Calling All Hair Color Virgins!


Aside from my brush with HotHeads extensions used as highlights, my hair has been as pure as the driven snow for quite some time. Although, let’s be honest, I definitely throw around the idea of changing it up once in awhile. Which got me thinking…how many hair color virgins are out there? Do you currently color your hair?

Poll time!

If you are a hair color virgin and are ready to make a change, Redken just launched the Redken Haircolor Virgin Campaign, exclusively on Redken’s Facebook page where you can enter for the chance to “lose it” with Redken and receive their first Redken haircolor service with Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color and Colorist to Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, and Emily Blunt among others.

How It Works:

Beginning August 1, you can upload a photo of yourselves to the “Redken Haircolor Virgin” tab on Redken’s Facebook page. Facebook users will have until September 30 to vote for their favorite Redken Haircolor Virgin.  The winner will receive a three-day trip to Los Angeles and a haircolor makeover with Redken Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham, and ten first-prize winners who will be awarded a $250 gift card to be used at their local Redken Salon.

A fun little contest, right? Let me know if you upload a photo so I can vote for you!



  1. MichelleLG says:

    now that my greys are starting to make a serious effort, i’m thinking about highlights or lowlights for “blending” purposes…. i used to pluck them, but im afraid that if i keep that up, i may have no hair left in 10 years. :o)

  2. I color mine to cover the gray. I went for about 5 months without color but then went back two weeks ago for highlights to try to blend my roots and gray into the rest. I do have a friend who is a hair color virgin though.

  3. I’m a hair color virgin save for a Sun In incident in my early 20s. We are a dying breed! Now that I’m spying a few grays here and there, I know I will soon have to take the plunge.

  4. I entered, although I’m TERRIFIED of ever coloring my hair.

  5. E's Mommy says:

    I color my hair but I wouldn’t if it wasn’t so grey. I was probably about 50% gray by age 30. Boo!

  6. I have never colored my hair, and now that the grey strands are showing themselves I am considering it more and more. Sounds like a fun contest, but not sure I am ready. To be honest, I am a little scared to lose my current color. I am quite happy with it… aside from all those greys. Friends tell me that once I start coloring, I’ll have to continue.

  7. I voted no, but must qualify that answer. It’s been over 6 years since I last colored my hair. Prior to that I colored it pretty consistently for about 10 yrs.

  8. I have strawberry-blond hair and have never colored it. I am waiting for it to become actually gray (or white as it tends to do with red heads) before turning to the bottle.

  9. Just some highlights every so often :)

  10. i think you need to rock the feathers! that would be fun.

  11. I’m a hair color virgin, but I love my brunette hair color (especially with natural reddish highlights from summertime sun), so I’m not going to enter the contest. But I will be voting for others!

  12. I am honestly really surprised that the polling is SO close. I totally thought like 80% of women colored their hair in some way!

  13. Aside from a year period several years ago when I stopped dyeing my hair to see if it would help with my hair loss, I’ve been dyeing it since I was 16 – what was a long time ago! I do no like my drab, dark brown natural color at all.

  14. My best friend just entered. She’s the sweetest person ever, so I’m helping her with votes. Good luck to everyone who enters!!

  15. Whoops forgot to mention that she’s Julie R. under most viewed.