An Apology


To the people of Orange County wearing brightly colored ensembles, I apologize if you were recently accosted by a gigantic 18-month-old screaming out the color of your outfit with the intensity of a roid-raging WWF wrestler.

I apologize that yelling “YELLLOOWWWWWW! PUH-PUHHH!” once or twice didn’t satisfy said red-faced toddler, thus prompting him to repeatedly scream, “GWEEEEEEEEEEN! WHHHHYYYYY-TUH! WHHHHHYYY-TUH!” until you were forced to run away, clutching your belongings.

I also apologize if you happened to be wearing an athletic jersey or any kind of fashion displaying letters and/or numbers.

My child, as you will see here, is intensely passionate about his new skills.

Letters from whoorl on Vimeo.

Some video points of interest:

1. This is a short snippet of our original 72-hour video of Wito recognizing letters. He never stops with the game, PLEASE HELP ME. In fact, the only thing that trumps this new game is going to the sandbox and pouring a bucket full of sand in his mouth.

2. I sound like Bill Clinton when I say “R” after Wito does.

3. Wito has waved his arms in excitement just like that since the day he was born.

4. When we say bye-bye, have you ever seen a child look so concerned? YOU MEAN NO MORE LETTER GUESSING? WHAT WILL I DO? I CAN’T POSSIBLY GO ON!

5. And yes, I always dress my child like a little elf with mango pants.



  1. Natalie 42 says:


    Damn, thats one cute kid. I love how he looks at you two after you say your “bye-byes”…it looks like you just told him letters didn’t really exist.

  2. Hahaha! Those arms shaking in excitement thang he’s got going will be soo funny when he’s 21!

  3. 1. I’m pretty sure that is the cutest kid I’ve ever seen
    2. When you said he was wearing “mango” pants I was thinking MANGO! from SNL. Not that Wito’s mango colored pants aren’t darling..

  4. Dude, that was awesome.

    Also, your voice sounds like someone I’d like to be friends with, in a totally non-creepy way.

  5. Fernanda De Bonis says:

    WOW!! Sooo cute!!
    How did he ever learn that so young?!?
    He’s one smart boy!

  6. He is soooooooo cute! Love when he says, “EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!” :o) You and your hubby sound so cute cheering him on!!! The look when you tell him it’s time to say “Bye-bye” is hysterical to!

  7. PS – My daughter was watching with me, and she keeps telling me, “He’s sooooo cute! Play him again!” :o)

  8. Cute- is Wito some kind of genius baby, or is 18 months a normal age to recognize letters? Seems super smart to me, but I don’t know nothin’ about babies.

  9. Not that I’m telling you anything you don’t know, but that boy is brilliant! Seriously, he is YOUNG to know his letters!

    And how much do I love the “wing flapping”? SO MUCH.

  10. Heee! So cute!

    My son has done the same arm flapping since he was a baby, and he’s 8 now. So to that commenter who said it’ll be funny when he’s 21, well…it just might still be going on ;)

    And I totally thought Mango (from SNL) pants too, and was wondering if he was in little hotpants. Disappointed about the hotpants, but kinda relieved too!

  11. Ahhh, it’s good to know there is another happy hand-and-arm flapper out there in the world. My girls and I thought we were alone in that talent. In fact, Paige is wildly waving her arms and yelling BREKFISS! at me.

  12. the flapping is adorable. My step-daughter did the SAME thing (and she was brilliant too!, coincidence?) she is 12 now and does not flap anymore…kind of miss it…

  13. That’s it! I’m shipping my kids to your house. Maybe, they’ll learn something.

  14. Not only do you have the cutest kid in the history of cute kid-dom, you have the best commenters, too! The whole Mango/hotpant thing is cracking me up!

    And LVGurl, I love that Paige says “BREKFISS.” When I was little, I called it brefkiss.

  15. SO SWEET! I love that horrified expression. How DARE you say bye so soon?!?!

  16. At least he didn’t call them fat. :-)

  17. WOW, I’m totally impressed. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen a child that young who knows his letters!

  18. Your son is so adorable!

  19. oh my gosh. even more adorable/hilarious/and entertaining in person! i love that little wito!

  20. WIto is a genius. And adorable. If you teach him the guitar, he will be able to date any woman on the planet!

  21. My prediction? Wito will be reading before he is 2. We shall see, we shall see.

  22. He’s brilliant, I say! The hand waving is just precious. And by golly you DID sound EXACTLY like Bill Clinton when you said “R” –

  23. Wito is one smart cookie! I’m glad to see that he is getting good use of the etch-a-sketch type thingy. They can make a plane ride bearable. (much less paper waste too non?)

  24. D sounds really hot.

  25. OMG! He is too cute!

    :) LORI

  26. His look of TOTAL DISMAY when you end the letter game is priceless.

  27. HEE! That is fabulous. I love the expression at the end.

    And? Nothing wrong with elf attire.

  28. Filtering Life says:

    Well don’t I feel like a dumbass for not teaching my kid jack crap about letters or colors yet. She won’t even hardly talk. I am mucho impressed. not only is he amazing at it, EDUCATION should be his middle name. The bye bye face is hilarious. Chloe gets that way when I take food away from her, not letters.

  29. Wow, Smarty Jones. Knows his colors AND letters?? Well done! Looks *and* brains….

    For serious, you must be so proud of that little dude! I could watch that video for hours. His sweet face at the end… he’s all HOLD UP WHAT ARE YOU TALKING BYEBYE WOMAN???

  30. He sounds like a natural learner! And I’ll admit, that’s both a blessing and a curse. Sounds like he’s loving exploring his world, colors, letters, numbers, and all.

  31. Haha! My best friend’s daughter flaps her hands exactly like that too! We call it the “baby birdie” She is 4 and still sometimes does it. So adorable. :)

  32. bethany Coffey says:

    Oh, holy ovaries, girl, that was hilarious! He is S.T.O.K.E.D!

  33. bethany Coffey says:

    The flapping, the flapping was great!

  34. Can you send him over here to teach Asher to USE HIS WORDS?

    Seriously. You and Wito in our house for a week would do wonders, for me AND him. Well, wait. We’ll get you a hotel room, because we don’t have any extra beds.

  35. “2. I sound like Bill Clinton when I say “R” after Wito does.” OMG, you totally do. That’s awesome. Awesomely creepy? Not sure.

    Also, the arm flapping is the most adorable thing ever.

  36. What?? His letters. Are you serious? I thought my two year old was smart but we are just starting to learn letters. What is your secret? Please share….

    He is adorable and I too love the good bye to the video ‘what, we aren’t going to play anymore?’

  37. OMG, I feel your pain. I’m tempted to hide inside the oven every time I hear the “step, thump, drag” approach of my Doode-Pro bearing toddler (he drags it around the house by the pen part.)

  38. I have nothing to say other than that my 2 1/2 year old has the same Hanna pajamas :)