I’m in the process of making a whoorlito gender poll for my website, but for some completely asinine reason, when I try to post it, it turns my entire page green.


Even my smartypants art director/graphic designer husband can’t figure it out. Oh well, at least it gives me something to do besides scorching my retina watching 834 episodes of Everyday Italian and Paula’s Home Cooking.

By the way, thanks for all the de-lurkdom! I loved it!



  1. dammit..i want to know the results without doing any work, such as counting them!

    I loove Paula. I hate Giada, but I love her recipes. :) DId you see the tvgasm thing about how she tasted something she made and her face turned into this horrible grimace, and she’s all ‘it’s so good!’ and she looks like she’s dying?? heh. good times.

  2. AH HA! I just saw the counter in the sidebar. Go whoorlita, go jerry, goo whoorlita, go jerry.

  3. Mmm, my two favorite Food Network shows. Isn’t Giada hot?

  4. Giada was busting some major cleavage today! I told my husband it was seriously disturbing. However, he did not agree with me. Typical boob man.

  5. Personally, i think little big head is NOT hot. but that’s just me. :)

  6. I think she is annoying as all hell with that gigantic fake smile…I think I’d rather watch Rachael Ray.

    She is a good cook, though.

  7. Totally. Ray over Giada any day. I hate how Giada takes 5 minutes to show you how to make like lemon spaghetti, then tastes it, and takes another 5 minutes describing how LEMONY it tastes. Uh, duh Giada. I figure that already. And she does that for everything. she nearly gasms every time. hork! :)

  8. did you see the one when giada’s sister was cooking gnocchi with her? giada probably insulted her about 10 times in her own little smiley passive-aggressive way. if i were her sister, i would have knocked her teeth out.

  9. I agree with undercover. I gained 20lbs… just from watching Paula Deen a couple of times. Man, some of that butter cake sounds good right now, though. Mmmmmm….

    Oh, and I just love how she says, “oil,” too. Let’s add a little OHHHHLLLL.

  10. undercover celebrity says:

    Be careful, I believe you can gain 7 pounds just watching Paula’s Home Cooking. And, we’re not allowed to watch Everyday Italian anymore, because that Giada girl is always showing cleavage and Mark gets distracted.

    As far as your poll goes, I think you’re purposefully skewing the results by leaving that uber-cute pic of little ballerina you up, right under the poll. How can you look at that picture and not will yourself to birth a girl?

  11. Brian J. Hong says:

    Go Whoorlito!

    I wonder if the survey can double as a gender demo of your readers? =P

  12. Hey Whoorl, didn’t de-lurk before as I just started checking out the site–fun stuff!!! When is your little Whoorlito/a due? I’ve got a munchkin coming in May and might find out today what it’s going to be. Eeek!