Guitar Hero


Last week, I changed my New Year’s resolution. I originally wanted to start crocheting so I could make hats like this, but I just couldn’t get myself super excited at the prospect. (Maybe because I can BUY them with one lazy click of my mouse!) (Wait, I don’t have a mouse. Whatever, look at how cute Wito looks!)

I still wanted to do something with my hands, in order to help pull me away from my computer. (Internet BAD, Music GOOD!) So, I decided to learn to play the guitar.

Now, I’m not a total stranger to musical instruments, as I kicked SOME TRI-STATE ASS with my clarinet as a young lady.


Jealous much? 9 years old under the influence of something. (Most likely, Benny Goodman.)

I also started flute lessons in my late twenties, and let me tell you, there is nothing more humbling than showing up in your $500 J. Crew suit after selling a trillion dollars worth of pharmaceuticals that day, only to be sandwiched in between two eight-year-olds with braces. (Keep rocking the flute, Brittany and Jessica! Drugs BAD, Music GOOD!)

However, I have absolutely NO experience with string instruments. But I’m ready! Bring on the blistered fingers and utter frustration!

(I am hoping that having an extremely gifted guitarist as a father might give me an edge. GENES, DON’T FAIL ME NOW.)

To put it simply, I love music. My family loves music, and Wito LOVES music. In fact, he experienced his first jam with my father over the holidays.

Jam from whoorl on Vimeo.

The kid has an affinity for Hammond organs, no?

After much discussion and searching with my father (who will now be called GURU Stu Tu), my first guitar arrived today.


Isn’t he handsome?

So, I’m asking the internet a favor. Check in on my progress once in awhile. Keep me in line. Hold me accountable. And especially, expect a nothing short of a fabulous recital next December when I participate in Neil’s 3rd Annual Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert. I guess I better start practicing.

WAIT! What should I name him? (He was made in Spain, maybe something Spanish?) Oh help me, wise friends.



  1. Yay for learning the guitar! I’ve been trying to teach myself for the past 5ish years – don’t let that crush your dreams. I have zero musical experience (other than loving music and being able to recognize a song within the first 3 seconds) and my family is not musically inclined either. Oh and I seriously lack in the discipline department.

    All that to say – best of luck :)

  2. Congratulations on your guitar!

    I vote for Paco. When I lived in Spain every flamenco Guitar player was named Paco.

  3. Your guitar sooooo looks like a Ramòn! ;)

  4. since i am hooked on rodrigo y gabriela’s music right now (listen to it! it’s inspiring to a budding musician) i vote for naming your guitar “rodrigo.”

    i love how you’re playing your flute outside while posing for a picture with your friend just standing next to you. classic.

  5. 1) Next time you come to OKC bring that baby with you

    2) Next time *I* go tot OKC I might bypass Susan’s and hang out with your dad

    but shh…don’t tell her. ;-)

  6. I vote for “Jefe,” Spanish for boss. It was the nickname of my college roommate’s boyfriend, and I’ve always loved it.

  7. Very cool. I picked up the guitar a few years ago and love, love, love it. Good luck in your lessons.

    Wow, went with a cheap one, huh? ;) Ha, well I think maybe an expensive sounding name might be good, like Fabio or Manuel.

  8. DUDES, I love the names already. I think I’m going to have to do a Top 5 poll tomorrow.

  9. I vote for Alejandro! It’s fun to say. And I think J. Crew still carries that belt you’re wearing in your little kid picture. :)

    (Also? I thought this post was actually going to BE about Guitar Hero, and then I was going to share with you an interesting tidbit l recently learned about Gossip Girl. Namely, the scene in the episode where Serena totally kicks ass at Guitar Hero was built into the show specifically because she’s amazing at it in real life. But that’s NOT what the post is about, so I won’t scare you with my crazy Gossip Girl trivia. Because that would just be weird.)

