love these ties! The Los Angeles teenagers who started Emi-Jay have created ties in almost every color under the sun, and a portion of the proceeds go towards Locks of Love. (Wow. Makes my high school years seem kind of LAME.)

Shocker, my favorite ties are from the metallic collection…not as boring as black, but still able to easily coordinate with everything I wear.

I have one pack of the metallic collection to give away! (Colors are Vanilla Beige, Gold Medal, Snowflake Silver, Gunmetal Grey and Bronze.) Just leave a comment on this post before November 8th at 6pm PST letting me know what your favorite color collection is and you’ll be entered to win! Good luck!




  1. These are so cute! I really like the silver collection as well as the cure collection!

  2. Pearl would be pretty with my light hair!

  3. Christy M says:

    I like the winter collection!

  4. stickyheels says:

    I LOVE the metallic collection! I’d take a whole pack of that gunmetal color! :) I’ve heard these are great at not leaving ponytail “crimps” in your hair as well!

  5. I love the silver collection. Very cute!

  6. I like the silver collection as well, but my almost teenaged daughter likes the rainbow glitter collection – all very cute!

  7. I love the winter collection! As a redhead, it is hard to find hair ties that don’t stand out or clash!

  8. Metallic for sure! Cute, but still professional enough for the office.

  9. Christina says:

    Have to say I am a fan of the Summer Collection :)

  10. Love these! I like the classic collection best. :)

  11. My favorite is the gold glitter collection..so cute!

  12. I love the zebra collection!! They are all adorable! Thanks!

  13. These look really cool – I love the winter 2011 collection!

  14. I’ve seen these at barre class and they’re super cute. Love the jewel collection!

  15. I love the silver glitter collection!

  16. I love the classic collection!

  17. I agree with you, Sarah. The metallic is my favorite, although the pearl collection is a close second.

  18. I love the metallic collection too. I’m growing my hair out and these will make that process a little more tolerable.

  19. Beautiful! I’d pick the metallic collection too.

  20. The gold glitter is my favorite!

  21. Diana Parra says:

    Metallic! :)

  22. Metallic, for sure!

  23. they are all lovely, but i think the jewel collection is my favorite!

  24. oooh ooh ooh! the pearl collection is so lovely!!! these will definitely find their way under the christmas tree for some family members!!

  25. love love love the metallic…..they work with everything!

  26. I love the Winter 2011 collection! What a great idea!!

  27. Love the metallic and the classic collection.

  28. I like the winter collection the best. These are so cute – I have not seen them before now, but I like them a lot!

  29. Oh, the metallic collection is awesome. Id love to fancy up my everyday ponytail!

  30. I love these! I love the metallics and gold and silver glitters.

  31. We like the pastel collection. I say we because I recently cut off all my hair, so my 3 year old would be the one using them. She has a ton of hair, so I’m always looking for ways to control it, and these look great!

  32. The bright citrus colors would be awesome for summertime!

  33. I like the silver glitter collection!

  34. Hillary WB says:

    I actually think the metallics are my favorites, because they’re neutral without being boring, though the polka dots are super fun!

  35. I adore the metallics collection. I also like the Fall collection as well.

  36. Oooh I’d have to go with the Neon Collection!

  37. Silver all the way for me! Love these. Want some, and now!

  38. I have similar hair ties and the VERY best thing for me is that they don’t leave the dreaded bump in your hair when you take it down. I also love the metallic collection. So festive!

  39. the rainbow glitter collection for me!

  40. I’ve been looking for something more fun than regular hair ties. I have been wearing them on my wrist and they look sorta dingy these days. :( These would be PERFECT! Love the pearl collection.

  41. Those are very pretty. I love the metallics.

  42. Metallic all the way!

  43. The pearl collection is my fav, with the metallic a close second. :)

  44. I’m with you on the metallic’s…but my fave is the pearl collection.

  45. I love the metallic collection too, and the colors in the winter collection are nice as well.

  46. Jessica L. says:

    I think the polka dot collection is adorable…and I love the bright summer collection as well!

  47. Winter 2011!!

  48. Oooh, I love the gold glitter collection!

  49. metallic are my fave too – love these.

