Woot Woot!


Woohoo! New design! New stuff! You know the drill!

I’m very happy to say that Jesse built this sucker like no other. I love you, Jesse! (Uh, I mean…you know what I mean. I love him like a friend, Amanda! A FRIEND.) Jesse is the BEST. The best! He deals with my designs, my 1,000 revised .psd files and POCD (Pixel Obsessive Complusive Disorder) like a true professional. (Let me know if you notice any kinks, though.)

Also! I updated my About page, which I guess needed a little sprucing up, considering I hadn’t really made mention of my second child. Oopsy daisy. Also! Links to my Babble posts and some of my favorite whoorl categories are in the sidebar. Oh! And see those links up top? That’s D’s handwriting! HOW COOL IS THAT.

All in all, it’s a Thumbs Up! situation. (Do you love my nail polish or what? OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do it. Thanks, Joslyn, for the rec.)



  1. I have actually made no mention of my second child on my about page either! Man, second children get the shaft huh? But I mention our dog, the dog that has since DIED. Good Lord!

    Love the nail polish BTW!

    • I think it’s time for an update, Miss Amanda! (You have to try the polish…I am not a polish-on-the-fingernails kind of girl, but this is really growing on me!)

  2. LOVE it.

  3. lookin’ fly! i love that a cleaner look is coming back in style. so much easier on the eyes.

  4. The new site is GORGEOUS! Totally gasp-worthy.

    • Thank you, Kate! It only took me about 4 MONTHS of obsessing over ridiculous details in Photoshop to create it! ;)

  5. Love it, S. Lookin’ good!

  6. The site IS magnificent, but, for me, the jaw-dropper was your nail polish! LOVE!

  7. Hurrah! Lovely, lovely. Just like you!

  8. Chic, chic, chic!! I LOVE the way the title looks as well as the rest of your fonts. Just overall an awesome transformation! Congratulations!!

  9. Nice and clean, I like it! It’s easy to read and compelling, good work!

  10. oooooh, shiny and new.

    I absolutely love it.

  11. the new site looks FAB! especially love D’s handwriting.

  12. Bad arse! I like it! :)

  13. I love it.

    D’s handwriting is totally cool.

  14. Kickass new web theme/design. Love it. Very easy to navigate.

  15. Love it! I like how the background of the boxes has a similar design element (the wavy lines) as your Hair Thursday logo. Details count!

  16. Lovely new design!!

  17. Whoa!! Full-time fancy over here. I love it!

  18. The font you needed was not searchable (a word?), it was right next to you!

  19. Site looks great – love the font selection and the color palette. More than anything, happy that Jesse built it on our Genesis Framework – so I was able to add it to our showcase.

    Hope things are going well for ya!

  20. Okay, so, tonight is the first time I’ve gone through my blogroll in…okay, let’s not talk about it because I already am feeling the guilt-pangs. Anyway, your blog is one of the first ones I clicked over to and OMIGOSH. Your new design is gorgeous, gorgeous. Love it, lady!

  21. Love it. LOVE IT. Woot woot!

  22. Gorgeous-o.

  23. beautiful new site, congrats! must know what the font is that you used please?!