Ramón Alejandro Django. (Django is pronounced “Jango”. Also, RAD for short.)

He’s a total sadist and I can’t feel my fingers. I hate him.

The end.



  1. Good, then you’re doing it right. :) Two weeks and you’ll have mighty calluses.

  2. give him some time and attention and who knows maybe you’ll grow to love him.

  3. they will toughen up…give it time. :)

  4. who?

  5. oooh…I remember when I first started playing. I feel your pain. My brother (who is an excellent guitarist, btw) says to rub just a very, very, VERY little bit of baby oil on the strings and that helps a little bit.

  6. HA! Django. Unfortunately, it’s the name of our content management system at work, so it’s all I think about! DATABASES! SO SEXY.

    Hola Ramon! Love it.

  7. Fantastic choice. I can’t wait for your first online recital.

  8. RRRrrrrrrrrrrramon! super sexy.

  9. Welcome, RAD! So Whoorl, are you taking lessons somewhere?

  10. you are hilarious. practice up. i expect a performance soon!

  11. Rad is rad.

  12. I have a guitar that I’ve been meaning to learn how to play for a couple of years now. What’s your plan of attack? Are you getting lessons? Did you get any good books?

  13. Hahaha!!!

  14. Guitar fingers are THE WORST. Poor thing!

  15. Django is my dog’s name! Yes, I’m from a family of musicians. And yes, all of our family pets have had musical names. Yes, I’m a dork. Why do you ask?