My Beach Bag (+ Clava Giveaway!)


Allow me to introduce my beach bag.

I guess I should really call it my beach/pool/park/outdoor activity bag since it’s used all the time in all of those places. Roomy enough to fit everything you need, but not too bulky to schlep around, this bad boy is my warm weather fave, and I’ve used it like crazy on our recent jaunts to Palm Springs.

Incoming Palm Springs photo onslaught!

I’m slightly enamored with the Wellie Travel Tote for many reasons, but let’s get real, OF COURSE I love it. It’s navy and white striped! (We all remember my fondness for stripes, right?) However, if you aren’t a fan of stripes, the Wellie Tote comes in two great metallics, gold and silver.


My friends at Clava have graciously offered a Wellie Tote for two lucky whoorl readers! Leave a comment on this post telling me which Wellie Tote color you prefer, and you will be entered to win a Wellie Tote of your color choice. Contest ends Friday, June 17th at 6pm PST. Good luck!

UPDATE: Here are some answers to your questions in the comments. The striped dress is from Madewell, the straw sun hat is from Forever 21 (it was around 10 bucks!), and the photos were taken with my iPhone using Instagram.



  1. I love the navy stripes! I could totally see myself working that gold one too though, adorable!

  2. Navy & white…LOVE!!!
    Amy Smith recently posted…The One Who Has Fought For Me

  3. Stipes! I too have a crazy love for navy stripes.

  4. My favorite is the navy and white striped! Too cute :)

  5. I love the navy & white stripes! What a perfect summer bag!

  6. Definitely the stripes.

    (I may have a slight addiction to stripes as well.)

    …very cute pictures =).
    Torrie @ a place to share… recently posted…Firm affirmations- &amp a loose plan

  7. Cristina says:


  8. I really could go either way!! Stripes are too cute but I could love on the gold too!

  9. I love the navy and white stripes as well! Looks like that’s a popular one. I also like the silver one!

  10. For sailing Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard (my summer vacation!), navy and white stripes are the way to go, if not expected. But that gold one would be ohsoperfect if I were to be on a yacht off of St. Tropez.

  11. I like them all. :)

    I’ve been on a big gold kick lately, though, so my vote is for gold!

  12. Love the stripes!

  13. Navy & white- they just scream SUMMER!
    Mary recently posted…365 Days of Goober

  14. I vote gold. Gold is so summery and warm.

  15. jen vonR says:

    I would work that silver one.

  16. LOVE the gold one!

  17. Of course I want the striped one :)

  18. Kate Robinson says:


  19. They’re all so pretty but I’m going to have to vote silver.

  20. Christine says:

    Your striped one is so cute!

  21. Definitely the stripes!

  22. I would have to follow in your footsteps and get the navy striped – it’s just too cute!

  23. Laura in LA says:

    I would choose the silver……so there is plenty of gold and stripes for you!

  24. Love the gold for a day at Lake Michigan! I suspect it could also double as a gym bag! Love this.

  25. Caroline says:

    The stripes are picture perfect.

  26. Cori Gummelt says:

    I’m a sucker for stripes!

  27. Danielle (elleinadspir) says:

    I think I’d go stripes. I have a big silver bag already that I love…and I’m not sure gold works for me. But stripes….bring it on. I’d carry that bad boy everywhere.
    Danielle (elleinadspir) recently posted…Shes changing her name from Kitty to Karen

  28. Stripes!!!

    And those ducks in the last picture are hysterical – what with the poofs – are they using a “bump-it”?

  29. I love the navy and white stripe! Plus, I’d add my initials.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  30. I love the stripes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Definitely the stripes!

  32. Great pictures!! Tough choice, but I think I’d go with the gold!

  33. Love the stripes!

  34. I love the stripes!!!

  35. Those stripes are sharp and fun! Love them!

  36. Sweetest family ever. That close-up photo of your daughter made me swoon like woah. So adorable.

    The striped version of the bag is my favorite. However, if the choice is just between the silver or gold, I prefer the silver bag. Shiny! Pretty!
    wishcake recently posted…on a bit of greenery

  37. love the navy & white stripes! What a great bag!!

  38. I love the gold!

  39. The striped bag!

  40. I love the stripes- its a great size!

  41. um, gold obviously!

    I have a ginormous Land’s End tote that is considerably less cool – but it carries EVERYTHING for a full beach day for all four of us.

  42. Stripes for sure!

  43. Wendi M. says:

    Stripes!! It’s nautical?

  44. Oh I love the gold one!

  45. Kristin B says:

    Oh I love the stripes!!!

  46. I love all three! If I had to choose though I would probably choose gold, although the stripes are a close second!

  47. LOVE the striped one!

  48. oh, I love them all. I think silver would be perfect!

