Boy or Girl Update **whoorlita in the lead**


Hi there, I’m bored. I bet you can’t guess where I am. No really, guess. Oh, come on, one little guess.


Oh, I’m so sorry! Some pent-up energy must have escaped my tender motherly heart. Here’s a hint – it’s the same place as yesterday and the day before and the day before and the day before, infinitely and forever.

My bed.

But not for the reasons you might think. Nope, nosirreebob. You see, I’ve been given the go-ahead regarding the baby. “Things look perfect! No more bed rest for you!” “Please run through the hills singing at the top of your lungs!” “Wrestle an alligator with all of your might!”

Well, maybe I can’t RUN through the hills, but I could take a nice leisurely walk if I felt the need. But nope, I’m stuck in bed with this crappy cold that has lasted for 5 DAYS and I can’t seem to get rid of it. AND I’M GOING CRAZY. You’ve read about my colds or “pinto bean syndromes” before…they last for 36 hours, tops. 36 HOURS. NOT 879,000 HOURS, PEEPS!


It seems Ann has brushed her hair today! Holy shit! She must have gotten my memo!


Anyway, I’m bored and learning through my detailed “colds and pregnancy” google searches that it takes much longer for colds to work their course in pregnant women. So I just will have to wait it out. Bored. And bored. Did I mention I was bored?

Thank God for my wireless laptop. At least I can sit in my bed and fill my brain with frightening pregnancy stories from TLC online and Babycenter. Awesome.

WAIT! I know what I want to do. You know how last week was De-Lurking Week? And I didn’t ask ANYONE to de-lurk because I’m cool like that? Well honestly, I didn’t because I wasn’t sure anyone would actually do it, and My Ego! My Fragile Ego! Well, how about if all of you fabulous people leave me a comment today? Today would be PERFECT, considering I am going to refresh my comments page every 6.5 seconds until I go to sleep tonight.

Oh, come on! Don’t you want to make a sick, bed-ridden pregnant woman’s heart beam with pride and true happiness?


*courtesy of papernapkin


How about you de-lurk to tell me if you think I am having a boy or girl. I’m very curious.



  1. I read regularly and you sound so bored that you’ve brought me out of lurkdom! DK pointed me here and I’m hooked. Sorry you’re sick – yet another joy of being pregnant.

  2. Definitely not a lurker, but thought I’d say hi anyway. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I’d much rather be in bed right now, but try as I may, I haven’t been able to catch anyone’s cold lately. Not that I’m complaining, but damn guilt keeps me from calling in sick if I’m not. Feel better soon, and enjoy all the rest you’re getting.

  3. Hey there my favorite pregnant lady! :) I’m sorry you feel like shit and are all crabbycakes today. That sucks. Like, it s*cks.

    I found out this morning that my assbag brother and his assbag wife just got pregnant after about 3.5 seconds of trying. WTF? Now I am one of those bitter girls who despises my pregnant friends (not you of course, on no, never ever you) and suddenly notices the angry mob of babies EVERYWHERE. Tsch.

    I’m crabby. I’m ready to throw in the blogging towel. I need chocolate, stat.

  4. I’m home sick, too… with a sick child as well. When I woke up, I noticed that my husband had taken our desktop out of our room! What a shithead! That means I had to leave the comfort of my nice, soft, WARM bed to grab a laptop and then go back to the room. The nerve of some people. Apparently, he’s taking that machine to his office and bringing us a new one. Still. What a jerk.

    I also noticed this morning that Ann had brushed her hair. I think someone said, “Hey, Ann. We’re going to brush this, and then hide all the nasty ends that look like a black spiderweb BEHIND you… where the cameras can’t see.” Yay, thanks to the hairstylists this morning! But did you notice that Katie’s hair was so stiff that it didn’t even MOVE today? Yeesh. Lighten up on the AquaNet a little.

  5. Sundance Kid says:

    Howdy sistah.

    Just chillin at home while the little bo peep is nappin away. I’m online if you want to pop on. Miss ya and D.

  6. Delurking here. Know SAJ personally and check in to your site often. Congrats on your pregnancy. Good luck with your cold.

    If your really bored, send me your e-mail address and I can send you an amazing video I just received about fish. Icky fish, but it’s an amazing video and will keep you entertained for a couple minutes.

    Take Care!

