hair thursday makeover 8


Get ready for Hair Thursday: Paraphrase City. I didn’t allocate as much time as I needed this week for HT due to the blog explosion, but I still included the good stuff.

And let’s face it, do you REALLY want to read my blabbity hair blabbing all day long?

That’s what I thought.



I want Catherine to be blonder, but I love her length. She has very pretty hair, that Catherine.


Love the cut in Option #1, love the color in Option #2. (Actually, I love the color in both. Just depends on how far she wants to take it.)

What do you think?

Heeeeerreeee’s Megan!


Megan looks like she might be a little scared of Hair Thursdays.

Never fear, Megan! These styles are as harmless as raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.


Megan’s already a flat iron pro; she’ll have no problem pulling these looks off.

You’re turn.

I won’t be around to moderate the comments today, but I’m sure these ladies would love to hear your suggestions!

(Considering I clearly dropped the commentary ball.)

(Catherine and Megan, feel free to email me if you want more details. Promise?)



  1. Whoorl, you have great hair instincts.

    #1 and…

  2. Yeah, I look a little…terrified. Actually, it just took me several attempts to get a decent picture of my head. After looking at some of those up close, I was a little terrified of my skin…

    So- who is the lady in photo number 1? So I can maybe find more pictures of her hair? I love the 2nd one, but bangs make me nervous. Last time I had them I looked about 12. And everyone said, “I liked your hair better before.”

    Question 2: if I were to suck it up and brave the bangs, how do I ask for them so I don’t end up with weird blunt cut heavy things that start halfway back on my head? Like last time?

  3. Megan, I think telling your stylist exactly that would be a good start: “Last time I had bangs I ended up with these weird blunt-cut heavy things that started halfway back on my head and I DO NOT WANT that again.”

    I am sure Whoorl could tell you the magic words to say. She seems to speak fluent Hairstylist.

  4. catherine has nice locks! I think a side part and a little bang would be super hot.

    megan could do either style well but I think I like number 1 better because it wouldn’t hide her face and isnt too much bangy bang.

  5. For Catherine, I love Option #1 with the side-swept bang, but would rather see her with a red haircolor just a few shades brighter than her current color. She has great coloring for a redhead!

    For Megan, Option #1 is very sophisticated and sleek. Her current dark hair color would look great with this cut!

    Can’t wait to see what they select!

  6. so my fancy lady hair stylist said the other day when i was getting my locks trimmed, that very few people can truly pull off a middle part. she said that it can make your nose look bigger than it really is. with taht being said, i vote for #1 for catherine – i love the side swept bang. i really do. otherwise she was super nice looking hair! i also like the color in #1 b/c the girl has more pinky tones that seem to match better to catherine’s skin.

    for megan, i feel like #2 is going to be tough to maintain.

  7. I’m glad Megan asked first! WHO IS that girl in #1? I love that hairstyle. It’s not too blunt or too short or crazy. I want it too!

  8. I’m an idiot. I would actually like to know who Option #1 is for Catherine.

    Love the short hair, but it doesn’t love me.

  9. catherine says:

    I do usually side part; that picture was after a professional blow-out where he parted me in the middle for some unknown reason. I have definitely been thinking about adding color so I guess it’s time to take the plunge. I have colored both blonder and redder before, but weaned myself off it when I moved to NYC three years ago because it was sooo much more expensive for color here than in my previous hometown. I think I can committ to it again, as long as it’s not something where I need a touch-up every four weeks.

    So, I have a question about product. I can recreate the smooth professional blow-out look at home, but I can’t get it to last. I’ve tried products from Phyto, Bumble&Bumble, Aveda, Kiehl’s, and various drugstore brands. Right now I’m using and Aveda smoothing fluid and Fekkai glossing spray, but it’s not really working for me. The best thing I ever used was a Kiehl’s Shine & Lite Groom, which they discontinued (sob!).

  10. yes, the girl in #1, but she has boobies from here to, uh, somewhere. Tired. Sorry.

  11. I lurve hair thursdays! Between you and Greys Anatomy my life Thursdays are my favorite day of the week. And you think I’m joking…

  12. The Girl in #1 that people ask about looks like Rachel Stevens, who used to be in a really bad british pop band (S Club 7). And yes I´m totally ashamed that I know this (if it´s really her).

  13. i figured it out! i did a little detective work to figure out girl #1 for catherine. i used the background of the photo to locate the actress.

    it is jennifer finnigan

  14. I really like option 1 for Megan… who is the girl in that picture? I’m thinking of asking my stylist if I can get that!

  15. Where do you happen to find all these hair photos? When I want to find photos of new hairstyles (usually celebs, of course) I go on a fruitless google search, which sometimes comes up with topless photos of Jennifer Aniston.

    This is not so good when you are at work.

  16. Hi Whoorl
    I am a bit of a newby to your site. Stumbled on you through Brenda and am fastly getting hooked….is fastly even a word?
    Anyway, kinda wish I had gotten in on this ‘hair Thursday’ thing, but it is a little late. However, I did get a new do yesterday, and posted about it, I think you would be proud.
    Great bog!
    Will be back!

  17. excellent calls on both options for both ladies!

    with megan’s skintone, i think she would look awesome in a lightened/highlighted bob/a-line!!! t

  18. I second (or third? fourth?) the request on who Megan’s Option #1 person is. What a babe.

    Additionally, I second the whole “where in the world do you find these photos?” question. I’ve also been the victim of many jennifer aniston google spit-ups.

  19. I just made an appointment to get my hair done option one megan style- so I guess you can bet where my vote is for that one ;)