Steve Jobs


This very second, I’m typing on my MacBook Pro while my son listens to a Pixar book on the iPad and my daughter sleeps to the sound of white noise on an iPhone.

I’m absolutely confident in saying that I would not be enjoying this blogging career had Steve Jobs not been on this planet. I am so saddened by his death, but so thankful for his creative genius. Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.



  1. well said.
    Hopefully a small gem that comes out of this loss is an ever increasing drive to find a cure for all kinds of cancer.

  2. So sad. I was so surprised by how upset I was by the news yesterday!

    On another note, I haven’t been awake very long and I certainly haven’t had an adequate amount of coffee yet, but when I first opened up this entry, I thought “why is she posting a picture of Ashton Kutcher in a post about Steve Jobs?”

  3. I too found myself quite saddened by his death. My family uses and enjoys our Apple products every day. I also think Ashton Kutcher resembles Job’s in this photo.

  4. Indeed. And, amen.

  5. Couldn’t agree more (as i type this on my macbook that rests next to my iphone)



  6. Sigh, well said. Yep, I am sad too…typing from my Mac Book Pro, with an iPhone and iPad near by.

  7. Great post. As an owner of many Apple products since 1985, I thank Steve for his creative genius. RIP, Steve.