  50. Lovely! I’m torn between the metallic collection and the silver glitter one.

  51. Pretty! I like the metallics!!

  52. Gotta go with the polka dot!

  53. Heather from NC says:

    I love the jaguar collection!

  54. I’m going to have to go with the metallics. Haha my whole wardrobe is black, white and grey so I think it would go well!

  55. The METALLIC COLLECTION would really sparkle on my dark hair!

  56. I love the metallics too! Especially that gold.

  57. metallics make everything more fancy-love them!

  58. I think I like the winter 2011 collection best- I’m a sucker for deep purple. I wonder if they’d look as nice on thin hair as they do on your enviably thick hair?

  59. Adorable. I love the winter colors.

  60. The pretty Winter collection would brighten up the winter grey sky blahs for me!

  61. I’m digging the Winter and Citrus collections. Fun! Was just looking for a not-so-ordinary ponytail holder last week. These would be perfect.

  62. i love the silver glitter collection!

  63. I love the Metallics too! :)

  64. I like the new winter collection – or the silver metallics, or the pearl… I guess I like many of them :)

    Question = are you able to wrap them around enough to keep your ponytail up all day with fewer adjustments? Also, do they not leave a dent, as advertised?

  65. Jackie W - Kansas says:


  66. Ummmm I ADORE these! I love the Winter 2011 collection because I love jewel tones.

  67. Love the silver glitter collection!

  68. The metallic collection is the shimmeriest, love.

  69. My daughter and I would love the neon collection. She is 8 and loves everything that makes her look “fancy” for school!!

  70. Love the metallic collection!

  71. Jennifer Deuber says:

    Summer Collection… cuz I miss Summer already… :(

  72. I love the jaguar collection – adds a little whimsy, but still neutral enough to pair with a lot in my closet!

  73. Love the summer collection!

  74. Love the metallic collection!

  75. I like the Winter 2011 collection!

  76. Those are adorable! I love the metallics!

  77. Love the metallics as well. THese are exactly what I’ve been looking for so even if I win, I’m going to order up a whole bunch. Thanks for reading my mind :)

  78. LivLaughEat says:

    How fun! I like the citrus collection!

  79. Amazing! My favorite(s) is the pearl collection . . . or the metallic collection. Too hard to choose!

  80. Metallic!

  81. These are adorable! I really like the silver glitter collection.

  82. As much as I love the actual colors, I am a silver girl…

  83. Love the metallic and the pearl collections! Fun!

  84. Christina says:

    I like the Winter collection.

  85. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite. I love them ALL!!!

  86. As a girl who wears too many ponytails, I need these suckers! I love the metallic collection. So cute! (BTW…I wish I had your thick tresses. So pretty.)

  87. definitely the metallic, so versatile!

  88. oh i love the gold & silver glitter, and the pearl… and the mettalic, and the classic … and … oh pick me!

  89. I love the metallics too! Pick me!

  90. the metallics! or all of them to be honest!

  91. Metallic! Pretty in dark hair.

  92. I love the Winter Collection! Thanks for bringing these to my attention!

  93. Pretty! I like the Pearl collection!

  94. Gold glitter! Love these.

  95. I love the metallics! Pick me!

  96. Catherine says:

    Very pretty! I like the pearl collection.

  97. I love the metallics, but the polka dots are so fun and pretty!

  98. It’s a toss-up–metallic or pearl. Or both!

  99. The metallic collection for sure! So cute!!

  100. LOVE the colors in the Winter 2011 collection!

  101. Yeah,the metalics for sure. I just grew my hair out from a short bob and could sure put these to use.

  102. I love the gold glitter collection!

  103. Thank you SO much for this post! The hair ties look so cute on you :)

  104. Love the Jaguar collection!

  105. I have to agree, the metallic collection is my favorite!

  106. I’ve been seeing these everywhere on the internets! So cute. I love the Cure Collection.

  107. Love the Pastel collection

  108. The Pearl Collection is super pretty. These are adorable!

  109. I like the basic black, blue, brown collection. I use them almost everyday.

  110. LOVE THE GOLD! I Enjoy Emi-Jay.


  111. I like the metallic collection too, so pretty!

  112. I love these and the metallic collection is adorable. I would love to have a set!

  113. love them all… but classic!

