The Brand New Kirtsy (+ My Fave Hair Images!)


Many of you know the awesome-est of awesome websites, Kirtsy. (If not, you can read the mini-history of the website here.)

The brand new, redesigned Kirtsy just launched, and every day, the site will feature slideshows curated by “some of the most interesting people on the internet.”  Well, guess what? The founders Gabrielle, Laura and Laurie must be highly confused because they considered me one of those people. You can check out my very favorite images of hair right over here. Enjoy!



  1. I loved your images! Great job!

  2. Pink hair and braids . . . represent!

  3. I love your hair picks! And you’re easily one of the most interesting people I know. Easily.

  4. Fun task!

  5. Really nice! I LOVE it !!!!!!