  10. Filtering Life says:

    I too got excited that you were actually talking about THEE Guitar Hero. I personally hate video games, but when I got my fingers on those sweet colored squares and started clicking away…I had dreams of thrashing on stage. I recommend you give it a spin to get you psyched for the real thing.

    I have two suggestions. The question is…what kind of music are you looking to play? Sexy sexy guitar playing….then I say go with Esteban. When you say it, you can make it all breathy and hot. If you plan on being the next Rosie Thomas folk artist…then I would go with Arturo. I’m just sayin. The name has to fit the style of music you plan on rocking.

  11. Good luck! I will be cheering you on. I have always wanted to play the guitar, but never got further than fellow camp counselors showing me a couple of chords.

  12. He is beautiful…I’m leaning towards Ramon, too. I just bought my husband a new guitar and he’s letting me do the naming honors. I haven’t come up with anything yet…so much pressure!

  13. Ok. I am loving the name Rodrigo! haha! Definitely Rodrigo.

    The jam session is so dang cute. Oh and I love your belt… I swear I had the exact same one.

  14. That guitar is just beautiful! I second the vote for Alejandro. Apparently, Alejandro means “defends mankind” so it’s like your guitar is a Superhero!

    Having played both flute and guitar for many years, I can attest that guitar’s much easier to pick up. You’re gonna have so much fun!

  15. bishOp stu tu says:

    whOOrl gOOrl…

    Itsa’ GAS!!! pickin and a grinnin.

    my nom nomination….DJANGO….the ULTIMATE guitar herO.


    At the age of 18 Reinhardt was injured in a fire that ravaged the caravan he shared with Bella, his first wife. They were very poor, and to supplement their income Bella made imitation flowers out of celluloid and paper. Consequently, their home was full of this highly flammable material. Returning from a performance late one night, Django apparently knocked over a candle on his way to bed. While his family and neighbors were quick to pull him to safety, he received first- and second-degree burns over half his body. His right leg was paralyzed and the fourth and fifth fingers of his left hand were badly burnt. Doctors believed that he would never play guitar again and intended to amputate the leg. Reinhardt refused to have the surgery and left the hospital after a short time; he was able to walk within a year with the aid of a cane.

    His brother Joseph Reinhardt, an accomplished guitarist himself, bought Django a new guitar. With painful rehabilitation and practice Django relearned his craft in a completely new way, even as his third and fourth fingers remained partially paralyzed. Hence, he used to play solos with only two fingers, and managed to use the two injured ones for some chords.


    give me an E….yo dad

  16. Pablo. I love the name anyway, and it fits. Pablo! Pablo the Spanish Guitar! AYE, PABLO.

    Although I am also slightly in love with Metalia’s Alejandro.

  17. Ramon. He will strum your heart strings as you coax him to sing the music of your soul.

    Roll your R’s, ladies. RRRRRRRRRRRamon. ;)

  18. Santos comes to mind when I see your guitar, not sure why?

    I have always wanted to play, but Hubby plays so well, that I would not be able to compare, so for now I will stick with the cello. Less portable and less solo songs, but it is music ;).

  19. I am definitely leaning toward Ramon or Rodrigo. Can’t wait to hear the decision. The video jam session is great–Charlie gets to have jam sessions with his Aunt Magoo and totally rocks the piano these days. If only I could play as well as he does…

  20. wow, i admire you! i was a music freak in school, so i have instrumental experience, but when i tried to learn a few years ago, i gave up in frustration. HEY…i still have my guitar in my closet all sad-like, maybe i should pull it out and try again. hmmm…

    regarding said naming situation, might i suggest Hernando Whoorlata Domingo?

  21. How did you decide which guitar to buy? Care to tell us where you got it?

    Also, I would have named the guitar a female name – the curves, baby. So… Gabriela (long a) or Margarita or something.

    My resident expert father picked it out – he thought a classical would be easier to learn on due to the nylon strings (opposed to steel-string acoustics). I got it from a place out here.

