Damn! I shaved my legs, made sure the nether region was tidy, put on cute yet conservative undies, donned my favorite shirt and took the time to blow-dry my hair straight (which blows donkey balls) all in preparation for my OB physical, annual exam and the BABY’S ULTRASOUND today! COMPLETE WITH AUDIBLE HEARTBEAT!

My OB’s office just called. She is delivering twins today. I must wait 24 more hours. Oh well, I should expect this. I spend all of my working hours selling to OBGYN’s – I know the drill.

I was just really excited, that’s all.

Please let today fly by.

In other news, kudos out to my Fantasy Football franchise player. I love ya, man.



  1. welcome to a whole new world of waiting….

  2. oh wow. i can’t imagine having to have patience for something like that. how sucky.

    on the up side, you have smooth legs now and doesn’t that just make your day? ;)

  3. Blast! So, what did you sell to OBGYN’s? I’m new..lol.

    Good luck for tomorrow! I know it will be amazing! :D i wanna see bebewhoorliecakes pics.

  4. i LOVE that pic of you doing ballet! :0

  5. Gorillabuns said it right – your OB takes on a god like role in your life. Each day revolves around how long until your next appointment. Then once Baby Whoorl comes, you the begin to live for pediatric appointments.

  6. I just have to say I love the ballerina picture!

    Oh, but I can’t wait to hear about your sonogram. Are you going to find out what it is?

  7. I love the ballerina picture! You will have a ballerina or fireman soon!!

  8. You? Must email me & the girls all details tomorrow eve!

  9. Brian J. Hong says:

    Oh man, this is so exciting! I feel like we’re witnessing the birth of something great! (pun intended)

  10. Jurgen Nation says:

    Does tidy mean sparkly? My mom loves to tell the old legend of the lady putting glitter on her coilies. I don’t think it’s true, but I’ve always wanted to do it. I can’t though, because my gyno is H-O-T. It’s absolutely terrible, but I can’t stop going back to him – he’s that good looking. Which reminds me…I’ve got a call to make in the morning. Yay! Annual time!