hair thursday makeover 22


When I received a Hair Thursday request from my internet soul sister, I must admit to dramatically rolling my eyes alllllll the way to the very back of my eye sockets. C’mon. That hair needs help? The same hair that finally pushed me over the edge into bang territory?



However, I took a step back and reminded myself that even the luckiest bitches (with the SHINIEST HAIR EVER) get tired of their style once in awhile. So, in one of our 26 daily email conversations about lip gloss, I asked Metalia what she was looking for in a hairstyle, to which she replied, “I’m ready for a big change”.

That puts me in a pickle.

Did I mention that Metalia’s pregnant? That she’s getting ready to embark on baby #2 with a toddler thrown in for good measure?

Metalia, I adore you more than Haribo gummi bears, but I just CAN’T advocate a big change right now. First off, you need length for the all-important ponytails! Remember the nights of no sleep? SWEET JEBUS, YOU NEED THE PONYTAIL. (Plus, you possess the best ponytail bangs around. See above.) But most importantly, what about the hormones? I won’t be able to live with myself if you pull a Britney in the wee hours of the morning. Blood on my hands, man.

My official position is that Metalia needs to trim her hair a couple of inches, enjoy the hair vitality that comes with being preggers and we’ll revisit her big change when her precious baby is sleeping through the night.

In the meantime, here are some “big changes” to tide her over.


(Might I say that she ROCKS the Hillary Clinton style.)

Okay, okay. All kidding aside, this would be a great look.


Photo courtesy of Agostini.



  1. That might just be the shiniest hair I’ve ever seen. Can you offer a tutorial on how she gets her bangs to do that?

  2. Awesome!

  3. I think Metalia’s hair rocks just how it is (and I’ve seen it in person, so I KNOW OF WHAT I SPEAK). However, I have to say that if you just chop off that ponytail right at its base (and do whatever other stuff the hair people do to short hair)? You have one seriously adorable and sexy 1960s Mia Farrow/Twiggy short ‘do. I think that would look so cute on her. And don’t new moms love having wash-and-go short hair?

    Just tossing out an alternative viewpoint, in case our Metalia is feeling especially saucy and wants to go for the big change after all. As far as I can tell, she can do no wrong, possibly even including the shaved head look.

  4. I don’t love anything as much as Haribo gummy bears – especially the clear ones that taste like pineapple.. mmmm…

    I might add that while I know nothing about having children and long hair concurrently (or really just having children, I suppose), I do know that Cookie Monster Blue is very attractive and could be a good excuse to consume mass quantities of cookies. Just a thought …

  5. Agreed. Healthiest, shiniest hair ever! Metalia is adorable!

  6. MORE than Haribo gummy bears? I’m honored, yo. And following that line of thinking, let me just say that I love you more than Hot Tamales.

    Also, I never knew that a black allover color with platinum highlights could look so very classy and, well…PERFECT for me. I’m torn between that and the Hilary style. We’ll have much to discuss once this kid comes.

  7. i’d say someday she should chop it all off because it’s super easy to style short hair even with two babies (i am guessing) and it would look superduper adorable on her pretty face. :)

  8. I like the “Anthony Kiedis” on the top row, left side :o) Thanks for the link to her blog, Whoorl…love it! Keep your hair the same, Metalia…Whoorl speaks the truth – long hair comes in hella handy when chasing a toddler and trying to breast feed new baby at the same time :o)

  9. I can’t imagine having a baby and not having the option of the ponytail. Seriously. I got my hair cut to a non-ponytail length in November and I am still adjusting. I’m a single 25 year old and I have all of the time in the world to blowdry and straighten and yet there are mornings where I wake up and long for the ponytail option. I can’t even imagine being sleep deprived.

  10. Those photos are classic Metalia-style! I like the blue Cookie Monster hair.

  11. I chopped off all my hair when I was pregnant. Huge mistake. My hair didn’t behave anything like normal, with all those hormones coursing through me. Plus, my decision-making skills were, um, impaired. Stick it out and it’ll be great again three months post partum.

  12. I think this is my most fave Hair Thursday evah.

    And I am totally with you. DO NOT DRAMATICALLY CHANGE YOUR HAIR WHILE PREGNANT. Have we forgotten PPD?

  13. Definitely wait until after pregnancy!!! Especially once your hair starts falling out afterwards–that’s a good time for a change. Plus, her hair is so beautiful right now, and she looks so cute with the ponytail and bangs. Though I do really like The Rizzo hairdo (far right middle)…;-)

  14. I do think she would rock the day-glo orange ‘do.

  15. gah whoorl you are hilarious. and most definitely give the best hair advice.

  16. I’m going to jump on the “chop it off” band wagon. Of course, I’ll defer to the almighty Whoorl for final style say-so, but I think it could be an easy option, given that it looks like her hair styles itself.

    But, on the “con” side, lotsa ladies opt to chop off their hair after kids and adopt a, well, mom-ish look (sorry mommas with this look!).

    Uh oh, now I’m on the fence. Whateva, she’ll look cute no matter what.

  17. Totally agree: no big hair changes while pregnant. The FEELING is that losing some hair will make you look less big and pregnant, but all it actually does is make your body look bigger in comparison to your head.

  18. The blue is very Perez Hilton. Hmm….I totally wonder how would Metalia feel about channeling a blue-haired blogger that draws penises on celebrities??

  19. i agree with lawyerish: at first i didn’t even see the ponytail, and just thought that metalia had a seriously rocking super-short do. and i thought it looked AMAZING that way. however, i’ve never been pregnant, and all the experienced folk here seem to think it’s a good idea to NO TOUCHY. but.. just in case :-)

  20. question: Why do you all get to have daily lip gloss emails and I’m only included in the ones about Eric O. Jones (The O is for Oprah. She’s his idol)? I see how it is.

  21. I agree that M could totally rock pretty much any style. I personally think she should go with The Bright Orange One. Awesome.


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