  7. I second undercover celebrity’s nomination. go get arrested development and be happy with the world! :)

  8. susan- i’m glad my boredom pulled you out of lurkdom! i knew it was good for something.

    jessie- i’ll send you some of my germs.

    alicat- post something so i can be entertained!

    ma’am – damn! and i thought i had it bad! take care of yourself.

    liz- i’ll go online later. maybe. IMing is kind of like talking on the phone. blech.

    karen – the fish video was CRAZY! i’m sending it to the masses.

    uc- i know! i love the demands! although, so far i’m getting about a 10% return rate on comments. yes, i’m that bored. i’m actually making comments to visitors ratios. is AD really that good? cause i’ll go if it is.

  9. As one who was previously de-lurked by the whoorl girl in a most public and, frankly, humiliating way, I strongly encourage each of you to follow the woman’s command and reveal yourselves. No telling what she can come up with for you given her present sedentary state.

    And to you, whoorl, get better soon, not only for your sake but for D’s. I remember with great terror the wild-eyed look of my lovely wife when she was on bed rest for 5 days last year. I wish that upon no man.

  10. AD is really that good. Start with season 1, for sure. :)

  11. There! I updated just for you! :)

  12. Whoorl, remember when we tried to trade dorm rooms because we were both sick and how we made our roommates freak out…that was funny.

  13. I am a close friend of Gorillabuns who lead me to your sight. I read you all the time. Glad to hear you are better babywise! Hope you start feeling better.

    How about some updates from E-news or the gossipy shows? Things we can’t watch during the day but want to know about. (you know the really important stuff – ha).

  14. Feel better, lovely.

    Oh, and I’m going with GIRL; but I said that for Liz, too, and was wrong.

  15. Sundance Kid says:

    LOOOOVE the belly shot. Sistah, you are on your way! alright alright alright!!! Ry just bumped his head again, gotta run.

  16. Sundance Kid says:

    oh, didn’t see the update. Ummm. BOY! P.S. Headed to Ry’s 9 month appt this afternoon. IM’ing is like talking on the phone? Then what chance do I have???? WHAAAAAAAA. ok, bye

  17. Longtime reader, sometime commenter. But I like to do what the preggo says (because duh, I liked it when everyone did what I said when I was pregnant!).

    Having a cold when you’re knocked up is the worst because your drug selection is drastically reduced. I hated that.

    Anyway, hope you feel better soon.

  18. boy!!!!!i thought it was a girl now i think it’s a boy and arrested development if funny as hell. i got the first season for rich for christmas. maybe i should send it to you instead!

  19. Hi! I’m from Austin and I’ve been a regular reader of your site for about a month or so.. Thanks for doing your part to break up the monotony that is my work week!

    Also – I was delighted to see that you were cheering for the ‘Horns in the Rose Bowl! Rivalry be damned!

    My gut says you’re having a girl!

  20. whoorl, you are so working the pregnancy and for that, i am very proud of you. i just gave someone that very advice: hey, you’ve got 9 months to milk this with child thing so use it! good for you!

    i think it’s a girl. i have no idea why. but i have a 50/50 chance of being right.

    :) sizz

  21. girly girly girly

  22. delurk complete.

    you didnt tell us the heartbeat rate so i can’t make a prediction. i only do predicts on heartbeats.

    also, take some damn vitamin C already. a lot. that’s what has saved me through my neverending back to back pregnancies.

  23. Heartrate is 165.

  24. De-lurking, as ordered.

    I also found you through SAJ. Wheeee!

    Are you carrying high and in front or low and ALL over? If it’s the former, I say boy; the latter, girl.

    I just spent a couple weeks in bed recovering from (elective) surgery; I recommend the first season of Lost or Veronica Mars on DVD.

  25. I didn’t do delurking week either, but I’ll delurk just for you. Actually, I think I may have commented before. I read regularly but my commenting ability is greatly hindered by my baby.

    I’m going to say that you’re having a girl. I have no idea why.

    Hope you get over that cold quick!

  26. i am not a lurker, as you well know, (here anyway) but i am feeling quite sorry for you right now in your bed so HELLO! you are very pretty and also have a killer fashion sense. and have lovely hair. does that help? ;)

    i’m going to say…boy.

    do YOU know yet? or are you just screwing with us.

  27. No lurker, here, but I’ve probably not commented as often as I could have. I predict you’re having a boy for the single fact that you refer to the baby as Whoorlito. Maybe it’s a subconscious thing, but a girl would be Whoorlita. I could be wrong, though.

