Féria Party!


Something about the change of season makes me very antsy regarding the state of my hair. Suddenly, I want to dye it auburn or cut bolder bangs or chop it off in a sleek bob. However, with many experimental hair phases under my belt, I’ve come to the (sometimes VERY painful) realization what does and does not work for me.

In the defense of subtlety, sometimes a small color change can make the biggest difference when you are experiencing the hair blahs.

Two of my good friends recently shook off their doldrums with Féria’s new and improved home haircolor by L’Oreal. You know how some home haircolor brands have the tendency to look a little, um, FLAT? Well, Féria’s color spectrum delivers incredible color and triple highlights, plus a new built-in conditioning technology. Which means sayonara to flat color and hello to awesome, shimmering hair. (You can see all of the shades here.)

So, Holly and Andrea joined me for a little Féria party. Not only did these beauties get the chance to try out Féria’s new and improved haircolor, but they also got to dabble in a fair amount of L’Oreal makeup.

(Lucky bastards.)

Let’s take a look at Holly’s before photo.

Clearly, a GORGEOUS girl. (I’m pretty sure Holly could color her hair chartreuse and still look breathtaking.) Holly chose Féria #45 (Deep Bronzed Brown) and got down to business.

How ANYONE could look so perfectly cute with a towel wrapped around her head, I’ll never know.

And the new Holly!

The deep bronzed color really looks gorgeous. Don’t you think? (And seriously, what is UP with the shimmer? How does that technology work and HOW can I get my hands on it?)
*insert maniacal laughter here*

Let’s not forget my stunning friend, Andrea!

Andrea really wasn’t looking for much of a color change, but was more than happy to get in on some of that Féria shimmer action. She chose #40 (Deeply Brown), and it was the perfect match for her.

Take a look.

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of instant shine and shimmer created from the coloring process. Andrea looks fantastic.

Thanks to these lovely ladies for letting me document their coloring process! Let’s do it again soon, shall we?



  1. That’s some impressive from-the-box color! Now wishing I didn’t have such a complicated hair color. BAH.

  2. Ooh, gorgeous!! And I covet Holly’s new hair color. Now if I could only get over my crippling fear of dyeing my hair, I’d be all set.

  3. Oh, to look stunning with dark hair. They both look fantastic!

  4. Is this permanent color? or a gloss that fades over time?


  5. Oh, NOW you tell us, mere days after I spent a fortune at the salon. The color Holly chose is exactly what I was going for. And I coulda had it from a BOX. grrr. Well, next time.

    Both women are stunning! What a fun day.

  6. April – Feria is permanent color. I love it, and have used it many times in the past! Another nice thing about Feria is the amount of product – they give you just a little more than the other haircolor brands, which is nice if you usually run out with one bottle, but don’t really need a whole second bottle for coverage. I’ve been happy with the way the color looked when I used Feria. Last time I colored, I used the new Clairol Nice-n-Easy that takes only 10 minutes. It was OK but I feel like my color looks kind of flat, and I’ll probably use Feria next time. My only concern with it is it can be quite drying, but good regular conditioning can help with that (and using a good shampoo, protective product when heat styling, etc.)

    Great Hair Thursday!

    GM – the improved Féria (launched in late August) has a brand new “Silk and Shimmer Conditioning Technology” that is much more hydrating than before. Let me know what you think of the new version if you get the chance!

  7. WOW! From the box?!

  8. Just as an FYI from a former Feria fan, the color and shimmer are indeed awesome, but it uses some sort of vegetable-based dye that–after repeated uses–gradually builds up at the (drier and more absorbent) ends of hair, making them very very dark. (Any of the dark brown or dark auburn shades will pretty much build up to almost black at the ends.) I had used it 4 times over the course of a year before needing a special professional processing treatment to remove all the built up dye at the ends of my hair. I had even coated the ends with conditioner to prevent it the last 2 times, but it didn’t work. The last 2-3 inches of my hair had gotten about 3 shades darker than the rest of my hair! So, that’s just something to keep in mind. Even my stylist said it’s a shame this happens because otherwise the Feria dyes look amazing.