  49. Laura K. says:


    Also – can you share your picture secrets with us? Are you taking these on your phone with hipstamatic? How do you get those cool vintage borders on them? Beautiful!

  50. Rachel C says:

    Oh no. This is a hard decision. I guess I’d go with the silver.

  51. Tiffanie says:

    Silver! Love your pictures!

  52. The stripes of course! And I am LOVING your striped dress!! L.O.V.E. I tell you.

  53. Stripes fo’ sho’! I also like the silver one.

  54. I love it! Stripes, hands-down.

  55. stripes!!

  56. As fond as I am of stripes and navy…I would go with the gold this time.

  57. STRIPES…all the way!

  58. I totally dig the stripes, but I’d love the gold as a new purse/diaper bag/toy box.

  59. Love the stripes!!!

  60. Love the stripes! So perfect for summer.

  61. I am a fan of the Navy and White! Although I hear gold goes with everything!
    Jessica recently posted…Market Bags

  62. I’m torn, I like the gold, but I think the stripes will get more miles with me. Great giveaway!

  63. Oh, strips for sure. So cute!

  64. Ooooh, silver!

  65. Oh I’m definitely on your stripes train!

  66. I’m a stripes girl too. Love it!!!

  67. Great pics. I love the stripes.

  68. Silver! Love, LOVE, LOOOOOOOOVE the silver. I want to take it to the beach, RIGHT NOW. :)

  69. I love the stripes!!

  70. Ohhhhhhh…I love the stripes, too!

  71. the navy and white is so fresh!
    Andrea recently posted…Honey- please

  72. I LOVE the stripes!! Perfect beach bag!

  73. Oh my goodness–the gold one is just gorgeous. Love!

  74. loveeeeeeeee the striped one for sure!
    Jessica recently posted…Happy Thanksgiving!

  75. The silver one speaks to me!

  76. danielle says:

    Stripes Please!!

  77. I’m with you–navy and white stripes!

  78. Christy M says:

    My favorite is the Sliver, but the navy/white stripe would match our beach towels!

  79. I like the navy and white stripe….what a perfect 30th birthday present it would be!

  80. Stripes!!!! So cute and summery!

  81. Navy and white please! So cute. Love all of your pictures.

  82. navy and white please!

  83. I love the stripes on your dress as well as the bag! Can you please tell us who the maker of the dress is too??

  84. AlieMalie says:

    those are super cute! definitely go with the gold!

  85. STRIPES!!! Love the stripes!

  86. Silver, silver, I love silver!

  87. Love, love love the navy stripes!

    And I love your Palm springs pics too, what a good-looking fam you have

  88. I love the stripes!

  89. I love the navy and white stripes!

  90. I love the silver!

  91. Christine says:


  92. I’m with you – I like the navy and white stripes!

  93. I don’t know if I can choose between the gold and the silver, but I guess I’d have to if I win. Oh, please let me have to make that decision!

  94. They are all amazing, but I LOVE the stripes!

  95. Definitely the stripes!
    Nita recently posted…Dear Cow at Daycare

  96. Love the striped one! What a great bag!

  97. Definitely the stripes here too!

  98. I love navy & I love stripes! Is there really any other choice but the stripped one?
    Joanna recently posted…A glimpse into my life

  99. Love the stripes! That bag just screams lets go have some fun. Perfect for lake and beach trips!

  100. I LOVE the navy and white stripes!

  101. I adore the navy stripes…something about that sailor look I just love! :)
    Shelly recently posted…Weekend Away

  102. Stripes! Stripes! Stripes! It is so me!!!

  103. I love the stripes! Totally gives me a summer feel!
    Amrie recently posted…First Look at the COVERT AFFAIRS S2 Premiere

  104. Love the pictures! And, I have to agree with you on the stripes!

  105. Oh, navy stripes! Navy striiiiipes!!!
    Lawyerish recently posted…Lived to Tell

  106. Ooooo – love the silver bag!

  107. Ohh, I like the gold one best!!

  108. Livlaugheat says:

    Definitely the stripes!

  109. Love the silver one!
    Danielle recently posted…Are You Ready to Declare Your Independence

  110. The navy and white one is adorable!
    Jessie recently posted…Yelling was a definite theme of the evening

  111. I love the stripes!

  112. STRIPES! I am also a wee bit obsessed. :)
    Becky recently posted…Samuel- 27 Months

  113. I love the navy & white stripes
    Christy recently posted…Lilyisms

  114. The gold. Or the navy stripe. I’m torn!

  115. Love, love the navy and white stripes!!

  116. I am a stripe girl!

  117. Could you please, please, pretty please share where you got your hat? Love your blog!

  118. me

  119. Stripes for sure!!

  120. Definitely stripes! Thanks!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Best Things of the Week!

  121. I love the navy stripes!


  122. Claudia D says:

    The silver one and the stripped one rock! If I had to choose, I would go stripes….love navy and white for the summer.

