I’m an Official Babbler!


I am quite beside myself with excitement to announce that I’m writing for Babble.com. (Jumping jumping jumping up and down over here! Have you seen the Babble Voices writers? I’m thinking some crack was smoked before my name was thrown in the ring.)

Starting this week, I will be writing a weekly column about, you guessed it, parenting. This week, I’m jumping right in with the question I ask myself (and unsuspecting, innocent bystanders) on a daily basis. WHY DOES MY ONE-YEAR-OLD BEAT ME UP? What did I do to deserve this fate? HUH? Tell me now, pray tell.



  1. Congrats! babe. (And I’m sure no crack-smoking happened before they nominated and chose you. You’re just that amazing. #truestories)

  2. Congrats! I’m so excited for more content from Whoorl.

  3. Wow!! I guessed this was coming from a post you wrote a while back! YEAH for you!!

    I love babble and all those affiliated with it!! Met a lot of them at Mom 2.0 Summit this past Spring!

    Jumping up and down for you!

  4. Amy Harmon says:

    I just read your about me and first post….you are such a hysterical writer. I just love your humor. You have a way w words and so congrats! This is so great!

  5. Oh I love a Babble how exciting Whoorl – you make a GREAT addition, I’m off to read your post. I already peeked I love the header and the photos of course!