  9. Oh man, I wish I could dye my own hair. Red hair is particularly resistant to boxed dyes – last time I had my entire head dyed, it was to cover up some heinous blonde highlights. And the only way to cover it up was to bleach my entire head just a little, then brown it out with dye. I ended up looking bland and boring with flat color.

    Then I grew out my natural color and never touched it again. I’m so jealous that other people can just pick up a box of dye and get a whole new look! JEALOUS.

    If you EVER colored your gorgeous hair, I would MAIM you.

  10. The results were so pretty, but I have found that I cannot “home” color my blonde hair because it ALWAYS takes on a brassy/orangeish root. I have flirted with the idea of trying a major change like going dark, but I am too chicken. I have naturally medium blonde hair and I highlight and lowlight it (at the salon) to make it gorgeous. Although that sets me back $150 or so. Sigh…a $12 dollar box would be nice…Whoorl, try to find a blonde who home dyes her hair with awesome results!!!

  11. lovely! i do think that a darker hair color for holly makes her skin look stunning and her eyes POP out so much!

    sadly i’m a dark dark brunette so i can’t use feria. darn!

  12. Umm, wow. I was preparing during your lead-up to roll my eyes at the after (just b/c every at-home color promises it won’t look like at-home color…), but they look great! My colorist won’t like this development at all.

  13. Wow, so how much did Feria pay you to say all of that?

  14. Could you perhaps do this with glosses?

  15. I love Feria, it’s the the only home coloring brand I use now, and the only one that looks natural. I have used the new conditioner but haven’t noticed much of a difference.

  16. @whoorl (If you EVER colored your gorgeous hair, I would MAIM you.)

    At the risk of bodily injury, I hereby submit my 2002-03 self as your first “what the hell were they thinking?!” column. Ha! You’ve just inspired me to find a before picture and send it to you so that you see the carnage.

  17. I have found that any color, even salon color, will build up and get darker if continuously used all over, the best way to avoid that is to only do the regrowth. they look great! that holly is too cute for words! And Anfrea, GAH, i want her cheekbones!

  18. oops, my bad, Andrea. Sorry Andrea;)

  19. I used Feria once, but was trying to go lighter, and ended up orange. Hmm. Perhaps the darker might be better. It was super cute on Holly! I need to do something, the color I had done at the end of July is fading and is driving me crazy.

  20. How timely, after spending way too much at the salon (but loving it), I’ve decided to at least try the home dye thing. I just did basically what Holly did, but longer with highlights. So maybe this is my answer.

  21. Wow, thanks for saying such nice things about my hair, guys! I’ve got to say, I was really very happy with my color — and it hasn’t faded yet either! I might trying going just a LITTLE bit darker next time (you know, just to keep things interesting!) but will definitely be using this color again sometime. LOVE. Thanks, Whoorl!

  22. I have to say, I’ve used the new line of Feria and I wasn’t happy. :( I’m a not-natural red head and have been dying my hair red on my own for years (going to my stylist for highlights every once in awhile). I decided about a month ago that I wanted to go more RED instead of the auburn I’d been kicking for awhile. I’m impulsive, and was in Target, so I picked up Feria Ruby Rush. Going on it was like pouring red food dye on my hair. Washed out, it was “super hero red” (seriously, I looked like I came straight out of a comic book). At first, I panicked, but then decided that I kind of liked it. However, every time I washed my hair I couldn’t believe the amount of red that came out (even using color-safe shampoo). Five days later it was totally faded back to a “meh” auburn. It was like I hadn’t dyed my hair at all. :( (And I know reds fade fast, but my hair usually does a decent job of retaining them)

    So at least for reds, I’ll stick with Wella, at Sally Beauty. I used Wella to punch up the red and it hasn’t faded at all in the three weeks so far.

  23. I’ve been going to a colorist for years because I started going gray in my late 20’s. How does Feria work at covering grays? I’d like to ditch my $150 appointments but only if it does a good job on the grays!