  123. No question, I’m a sucker for stripes. :)

  124. I like the metallic bags, but I LOVE the navy and white striped bag and would definitely choose that one! So fun!
    whitlav at gmail dot com
    Whitney recently posted…luckystars54- @kzarr I know- its scary hot out there- Ive been taking the kids out in the mornings and finding indoor activities for the afternoon

  125. what fun palm springs photos! i’d definitely go with stripes. although, if you do stripes bag, can you wear stripes? a stripes conundrum.
    kat recently posted…when you live in the ‘burbs and commute into sf this is

  126. I am a huge fan of stripes, so I would love the navy and white stripes one!
    Chris from Palm Desert
    ChrisB recently posted…FourtyFour

  127. Whitney says:

    Love the silver one!!!

  128. I, too, am in love with all things striped, so it would be navy and white for me. Thanks for the chance!

  129. The navy stripes! Wooo!

    samanthajocampen at gmail
    samantha Jo Campen recently posted…I don’t like sand but for this I’d make an exception

  130. I love all your photos! And I dig the navy striped bag!

  131. Stripes, please!!

  132. I LOVE the stripes!

    I also love Wito’s pink polo–too cute!!

  133. Jillian says:

    I love the striped bag!

  134. Emily B says:

    Definitely the navy and white stripes.

  135. Stripes pretty please!

  136. Oooh, I love the stripes – but I also love metallic!

  137. Laura K says:

    Loving the stripes!

  138. I’m a stripes girl, myself. ;)
    Angella recently posted…Beautiful Butterflies

  139. Gold please ma’am!

  140. sheila d piper says:

    I am going to the beach for the first time ever in July, so the stripes would be a great win to have for the beach.

  141. love love love the stripes!

  142. The stripes, obviously.
    Janssen recently posted…Ill Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan

  143. The stripes are darling. Also: I wish I had a reason to own a pool bag.

  144. Melissa says:

    Silver, silver, calling my name!

  145. stripes for sure..

  146. Love the stripes.

  147. I might go rogue and say GOLD.

  148. navy & white stripes, definitely.

  149. Being a stripe-aholic myself, I’d go for the navy and white one as well!
    Mia recently posted…Seriously These women are real They all look like mannequins

  150. stripes or sliver!

  151. Jennifer says:

    Navy and white stripes all the way. Gorgeous!

  152. This could be IT! The perfect tote! I’ll take mine in gold.

  153. I love the navy stripes, too!
    Barb @ getupandplay recently posted…Feeling Lucky

  154. Melissa E says:

    I am allll about the navy and white stripe this year-too adorable!

  155. Kathryn Harter says:

    The striped, of course!

  156. Melissa says:

    Great photos and cute bag! Me likes the stripey one!

  157. I’m not entirely sure — I love the stripes, but I think I would prefer the silver.
    Emily recently posted…an update on my comings &amp goings

  158. I’m loving the navy & white stripe.

  159. Navy stripes for me please! Or gold. Or silver? In that order…good Lord I’ve got issues.

    Maybe I need to go to Palm Springs and let the sun burn them out of me. hehe

    Carrie Giebelhaus recently posted…In a Pinch

  160. I would LOVE the gold one! It’s been my go-to color lately.

  161. I like the silver but I LOVE the white and navy!
    Jennie recently posted…My own personal Avengers

  162. Cindy Sperlich says:

    I love the Silver!

  163. I love the stripes too!
    G recently posted…What Would You Call It

  164. love the stripes!!

  165. jessica says:

    The gold bag is super cute! And would be a greatly needed beach bag for me.

  166. I’d have to say stripes too! They’re a little more flexible with day to day life I think.
    Ashley recently posted…Gross me Green Grammy

  167. I love the striped one!

  168. what’s not to love about that fab gold bag?

    Katie Lee recently posted…Cant get enough of this little bugger

  170. Yeah, I’m in the stripes camp too. Beautiful photos!

  171. The stripes for sure. Love your photos. Such a beautiful family.

  172. Stripes! Obsessed!

  173. Angie elliott says:

    Oh that striped bag is gorgeous!

  174. Definitely the stripes. Too cute!

  175. Claire H. says:

    I love love love the navy and white stripe, perfect for summer!

  176. Rachael says:

    I love the stripes and the baby pictures! Too gorgeous for words!

  177. oh those stripes are calling my name!

  178. striiiiiiiipes!
    SAJ recently posted…chairs!

  179. Michele says:

    Oooh. I love the striped bag too!

  180. Michelle M. says:

    Oooo! I’ve been looking for something like this to tote things to the park and to the kids’ swimming lessons. LOVE the striped one.

