She’s One!


Curious. Deft. Fearless. People watcher. Feisty. Independent. Water baby. Physically strong. Determined. Quick on the draw.

Wita celebrated her first birthday last week, and I’m in shock over how fast her first year flew past us. Where did it go? Who is this toddler (almost) standing in front of me? Sloooow down, time! (Although, you can speed up a little until we get to the part where Wita learns how to drink from a straw sippy cup, because JAYSUS. Remember what happened when I tried to teach Wito?)

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this little gem.

Happy Birthday to my marvelous little girl. Cheers to one year old!



  1. Happy, happy birthday to the both of you. Give her a big hug from me. :)

  2. She is a beautiful baby and I’m sure she will grow into a wonderful human being in such a lovely family. Yeah Wita!

  3. I am not even going to tell you how old Sam was when he finally figured out straws.

  4. P.S. Happy Birthday Wita!

  5. Kristin says:

    Adorable! Happy Birthday, Wita! (The straw story is pretty funny!)

  6. A gem, indeed! Love the balloon photos. So presh.

    Happy 1st birthday, Wita!

  7. I hope she had a great birthday! For the sippy cup, try using an slushie or some kind of frozen juice; that way, you can suck it to the top of the straw and it’ll stay there. She’ll be able to taste whatever’s in the cup right away, so she’ll probably automatically start sucking in order to get some more.

  8. She’s one beautiful birthday girl. Hugs and kisses to her…and to you!

  9. Happy birthday Wita! Where did the time go??

  10. Claudia says:

    Happy Birthday Wita!!! Keep your mommy on her toes, baby girl!

  11. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can remember when you had her, right after I had my girl. I can’t believe they’re ONE!

  12. HOW has it been a year already? happy birthday!!!

  13. Aww she is so cute. precious!

  14. Hey I’m not sure if you’ve seen these:

    You can squeeze the bottom and the fluid comes up… it worked like magic for our 10 month old!

    Good luck!