Blame Ramón


This song is sung to the melody of Tyrone by Erykah Badu.

If you have never heard of this song:

1) Watch the video and please familiarize yourself. Feel free to follow along.
2) We obviously have NOTHING in common.
3) I might need to re-evaluate our friendship.

I’m getting tired of his shit
My fingers are really hurtin’
See every time I pull him out
I gotta play lame ass chords on Ramón
See why can’t I play a damn D, sometimes
See I’ve been practicing all day
For a long time
I just want it to be
So easy
Like it needs to be, baby
But he must like to kick my ass
I think I’m gonna crap

I think ya better blame Ramón
(Blame him)

And tell him come on, help Whoorl learn her shit (come on, come on)

You need to blame Ramón
(Blame him)

And tell him I said come on

Now every time I have a chance to write a post
He comes beckoning with sweet promises of most
Oh, well hold up
Listen Ramón
I have shit to do
Cause Miss Whoorlie is always dealin’ with poo
And you know it’s true

Every time I try to play
I gotta turn the DVD on
To keep Wito engaged and not let him stray

While I practice the day away

Wito thinks Rachel is his mom
Because she’s da bomb
I must remain calm
Guitaraddiction dot com

I like you
But I must tell you the truth
Ramón wants to give

the internet da boot

So, you better blame Ramón
(Blame him)

And tell him come on, help Whoorl learn her shit (come on, come on)

You need to blame Ramón (OHEEEOHEEEOONNN)
(Blame him)

Hold on…but he sure is some fun



  1. Oh my god; I was just thinking about that song the other day. It didn’t occur to me to check youtube. Will the wonders of technology never cease!

  2. omg, whoorl, you are brilliant and I am peeing my pants laughing. ramon, tyrone, love it all.

  3. now i need to go listen to tyrone. that’s one bombass song!

  4. Maybe you should skip the playing the instruments and go straight to writing the lyrics. Sorry Ramon is causing you so much angst, what a jackass.

  5. My father sings that song if he needs to call my brother, Tyrone. He does it in public, too.

    Wow, so I guess our friendship is pretty secure: I am VERY familiar with this song and I can tell you all about Erik O Jones. Dude, we’re total BFF.

  6. I LOVE Tyrone! And your lyrics are just too funny. Hope your fingers feel better soon!

  7. That might be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever read on a blog. I thought I was the only one who loved that song!

  8. Ha! You make me laugh.

  9. I laughed till I cried. I love that song.

  10. I think I just wet my pants laughing; I used to listen to this song nonstop in college, and your lyrics are perfection.

    Once you master the guitar, can you learn to play “Tyrone”/”Ramon”, and videotape yourself singing your version for your loyal readers? :)

  11. bishOp stu tu says:

    whOOrl gOOrl,

    baroque my ass. have the boy teach you ten chords, and get down to the meat.

    song writer.

    yo dad

  12. Brilliant! : )

  13. LOVE.

  14. Ditto Jen!

  15. This will bring me out of the shadows. So flippin’ hilarious.