hair thursday makeover 38


Here’s Nicole.

Nicole’s hair:

Very dark brown with caramel-tone highlights.
Prefers chunky streaks
Oily, thick, with a little bit of frizz
Wants length below the shoulders
Uses Matrix Sleek Look shampoo, conditioner and sealing serum
Ponytails all the time

I think Nicole has very pretty, shiny hair and I empathize with her wanting to keep it longer. SO, I am going to suggest keeping it long and adding more bangs to emphasize her eyes OR growing the bangs out, cutting it shoulder-length and adding more highlights for the summer.

Let’s look at the options.

Option #1 would keep her hair dark, maybe with some subtle highlights for a different look. I really like the piecey bangs, and think they would really emphasize Nicole’s almond-shaped eyes. Now, Option #2 would be a hot look for the summer (yeah, I just said a “hot look for the summer”. What of it?) I think Nicole’s complexion could also withstand a lighter, golden look. Something about #2 just screams summer to me, and the shape of her current bangs would grow out very easily and blend with the style. Plus, she could still pull her hair back. It would be quite a change, but a fun one.

Tell Nicole which one you prefer.



  1. Nicole: You’re GORGEOUS and so is your nice hair!

    I voted for the second one, because change is GREAT and I’m afraid those bangs in the first one would be bad if your hair is oily (and it’s summer! so you’re probably sweating!)

  2. Brittany says:

    I think the second one is great!

  3. i voted for the first one! am shocked that people voted for the second one. nicole wears ponytails all the time! hence the bangs!

    couldn’t she do a lighter highlight and do the bangs? woo.

  4. Wow, you’re gorgeous! I think the second cut would be great, even if you just lightened up some chunks instead of all over. Nice!

  5. Dirty Laundry Diva says:

    I like #1 actually…

  6. sallysitwell says:

    I like number 2. I did a quick Photoshop of the two styles with Nicole’s face and I think the full bangs would be too heavy for her face.

    Also, how much do I love Sandra Bullock? Her hair always looks great.

  7. Lindsay says:

    Wow Nicole — you’re so pretty! I must admit the chunky highlights are not my favorite (screams a few years ago to me), but to each their own, and if you love ’em (as it claims you do?) then by all means. ;)

    But I’m loving choice #2 for you!

  8. miguelina says:

    Nicole! You’re gorgeous! Keep it long!

  9. I like option two because you get to see more of the face.

  10. They both look great but my fave would be Option 2. Pretty!!

  11. I went with #2:

    Thanks all for voting!