  28. undercover celebrity says:

    Pregnant women get away with so much. There’s no way a non-child-carrying woman could demand comments on her blog. Live it up sister :)

    In the meantime, the best way to pass sick time is to find a show marathon. CSI was marthoning all over this past Monday. Queer Eye, What Not to Wear, Felicity, there’s bound to be one somewhere. Or, find the strength within you to head to blockbuster and rent the Arrested Development DVDs, you won’t be sorry. In fact, I think I’m going to call in sick. :)

  29. De-lurking to say, BOY! It would just be too perfect with SAJ’s girl.

  30. sorry you’re sick but congratulations on the bun in your oven!
    when i’m bored and have computer access i always turn to this word game called Text Twist…kills time and i can kid myself into thinking i’m using my brain!…here’s a link:

    get well soon. -Lisa

  31. DO you know the sex of the whoorlito yet?? How far along does that usually happen? I would say, if you eat a bunch of chocolate and belly is happy, it is def. a girl. If you are watching football and belly is gassy and doing summersaults when your team scores, it is a boy. ;)

  32. You can find out the sex around 16-18 weeks. I’m only 12 weeks, but I am having a pretty high-tech ultrasound next week and I’ve heard that if the baby is a boy, they will be able to detect it next week. However, if they don’t see a little wienerito, they can’t assure that its a girl/boy until a little bit later.

    So, I could know sooner than later. Woohoo!

  33. Oh, and according to Alicat’s theory, I’m DEFINITELY having a boy.

  34. wooo exciting!! now, are you going to be one of those women that says “i’ll be happy either way” or do you have a preference?? :D

  35. wait!!!-i had an high res ultrasound at 12 weeks and the bitch told me i was having a boy and remember i didn’t want to know that piece of info! you know the end to this story – moira, a girl…

  36. Lurk lurk.

    I’m six weeks pregnant. We should be pregnancy buddies.

    I’m glad the baby is ok.

    Hmmmm. It’s early, but I’ll guess- girl.

  37. Alicat – yes, I am one of those women. I TRULY have no preference and I’m not trying to be politically correct. I would eventually like to have both…

    Torrie- Hey, congrats! How are you feeling?

    To my hot cousin Stacy – A girl, eh? SAJ is doing great…I think she should be home tomorrow. Have you seen the pics?

  38. My gut says a girl so you must be having a boy because I’ve never successfully guessed the sex of any of the babies anyone I’ve ever known has had! Its like George on Seinfeld, if ever instinct I have is wrong, the opposite must be right!

    Found u through SAJ…ur one of the daily reads that keeps me sane at work!

    Tan @ the land of oz :)

  39. Um, guess I haven’t visited for a while because OMG, You’re Pregnant?!?!?! Congratulations!

    Oh, and it’s totally a girl.

    (Of course this is not at all scientifically based, it’s just that girl babies are the only kind I know how to have, therefore I assume that every pregnant woman I come across must be having a girl as well. Call it penis denial. Or something.)

  40. Ok.. you caught me.. I lurk here everyday!! I love it that you are a KC Chiefs fan as I’m from KC AND a season ticket holder!

    I’m guessing: Boy

    I have triplets and although I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Would not wish it on anyone! Best of luck for a happy & healthy 9 months..


  41. Anne Glamore says:

    Delurking to say I can help if you have a boy, but I know nothing about girls.

  42. delurking to sympathise – I also very rarely get sick, and when I do I’m over it quick, but when I was pregnant I got a killer cold/flu that lasted (seemingly) for weeks. I had the idea that I would be superimmune while pregnant, my doctor told me it was the reverse, and that it would take twice as long to get over anything – bummer. Glad to hear your bub is OK – I’ll say a girl, for no particular reason apart from the fact that whenever I see a pregnant woman I always assume girl.

  43. Jurgen Nation says:

    I don’t think I count as de-lurking because I’m your cousin, and you know I’m here anyway. My guess: You are having a girl.

    How’s SAJ doing? Is she in?

  44. Sorry it has taken me so long to guess the sex, but I’ve been busy buying baby boy clothes!

  45. I’ll guess boy. He’ll have so much fun growing up in a house where there are such great sports fans.

  46. If I counted correctly, which is highly doubtful, it looks like a tie to me.


  47. I delurked a while ago. I read pretty much everyday, but don’t seem to post as often.

    Now to more important things: I know this might sound strange, but ENJOY being sick while you can. I just spent the last seven days with a sick one year old who so lovingly transferred all of his cooties to me. There are no sick days when you are a mom; I can’t tell you how much that SUCKS!!! Everyday I was counting down the hours until his naptime or bedtime, just so I could finally lay my haggard ass on the cough.

