Why I Said Goodbye To Twitter


1. I read this.

2. I noticed my laptop was open. A LOT.

3. My whoorl posts were decreasing.

4. My ParentDish posts were decreasing.

5. I wasn’t reading any blogs.

6. Yet, I was spending twice as much time on the internet.

Doing what, you ask?

Twittering. Lots of twittering. I honestly had no idea how much cumulative time I was spending reading and writing on Twitter. So, I quit. Cold turkey.

(I really miss it.)

However, the instant decrease of LOP (Laptop Open Position) has been incredible. Thus, I am happy. The End.

(Although, my old Twitter pals! How are you? Have you had a good week? Any interesting tidbits? GOOD GOD, THE THINGS I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT I CAN’T WRITE HERE! THE EXCITEMENT!)

*shutting laptop*



  1. I have had to radically decrease my internet usage over the past few weeks. Twitter was fun while it lasted, but I just can’t keep up!

  2. On Wednesday, Metalia and I were having lunch where she told me all I had missed on Twitter from not being on it for like three days. Including someone twittering that she was on the phone with me while I was allegedly inebriated. Which I was actually sorry I missed. Anyway, one misses a lot when not on twitter. Which is kind of frightening. I was away from it for five days and really, I survived and kind of forgot about it unless I had something really interesting to say via text.

    So you haven’t missed much. I’m still inebriated at times and the other night I twittered that I can tie a cherry stem into a knot and so now my coworkers want to make out with me. So yeah, same old shit.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this a lot (not you quitting twitter but how much time I spend on line) and it’s not pretty. Something has to change. Soon! Now! Aack!

    P.S. Good for you.

  4. Thanks for sharing that link. I am an addict on some levels, too, and your quitting Twitter made me realize it, in some odd way. I need to evaluate my relationship with the internet, that’s for sure.

  5. I read that blog TOO and decided to try the CRAWLER I’m not sure about it yet I just installed it but I am hoping it will help I was not a TWITTER’R but I use my computer WAY way to much!

  6. Yeah, that is honestly why I have no desire to Twitter. It SCREAMS “TIME SUCK” and yet, for what? So I can be caught up on tiny bits of people’s lives? I’d rather spend time with real people and/or read good writing by the people I’m reading snippets about.

  7. Interesting. I’m sure it hurts my productivity, but my brain just can’t think in webmaster shit all day long without a break. I think maybe a timer for my breaks would be a good thing.

  8. Nothing new here. Just wore my pants inside out yesterday and wondering if I’m going to have to stab Celia with an EpiPen any minute.

    Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

  9. You are missed. Truly. Though I have only been on once or twice a day, at best. SO maybe I’ve missed a lot too. I have not a clue.

    Life comes before Twitter, yo.

  10. Oh shit. I am so addicted.

    I need to put as much effort into my Life as into my Internet Life.

    My husband constantly calls the computer my lover.

    I should have recognized the signs.


  11. That Schnozzfest post is really having an effect on people…I keep thinking about it whenever I’ve felt like I haven’t accomplished much…

  12. oh gosh, i read that schnozzfest post. i have issues too. i might seek assistance.

  13. I read Schnozz’s post a few days ago and it TOTALLY stuck with me. I guess the way I deal with my blog, other blogs, and Twitter is that I blog and twitter once a day. (If I’m in my office hours, I sometimes twitter more than that because there’s honestly nothing else to do.) I read other blogs once in the morning, before work, and once in the afternoon/evening. It’s not perfect, but it works for me.

  14. I use it mostly at work and it helps me keep in the mix. I also have it on at home when I am doing other mindless things like watching tv. I am obsessed but not to the point that I need a 12 Step program…yet ;).

  15. And this is why I have yet to even look into what the hell Twitter even is.

  16. I don’t use Twitter as much as I used to. It’s fun as a venting tool, particularly when other things aren’t working — but I realize now how whiny sound going back and reading my old twitter posts.

  17. i mostly use twitter while i’m at work or at home watching shitty tv…so i don’t feel like it’s overtaken my life. yet.

  18. Good for you.

  19. Uh, that isn’t supposed to be sarcastic or anything. I have been thinking the same thing. I think Twitter is particularly bad for blogging, because it is taking away from longer postings which express something. Twitter is all about one-line chats.