  114. I love the summer 2011 collection — but the metallic would be super useful!

  115. Seriously Sassy Mama says:

    I am a pink girl, so anything pink.

  116. Oooh such a hard decision because there are so many lovely ones – I love the winter colors and the metallics – so pretty!

  117. Gold Glitter!

  118. oh wow, how cute! i love the summer brights, but i think my favorite is the bold colors in the jewel collection!

  119. I like the polka dots and black but metallics are nice too!

  120. Even if I don’t win, which I probably won’t, cause who wins anything these days, I am going to buy some of these (sorry for all the coma’s)


  121. Winter 2011 colors are my favs! Thanks for the chance to win.

  122. Silver Glitter Collection is my fav!

  123. Ooooh, I love the silver glitter collection! So pretty!

  124. The Gold Glitter Collection is AMAZE! I have red hair and it looks so cute with the color :)

  125. Oh, I LOVE these! Will be buying whether I win or not!

  126. Ooh! Love these! Hard to pick one favorite but I think I’d go with the pearl ones. So pretty!

  127. These are such a cute way to spice up a boring ponytail! I’m also a fan of the metallic collection!

  128. Ooohh, love them all! Digging the winter collection.

  129. I like the pearl and the metallic collections!!

  130. LOVE the pearl collection and the silver glitter is a close second.

  131. We are digging the Summer Collection. Our favorite colors.

  132. Wonderful ties – the silver glitter collection is my favorite!

  133. These are perfect! Loving the metallic collection and the pearl collection!

  134. The Citrus collection! So very bright and cheery.

  135. I like the metallics best!

  136. I love the Winter 2011 collection! What a genius idea overall!

  137. I love them all! But the metallic ones would probably be best for work. Yay!

  138. These are great! I like the rainbow glitter collection because I know my daughter would enjoy them too. She likes these ties for her hair and her wrist. These are also great for yoga.

  139. I love the classics! :)

  140. Love the Silver Glitter Collection!

  141. It is HARD to choose. But I think the metallic collection is my favorite!

  142. Ooooh, silver glitter for me!

  143. The metallic collection is my fave.

  144. I like the PASTEL COLLECTION. So cute.

  145. LOVE the Pearl Collection, they’re all super cute though! What a great idea.

  146. I think my favorite is the Cure color collection. Adore the pink and the polka dots.

  147. Elizabeth says:

    I like both the metallic and pearl collections. Too cute!

  148. What a cool product! My favorite is definitely the metallic set!

  149. Love. Love. Love. Love the metallic collection the most though!

  150. I like the winter collection, but they’re all lovely.

  151. Elizabeth says:

    Love the classics collection!

  152. I love the silver glitter collection!

  153. I think the pearl collection is my favorite, but the metallic collection is a close second!

  154. I’m loving the pearl collection!

  155. Lynn Milton says:

    I’ve been eyeing these for my two girls. LOVE the Jewel collection!

  156. The metallic collection is my favourite as well.. they are all really cute!

  157. Alicia CP says:

    Metallic, metallic, metallic

  158. These are all so pretty, but my favorite is the gold glitter collection…so nice and sparkly for the upcoming season!

  159. My favorite collection is the Polka Dot. It has such a great retro look!

  160. I love the silver glitter collection. LOVE. These are going to be my new favorite accessory.

  161. oh my! i love the metallic collection.

  162. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the metallics :)

  163. Miss Virginia says:

    LOVE them! I love the metallic collection, too!

  164. Oh!! Definitely the metallic collection. Had never heard of these and now I think these are going to be a must-have-in-my-hair sort of thing.

  165. Winter 2011!

  166. Those are awesome, everything about them is just wonderful. My favorite? The winter collection and the metallic collection.

  167. Wow! Those are neat! Do they work for thick/heavy hair? I have to use super-duty hair-ties so they don’t fall out or snap apart.

    How do I pick which ones I would like? I like them all! But I might pick the summer collection because it has bright colors (I am forever wanting a pink ribbon in my hair! But I think I’m too old?) and also black and brown.

