Valentine’s has made me batshit crazy


I can’t stop writing about Valentine’s Day over at the scary place. Just in case you are looking for some last minute ideas, feel free to take a gander. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, though.

Looking for a way to convey your hot, sexy love through food? Here you go.

Think Valentine’s Day is for wussy shitheads? You might like this.

Is Martha Stewart your idol? Knock yourself out.

Want to gain 10 pounds on Valentine’s? Have at it.

Is your loved one only worth a dollar? It’s too late, but you can look anyway.

Incidentally, I haven’t done one flippin’ thing for Valentine’s. Not even a CARD. So, um, CIAO.



  1. You are naturally sweet and lovely. I’d say that’s a start. :)

  2. We don’t do Valentines Day in our house anymore (it falls on the day of death for a family member so we just ignore it all now) but I could use some of those sticky ass desserts you had links to. Maybe I will crack the whip on the husband….

  3. We don’t do Valentine’s either.

    Which is why I had Honey buy me flowers yesterday ;)

    Hope the crazy place is less, um, crazy than it has been.

  4. I cautiously visit that other place because you have kick ass ideas, but I leave before any of the drama ensues.

    I just purchased the most boring Valentine’s gift ever for Jon, but I did pick out a nice card, that counts right? No big plans for us, dinner with the kid and I’ll make some sort of dessert that has my recommended monthly fat intake and we’ll call it a night. One of these years I am going to remember to find a sitter and make a reservation for dinner, but not this one.

  5. no valentines over here either…

    but I triple-love your “hair” posts, keep ’em coming!

  6. It IS a scary place.