  22. Your new found (Spanish!) resolution has made me remember that I have been wanting to play for ages. I have a guitar, I have a husband who is amazing at playing guitar (used to be in a band, went to Nashville, New York, California and played, etc), and yet I don’t know how to play anything beyond the opening riff of “Smoke on the Water.”
    Sad, that.

    Happy! riffing.

    As for names, I vote for Alejandro. Or Pedro. Or Emilio.

  23. I Think u should name it G. Lo (Guitar lo).. you know like jennifer lopez(J.Lo).. Because it looks like her..hahaha

  24. good luck whoorl, i too am pursuing guitar lessons. here’s to inevitable frustration and a bottle of wine after lessons!

  25. I am liking Ramon, but I am thinking Pablo or Santiago.

  26. I am so proud of you! And excited FOR you. I have a guitar…that I can barely play. My rock star brother-in-law is “taking care of it” for me.

    One day I’d like to try again. Good for you for doing it.

    I LOVE the names above, and look forward to the poll.

    And also? To seeing you rock out on that thing.

  27. Michelle in Cincinnati says:

    How about “El Guapo”…..Jam session was too cute with Wito, The Bishop, and I think your hubby playing the “high notes” :o)

  28. you need a name that has an Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in it. So you can be all sexy when you say, “I’m going to play you now, Rodrrrrrrrrrrrrrigo.”

    I also vote for Alejandro. Or Carmencita! Which is showing up as a boy name but sounds girly to me. But means vineyard! Maybe Chiquita? Or maybe Diego?

    you know there was this really hot guy who lived in my dorm in college and his name was Estevan. That’s a pretty hot name.

  29. side note. serena kicks ass at guitar hero in real life? who knew! did you know that she’s the youngest of the lively family – namely the sister of the girl from teen witch! i just had to share after i saw metalia’s comment.

  30. The only options (obviously – snort) are Julio (in honor of Julio Iglaesias) or Carlos (in honor of the great Santana). Anything with a rollable R or a silent J is money.

  31. Man, Ramon is hard to beat.

    I am, however, leaning towards a first, middle and last name. You know, when I’m super pissed and feel the need to really get my aggression out.

  32. I don’t know… maybe Rodrigo?

  33. Please warn your dad that I may start showing up at his house for cocktail hour every once in a while. Since I know where it is and all.

  34. How about Ramon (seems to be a favorite) Javier (after that muy guapo Spanish actor Javier Bardem) Django (you gotta pay homage to Dad somewhere in the name)?

    Ramon Javier Django.

  35. Don Quixote — Because you have your own “Impossible Dream.”

    From Man of La Mancha:

    To dream … the impossible dream …
    To fight … the unbeatable foe …
    To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
    To run … where the brave dare not go …
    To right … the unrightable wrong …
    To love … pure and chaste from afar …
    To try … when your arms are too weary …
    To reach … the unreachable star …

  36. i am partial to Guillermo.
    what a gorgeous, sexy beast he is!
    have fun!

  37. nice new hobby! cant wait to hear the name…of said guitar YOU are a HERO!!! ;) looking forward to the concert in december…YOU will be a smashing hit!

  38. My suggestions: Esteban, Javi (short for Javier – the hottest Spanish man I met while living in Spain), or perhaps Angel?

  39. i vote for julio – only because i dated one in college.

    don’t ask.

    or fernando – “and his name was FERNANDO…” didn’t i sing this to you in a waiting room once?

  40. you should name him dominic. i have spanish cousin’s, and one of their names is dominic, and boy is he a dream.

  41. Oh Ramon – said in that oh so Spanish way would be devine, I tell you! I love everyone’s ideas! And this boy needs many a middle name, I believe.

    You rock out Whoorl! I took up cross stitch – a much less sexy hobby – but since I know how to play the guitar, piano, and knit – I wanted something that would produce immediate results. I am an impatient gal.

    Oh Ramon! I can’t wait to see some videos of you and your mama rockin’ out!

  42. Hey, is that Wito’s beer on top of the organ? Cute video of the jam session. Good luck with guitar lessons. For some reason I feel like I’m too old to learn something new.