  168. I love the Winter Collection! And I love how simple and elegant the ties are.

  169. Would love to jazz up my braids with some of these!

  170. Winter 2011!

  171. I love the metallic collection, although I would also love the polka dots for my little girls!

  172. hmmm what a cool idea! i like either the metallic collection or thepearl. i can’t decide!

  173. Favorite is the winter 2011 collection, but the metallic is a close second! :)

  174. I love the metallics and the classic collection too… i’ve seen these hair ties in Lucky and I’ve been wanting to give them a shot!

  175. I love the gold medal, looks great against the dark hair. These are so stinkin cute…

  176. Hmm…I kinda like the pearl collection. Though I’d probably completely wear out the classic collection. They look like my wardrobe.

  177. Love the metallic collection!

  178. I really like the winter collection – beautiful colours.

  179. Love the metallic and citrus collections!

  180. Silver Glitter!

  181. Wow! I really, super love these! So happy you shared. My favorite is the metallic collection, but I love the pearl collection too!

  182. The silver glitter collection is my favorite!

  183. I’m a sucker for polka dots but they are all so cute!! Thanks for bringing to light new products!!

  184. The pearl collection for me, the summer collection for my baby girl!

  185. Oh my. I am so in love with these! I love them all, truly. But I actually am most drawn to the Metallics collection. Perfect colors for my impending winter wadrobe. Love, love, love!

  186. Citrus & pearl

  187. I am going to go with the Pearl Collection

  188. I like the gold or silver collections… love this idea! (and yes, the kids today are SO MUCH MORE clever than I was at that age!)

  189. These are adorable–I love the pearl and silver glitter collections. So cute!

  190. My favorite is the silver glitter collection. These are adorable. Love these two girls.

  191. I think I like the metallic collection too, although the pearl collection is pretty too. These are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  192. I LOVE the metallic collection!!

  193. Erin Thiele says:

    I like the Pearl Collection, but the Cure Collection is super girly too. :)

  194. The neon collection is just the punch I need for my wardrobe.

  195. I like the pearl collection!

  196. The cure collection would be adorable for my little 6 year old, love these!

  197. I like the Rainbow Glitter ones the best.

  198. I love the winter collection. These things look great!

  199. Jaguar collection!

  200. Wow, these girls are so inspiring!!! Polka Dots!!!

  201. Elizabeth says:

    I love the metallic collection….very cute!

  202. The metallic colors are great, very cute!

  203. I love the winter collection! These would make great Christmas stocking presents!

  204. Love the new winter colors!

  205. These are awesome! My favorite color set is the polka dot one. POLKA!DOTS!

  206. These are so cute! I love the silver glitter collection!

  207. I love the metallic, but my favorite are the winter colors.

  208. Perfect for thick hair!

  209. The silver glitter collection is my favorite. Am I boring for not going a little more Rainbow Brite?

  210. Wow, these kids are pretty awesome. I really like the jewel collection.

  211. Dying to try the Jaguar collection, so cute!!

  212. So cute!

  213. I love the silver glitter collection!

  214. I love the silver glitter collection!

  215. I dig the military collection a lot! Also the winter 2011 one.

  216. I’ve got a few of their tie collections on my Christmas wishlist! I think the pearl collection is my favorite though, the colors look so pretty.

  217. zebra!

  218. definitely the silver glitter collection. i LOVE!

  219. Those are brilliant! I love the metallic collection, same philosophy as you :)

  220. Cool, I’d love to try these.

  221. Keilexandra says:

    I love the the vibrant Jewel Collection!

  222. Love the classic collection…..what a nice on twist on the classic pony!

  223. Katherine says:

    I love those, especially the Winter Collection!

  224. Either silver glitter or the winter 2011 collection.

  225. I just love the Amethyst (but i’m a sucker for purple!).

  226. These are perfect! I like the metallic collection best, and thanks for the chance to win.

  227. love the military collection. so fun!

  228. love the metallic collection, definitely need these to liven up my ponytails!