    My Vote: Boy, mostly because I think you will have the most hysterical stories to tell.

    Off to work now…same desk, different computer. I’ll check back later to see if the results changed.

  48. I think no matter if Whoorlito turns out to be a boy or girl, he and/or she will be absolutely gorgeous and healthy and will undoubtedly inherit his/her mother’s fine sense of humour!

    Best wishes again, and I’m really looking forward to reading your account of everything! :O)

  49. Hello! I am a brand new reader. It seems like everyone I know is having boys (except possibly me – we aren’t finding out) so I say girl.

  50. Jurgen Nation says:

    OH!!! Please convey my congratulations!! She looks so happy (I would be too, but I would probably still look mad). And the baby is adorable! What’d they name baby?

    And yes, you’re totally having a girl. You’ll name her Anastacia L. Whoorl. I’m Dionne’s newest Psychic Friend, you know.

  51. Lurker from SAJ. I vote Girl!

  52. Definitely a boy. Unless, of course, it’s a wee baby girl. Feel better soon.

  53. I am a lurker. I admit it.

    I think your having a girl.

  54. Hope you are feeling better today and found a way to overcome your boredom. I vote girl! Have fun trying to figure it out :)

  55. De-lurking myself. I’m going with girl. When do you find out these things? Or are you even finding out? Some a-holes don’t find out – being all “old fashioned”. But, if that’s you, you’re not an a-hole.

  56. Sarcomical pointed me in your direction and I’ve been reading ever since. Hello!

    Plus, it’s totally a girl.

  57. Hope you’re feeling better. I had “pinto bean syndrome” pretty much throughout my pregnancy. What’s a girl to do but put her feet up, and watch lots and lots of TV.

    Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter when you have a nickname like whoorlito.

    P.S. Your a fun read! I have officially delurked.

  58. I’m a former California girl too – transplanted to the frozen tundra of the upper midwest… you wanna talk about bored…? Just surfed here from SAJ (which I see must be the thing to do), I hope you feel better physically, and I hope all the comments give your spirits a lift too!

  59. 58 comments…that is quite a successful De-Lurk.

    I am proud to be 59!

    For the record…Girl. I think you are having a girl.

    Good luck and cheer up!

  60. i’ve been reading you for a while now.. not sure if i’ve ever commented before but i probably haven’t.. i think i found you through SAJ.

    i had a cold while pregnant once. the internet told me to eat raw garlic and cayenne pepper.

    if the internet tells you to do that … i wouldn’t listen.

    get well soon!

  61. Calling all pregnant and former-pregnant ladies.

    Did your doctor tell you it was OK to take anti-histamines? And if so, which ones?

    Don’t worry, I’m going to talk to my doctor, but I just was curious….

  62. Former pregnant lady here: my doctor gave me the thumbs-up for Claritin and I *think* I remember she said I could take Sudafed? (that last part could be wishful thinking)

  63. Congrats on being given the green light RE the bedrest thing! One of my best friends was on bedrest with her first child…the kind of bedrest where you have to lay flat on your back for 23-1/2 hours a day. What a fucking pain in the ass!!! I felt so bad for her….she couldnt even sit up to read a book…she had to hold it over her head. And. AND! The worst thing…they didnt have cable TV!!!!! EEEEEKKKK!!!
    Now she’s pregnant with baby #2 (aka “the spare”), and they did a cerclage on her so now she is only on level 2 bedrest, which means she can walk around, sit normally, even drive to the store.

    By the way, I think it will be a boy.


  64. My midwife says no on antihistamines, but most OBs say yes. The argument against (I think) is that any drug you ingest (antihistamines, caffeine, etc.) goes undiluted to the baby and what is a small dose for you is a lot for a seven ounce baby. It seems to me that it’s just a matter of deciding what’s better for you – if your allergies are stopping you from functioning, you should probably take something.

  65. De-lurking from COLORADO.

    I hope it’s a girl. The world needs more women.

  66. reluctant housewife says:

    Technically I’m not a lurker, I think. I just hope you’re feeling better.

    And I think you are having a girl. But I’ve got to warn you, I thought I was having a girl. YET I had a boy. So now that I think about it, you will probably have a boy.

    Confused yet?

  67. Hi there. Found you through SAJ months ago and check in often!
    Hmm…well, a girl would be lovely, but since you are friends with Brenda, a boy would round it out nicely.
    Hope you feel better soon.