The Universe Is Talking


It’s urging me to reconsider the title of “Hair Expert”.




  1. HAHAHAHA! I love it!

  2. He just wants to look like Baby Bug!

  3. It is OFFICIALLY hanging into his eyes. I must cut it…but I don’t want to…but I must…OH NOES MY PRECIOUS BABY HAIRS.

  4. whip out the flowbee!

  5. Holy crap, that’s the cutest thing I’ve seen all day.

    But yes, it may be time to do some snipping.

  6. You know it! In the meantime, I’m getting my Crystal Gayle cut tomorrow morning and zomgi’mcountingdowntheminutes.

  7. whatever could you mean, my dear?

    i think he needs a flowered clip in his hair. my nephew loves the flowered clip. try it! ;)

  8. You’ll be able to torture him with this in future years.

  9. man, Rt has never had a haircut and STILL can’t get that good of a pony…..

    nice stylin whoorl!

  10. LOL! I do the same to my little one because, like you, I am avoiding The Haircut for as long as possible! Wito has BEAUTIFUL hair!

  11. He just looks too freaking cute! P has not had his haircut either, yet. I am waiting…

  12. Oh man! That is too cute!

    Maybe he will follow in your footsteps as a hair guru?

  13. dear wito,
    you would be such a cute girl! but i think you are even a cuter boy!

  14. I just cut my son’s hair today. I thought maybe if I tried to do it myself that it would be easier than taking him in where he pulls the “Stevie Wonder on crack moves” with my hairstylist. Needless to say, it wasn’t any easier. And she does a much better job.

  15. AH! my 19mo old was in the same boat like 2weeks ago. i started feeling guilty for trying to hold on to baby hairs. (plus he has the way too cute curls in the back) so i opted to do a “natural” trim JUST on the bangs. i purposely cut them at an angle leaving them slightly uneven and it totally still looks like his own grow hair-do. bonus of having cutie pie curls in the back still, but there are a limited number of these hair cut cheats that i can do before he has a baby mullet…

  16. Hee hee. I know the first cut is hard, but just think how pretty his eyes will look without all the hair in the way.

  17. I’ve never understood the dread some moms feel over the first haircut for boys. When my son first had a few hairs longer than about 2 inches, I whipped out the clippers faster than you can say “buzz cut.” I don’t like buzz cuts, but I was anxious to keep his hair even. Now I LOVE his short (but no longer buzzed) hair. It makes him look like my little man! His outfits are about twice as cute on him when his hair is recently cut. Hopefully you’ll fall in love with Wito the little man even more than Wito the baby, if that’s possible with such a cutie!!!

  18. Has Wito not had a cut yet? I love his shaggy hair ( I mean shaggy in a good way) and wish Charlie’s looked that good with a little length. Unfortunately he has inherited all of his parents cowlicks and it has a mind of its own.

    Rock the ponytail while you can little man.

  19. Left it on your twitter, but he’s just training for this look:

  20. He’s already had his hair cut a couple of times. First, we did the trimming of the bangs, which slowly morphed into a mullet, then we took it all off in the back and left the front longer. Now, it’s just grown out all over, but we definitely don’t want it super short.

    We’ll use D’s clippers with a decent-sized guard to keep it from looking like he’s off to war.

    And THAT’S the detailed history of Wito’s hair. Good night and good luck! ;)

  21. We did that to Charlie when he was about Wito’s age. But we used a pink clip shaped like a butterfly.

    Yeah that won’t give him issues at all. Noooo.

  22. Filtering Life says:

    well now you know what your potential daughter will look like! He still looks adorable, a bit screwed and helpless …but adorable

  23. This photo is fabulously composed! Really love how all the blues tie together and the little corner of green from the pillow.


    It’s not fair.


  25. Wow. That one took me a second. He looks older in that picture. I thought, “No way is that little Wito!” But it is. And he’s stinkin’ adorable. Ponytail and all :)

  26. oh dear. it’s cute, though i’m sure daddy might want the elastic to go bye-bye. it almost breaks my heart that it’s going to get cut, because i have recently grown quite fond of the idea of someday having a little boy with floppy, moppy hair. though, i do realize being able to see out from under it is sort of a necessity.

  27. I thought it was SAJ’s Baby Bug when I first saw the top of the picture – lol :o) He is the most gorgeous baby, EVAH! Those eyes of his are just beautiful!

    PS – What kind of camera do you use?
    PPS – Would D. fly to Cincy and make our house look just like ya’lls crib? It seriously needs to be in a design magazine!!!!

  28. The Eyes. Are. Gorgeous.

  29. Hey Sarah, love the picture of your daughter! :)~

    You need to do what I do with Zach…. take a number 2 to his head, and give Wito the good ole buzz cut!

  30. Your boy has gorgeous peepers!

  31. Hair, shmair! THE EYES!! Look at those eyes!

    I’m presently dragging my feet, because both girls need their hair cut. Taking them for haircuts is my least favorite activity ever, aside from flying on an airplane with an active toddler.

  32. The amount of a) Cute and b) Forehead in that picture superceeds the long(ish) hair.

  33. *sings* She’s got a pineapple on her head….

    I can’t remember what that’s to the tune of because I’ve been singing the pineapple version for so long. Don’t worry, every child has that hair inflicted on them once in a while!

  34. Wito is so adorable!

  35. Did you say Crystal Gale cut? For lovely Whoorl? Do tell.

  36. my vote is to let it grow, i love shaggy!

  37. I was so confused. I thought, “Who is that little gir-…What?”

    Poor Wito. :( Don’t pull a Kate Hudson.

    He is too cute though, pony tail and all. ;)

  38. Is it wrong that I kind of want to take a bite out of one of his cheeks? Just a little one, I promise…

  39. Does your husband know you posted this picture? Because if I had a boy and published a picture like that I would totally be in trouble.

    Yes! In fact, he doesn’t want to cut his hair at all.

  40. But it’s such a flattering look for her!

  41. He already has fantastic hair just like his Mommy! Lucky devil.

  42. DAYUMMM. He is such a cute boy. Really, really cute. I do that to my little dude’s hair, but since it’s curly it swirls itself around into a ringlet. Which, wow, looks pretty girly. I’d rather get kicked in the neck than cut his hair, though.

    And… back up… Crystal Gayle WHA?

  43. He’s beautiful!!

  44. Ohmygosh Wito is such a beautiful little person! I know some people take issue with calling boys beautiful, but I call my Christopher beautiful all the time. Some people are just beautiful. Wito is one of those people. Look at those eyes!

  45. He is such a pretty baby!! And I LOVE his eyes.
    p.s. I’m still hoping you’ll fill me in on the secret of the ABC’s.

  46. I wish I could get my GIRL to wear her hair like that! I have had to cut her fringe (bangs!) straight across in the traditional “potty/bowl” style because she refuses to keep hairbands or clips in!

  47. Oh my goodness, that is just so cute. If he didn’t look so much like a boy, you would have to answer to a few people ;).