  20. I am the world’s worst Twitterer. I suffer from the opposite problem- I just forget about it. For the best it seems.

  21. um, I had a baby today! :D

  22. Schnozz’s post hit close to home for me, too. I’ve been rethinking how much time I spend online, for it is SCARY.

    My week was kind of exciting in that I temporarily ended up on “modified bedrest”, and then yesterday, I thought I spotted Alex from The Real Housewives of NYC. (Sadly, it turned out to be another horse-faced woman with Whitesnake video hair.) Other than that, same old.

  23. I have never twittered and given my initial addiction to facebook I don’t think it would be a good idea to add Twitter to the list. I really don’t get the point…..

  24. The opposite has happened with me. Ever since I joined Twitter two months ago, my productivity has increased, I’ve started a new blog, I’m reading more blogs than I have before and I still get my work done for both day job and my side work.

    Of course, it helps that I have a mobile connection on my phone (a Treo 755p with unlimited data)

    If you do decide to come back, add me from the link on my site. I could always use another follower.

  25. dude. i totally don’t get twitter. at all.

    i have no understanding of it whatsoever, so i have no problem quitting it.

    good luck, and i can’t wait to see more posts!

  26. Filtering Life says:

    Wow…impressive. The great moral debate. You done good kid. Chloe pointed at the laptop the other day and kept saying “mama, mama” so Ryan raised an eyebrow and asked me why Chloe associates the laptop with me….ummmmm…reality check. So not more important than my child. Not that you need pats on the back but that is really awesome that you gave up some cyber world for your real life! Bravo.

  27. I’ve never been huge on the Twitter thing, because I can’t keep up. I think if I did, I would have to eventually shut down my account as well.

  28. I hear ya. I was addicted when we could access it at work. Now we can’t, and I don’t feel like I’m missing much.

  29. I’m going to have to set up some parameters soon, but I can’t quit cold turkey. i was on it when it first started then stopped for like 8 months. now i’m on it again and it is a total time suck.

    addictive personalities, UNITE!

  30. I’m with you. I’ve quit twitter once, and it called me back recently, but what I’ve realized is that it really negatively affects my blogging. When I’m twittering, and the funny stuff goes there, and my blog looks like Debbie Downer has been visiting. I think I’m going to have to cut way back and only twitter on weekends again. That seemed to be enough to contain my twitter addition and free up my mind for blogging.

  31. Michelle says:

    We must be seriously behind in Cincinnati….what is Twitter? I’ve seen it on SAJ’s blog “Via Twitter Baby Bug is…..” and then it says what it is she’s up to. I guess that’s the idea…to tell others what you’re up to, quickly, but “live”? I guess I thought it was a way to leave word about what you were up to and then – done. Someone enlighten me? Gotta run…”There’s a party in my tummy!” is on Noggin – We must now “pop ‘n lock” with DJ Lance! Word.

  32. Catherine says:

    Not to sound totally bitchy, but I am one of your loyal lurkers and I’m glad to read this. I miss the old Whoorl who posted absolutely HILARIOUS stories (like the one about the beach tent thing that kept popping open and I literally cried while reading it???). Maybe we’ll get the crazy whoorl back??? Please?

  33. I am frustrated with Twitter because we can’t get two people Twittering on the same blog. However, I have also found that everything is suffering since I have become obsessed with blogging, I might need an intervention.

  34. Sweet! More time for lip gloss shopping with the peeps you know outside the internet. :)

  35. Hello. My name is Mommypie, and I’m an addict.

    I just found you Whoorl … because I WAS SURFING. At work, no less. I’ll be the first to admit … it’s outta control.

    I refuse to even look into Twitter. The dishes in the sink at home have piled high enough!

  36. Going over to close my twitter tab now.

  37. I was wondering why you hadn’t tweeted about your NYTimes article and I noticed you disappeared from my followers. “What’d I do? Did she discover that I’m really not cool? Downright nerdy? What’d I do?” Then I got *my* internet time and read this. Good for you. Good. For. You.

  38. We’re fine, and we miss you. Maybe I’ll just leave random twitters here, to ease the withdrawls.

  39. when i read this i had a total *zomg* i am a twitter junkie. i am going cold turkey – soon.