  229. Can I just say I gasped with delight at how cute these are? Love the metallic!

  230. I love the cure collection :)

  231. I like the citrus collection!

  232. I love both the winter 2011 and metallic collections. So cute!!

  233. These are so cute! Perfect, since I’m growing my hair out… :D

  234. Metallic for me and jewel toned for my little niece.

  235. Silver Glitter collection is fab!

  236. Ooh! I love the pearl collection!

  237. i love these! and how impressive are these gals?! i love the metallic ones and the gold glitter collection.

  238. What an awesome giveaway! I could totally use these.

    My favorites are the winter collection!

  239. Perfect for my blah pony tails! I like the metallic or the classic.

  240. Silver clitter collecton!

  241. I love the metallic ones!!

  242. I them all! The winter collection would be perfect for this time of year.

  243. Very cute! I’m always pulling my hair up & these would be a fantastic upgrade from my plain black elastic hair ties. The metallic collection is great & the pearl collection also a favorite!

  244. These look awesome! I may have just found the perfect solution for my always too long, too heavy, must-get-it-out-of-my-face-right-now hair!

    I’m loving the metallic collection. And the more I keep going back to look at their site the Winter 2011 collection is really growing on me too. This could be dangerous, in such a fun way…

  245. Sonja von Franck says:

    I NEED THESE! My hair is approaching Kyle length from RHBH but I have to wear it in a ponytail because my baby pulls it! I would love the metallics too.

  246. The pearl collection is lovely!

  247. I like the metallic collection too.

  248. I like the winter collection – actually there were several that are very nice. Very clever idea. Great contest.

  249. The Jewel Collection! But they’re all wonderful.

  250. I love the pearl or the winter collections. I’m growing out my hair and pulling it back on occasion is my only sanity!

  251. Metallic and winter collections are up my alley. I’m going to suggest they introduce a color collection called Stripes for Sarah.

  252. HollyLynne says:


  253. Winter 2011 collection is pretty pretty. I love this idea of dressing up my ponytails!

  254. I love the gold metallic collection! They look so cute! :)

  255. I love the citrus, neon, and summer collections. I just love all the bright colors! But they are all so cuuuuuuute.

  256. I’m loving the metallic ones!

  257. I love the Winter collection mostly because I think the Emerald color is so rich and beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  258. Love the metallics and winter collection!

  259. The Silver glitter is lovely and would go with most of my clothes, so pretty!

  260. I love the metallic collection! Fun without being too distracting.

  261. LOVE the Pearl Collection! These are so cool!

  262. I love both the gold and the silver glitter collections!

  263. LOVE the metallic collection, perfect for fall!

  264. Love the winter 2011 collection! Awesome, Thank-you!

  265. I like the metalic and pearl collections. That may seem a little boring but I am a pragmatist…those puppies would for sure get WORN!

  266. I would get the metallic or the jewel – in fact, I think I just may!

  267. Oooo, the metallic and the pearl collection are calling to me! Sooo pretty!

  268. i like the neon and winter collections!

  269. Polka Dot Collection is my favorite!

  270. I love the pearl collection! How pretty and what a good cause!

  271. I heart the pearl collection!

  272. The metallic collection is very cute, but I have to say the jaguar is my favorite!

  273. adorable!! the silver glitter collection and the cure collection would go with every single thing i own!

  274. I’m a yoga teacher, and I have such a hard time finding ways to make my hair look cute! I’ve heard of these hair ties, and your review confirmed that I definitely need to get some! I love the metallic collection, as well as citrus and winter.

  275. Classic works best with my wardrobe.

  276. I think the classic would be the best :)

  277. I like the metallic collection. It looks like it would add some sparkle to my simple wardrobe. :)

  278. Love the winter and jewel collections!

  279. I love the Pearl!

  280. Love BOTH the metallic and pearl collection. I’ve never seen these before and love the look!

  281. that 8 pack summer collection is to die for. my twins would love these!

  282. I like the winter collection and the metallics.
    Winter 2011 Collection (W20115R)

  283. I love the color range. Very versatile!

  284. I like the pearl and classic collections best!

  285. I love the pearl collection and the one you bought!

  286. LOVE. NEED. Good find!!!


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