Beach Bag Winners, Summer Colds, Oklahoma and a Drunk Candy Man


1. The two winners of the Clava Wellie Tote are Lacey and Kate!

Congratulations, ladies. I’ll be in touch shortly.

2. Wita has caught a very untimely cold which has turned her into a very rude person. In fact, I almost caught myself calling her an asshole yesterday. Take the cold, throw in a dash of cranky/clingy 12-month developmental spurt and let’s just say we are less than thrilled to get on a plane with her tomorrow morning.

3. The aforementioned plane will be taking us to Oklahoma for the next week, where we will be celebrating Wita’s 1st birthday. Yes, WITA IS ONE YEAR OLD. Look at her!

Wita: Before the Asshole Cold.

How did this happen? I just had her! I’m a little sad about this, y’all.

4. Since I’ll be in Oklahoma for the week, I’m trying to pitch a new Candy Man video idea to my father, entitled Candy Man’s Drunk Kitchen. (How much do I love Harto? I think I’ve watched Episode #3 1,457 times.) He’s not buying it. We’ll see how it goes. Any Candy Man requests?




  1. I can’t believe she is 1 already! She’s gets more adorable with every passing day. (I can say that since I do not have to be subjected to her asshole cold.) ;-)

  2. Oh Wita you are a sight for sore eyes, you make my complete fall apart day so much better – Happy FIRST Birthday! Wheeeee!

    safe travels momma.

  3. Danielle (elleinadspir) says:

    Pack light, it’s in the 100s and brutal.

  4. am'ti b says:

    new whoorl font, i like.

  5. The key to good Mexican food is a shit ton of lime -Harto

  6. happy trails…they always fall ill before travel. Rewrite – they always fall ill.

  7. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday Wita!

    And I’m so glad you are blogging more here at Whoorl (dot) com. :)

  8. Kathleen @ Sugar and Spice says:

    I LURVE the Drunk Kitchen! Terrific stuff. “The best rice ever, and I am not being raacist” – I confess I pee’d a little while snorting with laughter.

    Happy Birthday Wita and Momma and the Mister. Have a fabulous time in Oklahoma.

    Don’t take any wooden nickels now, ya hear.

  9. I might even pay money to see that. I’ve only seen the video once, but I I kinda love your dad =).

  10. Hope Wita is feeling better! She is absolutely beautiful.
    My Drunk Kitchen cracked me up! Hysterical. :-)

  11. Chelsey says:

    Hey, that’s MY Crest in the video! Love it.

    I predict you all got cranky when you realized it was 120 in Oklahoma. At 10 p.m.

  12. She is lovely. Hope she has a great birthday.

  13. Which Kate was it that won? I think that may have been my comment, but I’m not sure, and I haven’t seen an email from you…just want to be sure if it is me I didn’t miss it (and I really hope it’s me!) Thanks!