  43. OH PLEASE PAULO!!! I’ve always loved the name Paulo. It brings to mind a sexy man sweeping me off my feet and the only words I can muster are a whispered “Oh, Paulo.”

    Wow, that’s like the picture on the front of a bad romance novel. (“El Mariachi de Amor”???) Only now he’s got a very handsome guitar slung over his shoulder.

    Anyway, I vote for Paulo Ramon Guapito de la Guitarra.

  44. I, too, am a little disappointed that this isn’t about Guitar Hero. After playing classical guitar for 4 years in high school and being able to play some fantastic South American music, nothing makes me feel quite as bad ass as a little Guitar Hero. We have regular duels in our house….

    My choice for the name:

    Ramon Jesus Del Toro

  45. He looks like Raúl, to me…Raúl Antonio Sanchez

    By the way, Here’s an example of flute AND drugs (methamphetamines, of some sort, I’m guessing).

    Good luck! Can’t wait to hear your rendition of ‘Romanza’.

  46. Ok I need to stop – I’m making lists of names for your guitar now. Here goes:

    ramon carlos cristobal!

    ramon carlos esteban

    ramon alejandro diego

    ramon gabriel consuelo

    Lulu, you are SO close!

  47. I have only one name for you…
    Let it be…

  48. b/c i am your latina relative let me help you out…… i think it should have a girls name!
    if you need more just let me know, b/c w/ that pretty wood you need something bonita!

    No, it’s definitely a boy. (Although, it IS acting like a little bitch right now.)

  49. I’m leaning towards Jesus or Jorge. Possibly Taco.

  50. I’ve always wanted to play an instrument and failed drastically in each try. Good for you for taking this on!

    On the name, hmmm, what about Roberto? Or Gustavo? There’s always Antonio, but that seems a little too used, no?

    My husband suggested Gustavo too. :)

  51. Natalie 42 says:

    If only I would play guitar again.

    His name should be Eduardo. Just try to find a better name than Eduardo. Eh-DWAR-doooow, I love Eh-DWAR-dooow. Yeah, nice isn’t it?

  52. Rafael…

    This my guitar, Rafael…Yeah, it fits.

  53. well I always wanted to name a dog Javier but I guess you can have it for your pretty little gee-tar instead.

  54. wow, I’m loving all the names (especially Ramon Jesus Del Toro!!), but I’m mainly stuck on that badass picture of you age 9. You know I remember those days!!!!! Mr. Rogers, baby!!

  55. That guitar is a beauty! I played clarinet too, then the sax to feel cooler then I quit it all! The banjo is a love of mine though…some day!

    Names hmmm, Ramon is quite nice. Django to honor your father and Whoorlito because well you know.
    Ramon Django Whoorlito? or
    Ramon Django Consuelos
    Ramon Django Santiago

    Good luck!

  56. Raoul, the Six-Stringed Lover.

  57. He looks like a Felipe Esteban Pepito to me.

  58. Congrats, baby! That looks fun. Juan Pablo Valdez!

  59. Paco or Guillermo…but I favor Paco. Every Paco I have ever known has been short, but perfectly formed.

  60. Rodrigo for sho!!

    i saw ‘guitar hero’ in the subject line and almost had a heart attack- as in “OMG there is someone else out there as addicted to that stupid game like me?” but no . sigh. but boy can i kick some ass on Social Distortion’s Story of my life. i rock! and you shall too if you practice with rodrigo.

  61. I vote for Banderas–he’s Spanish, you know. I wish you well on learning the guitar. Looks like a beautiful instrument, and you do have Daddy for consultations. I’ve never played wind instruments (unless recorder counts), and I think it’s much harder to play clarinet than guitar.

  62. I vote Pedro!

  63. Humberto! Or Javier.

    Humberto Javier Fernandez!

    Am I too late for suggestions?

  64. Damn, everyone else trumped me bad. I like Pedro and Don Quixote!

    And that is one hot guitar!