  181. Kristen McCann says:

    Oh lordy…love the stripes.
    I, pathetically, carry a tote that someone left at my house that has the name of their old company on it. Lame.

    Help me…:)

  182. Silver for me, please. Thank you.

  183. Courtney says:

    Silver!! Love it!!

  184. Miranda says:

    I’m with you- navy and white stripe!

  185. Alicia CP says:

    I think the gold one, no the blue strips, no the gold one, would be a lovely replacement for the Trader Joes bag I currently take to the beach!

  186. I am a silver girl. Love all the pics!!
    Amanda Brown recently posted…Don’t Burst My Bubble

  187. Miss Virginia says:

    love. LOVE the blue and white striped bag! SWOON! Also, could you be any more beautiful?!

  188. lindsay says:

    absolutely LOVE the stripes!!

  189. I’m going stripes! So cute!

  190. Crystal says:

    Gold! Poolside bling!

  191. Silver, to match my Jack Rogers!

  192. I absolutely adore the navy and white stripes!

  193. Marianne says:


  194. Vanessa says:

    I love the striped one!

  195. I have a special place in my heart for silver….

  196. SILVER! Thanks!!!

  197. Love the stripes, perfect for summer!

  198. Oh, I love the striped one! Those are so cute. :-) Love the Palm Springs pics too!

  199. I’m with you. LOVE the navy stripes!!

  200. Go STRIPES! I’ve got the stripe-obsessed affliction too, and just can’t get enough!

  201. Tough to choose, but I think the stripes have to top the list. Maybe because they seem so summery (she says as she stares out teh window at a[nother] freak Montana hail storm in the middle of June…).

  202. The gold one…FOH SURE!!!

  203. Elizabeth says:

    Navy and white stripes…preppy, just like me. :-)

  204. I love the navy and white stripes!!

  205. I love the silver one! I’d carry that everywhere!

  206. I’m partial to the navy and white stripes!

  207. Kristen says:

    I would pick stripes!

  208. Nicole A says:

    Navy stripes please!!!

  209. Jennifer Rupert says:

    I would gladly take any color. Am so not picky. But man I love that silver one.

  210. vnssa906 says:

    :ponders ::
    I’d have to go with the stripes!
    Xxxo, Vanessa

  211. I’m with you, navy stripes for life! :)

  212. Stripes all the way…obsessd.

  213. I love the striped one, personally. I’m completely enamored of stripes of all kinds, in fact, and am very fond of your dress too. Clicking over now to that page too…

  214. Ooooooh… stripes, for sure! Love that bag!

  215. Navy and white stripes, obviously. And is it just me, or do those ducks have perhaps the most fashionable headwear ever sported by water fowl? And one is wearing those natty ribbons! Such chic ducks!

  216. Michele D says:

    Gold because I am fancy like that.

  217. jen in pa says:

    stripes! love me some stripes.

  218. Cynthia says:

    Blue and white stripes! :)

  219. linette says:

    navy stripe for sure (thanks to you I am also a stripe addict and not afraid to admit it and flaunt it). :)

  220. Definitely the stripes. It is easier to match with my wardrobe.

  221. tough call between the navy and white or the gold!

  222. Claire W says:

    Stripes! Stripes!

  223. Stripes! Stripes! STRIPES!!!!!

  224. Definitely stripes!

  225. I love the gold one! It’s great for the weekend or to lug my music books in. LOVE it!!

  226. how could you not love the stripes?! so fab!

  227. Stripes! The teacher-me needs a summer break….this would help facilitate that!

  228. greyfavorite says:

    Can I make all three my favorite? Oooh, if I must pick one I’d go silver. It looks almost white which seems perfect for summer, but might go grayish come that winter light. Yay, neutrals.

  229. Christina says:

    What fabulous vacation pics!!! The one of you and Wita sharing a moment kills me! Love this bag – especially the stripes!

  230. I’m rather torn between the silver and striped one. They are both atypical and quite fun.

  231. naaaavy and white!

  232. karin Jakubowski says:

    Navy and white! Your picture of it poolside convinced me that this was my favorite color choice!

  233. I love the navy and blue stripes !!

  234. Natalie R. says:

    LOVE the navy and white stripes!!

  235. I’d like the gold one please!!

  236. Great pictures! I like the navy and white striped beach bag.

  237. I’m all about stripes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  238. Ooh, striiiiipes. I want one!

  239. Oh those stripes… love it!

  240. Love the stripes!!!

  241. Definitely the stripes!

  242. Navy stripes! Navy stripes!

    Also, I’m carrying my laptop upstairs post-haste, to show my husband that I’m not, in fact, the only person under the age of 60 who wears sun hats. (Red hair+blue eyes+fair skin = sun hat ALWAYS)

  243. lindsaywillman says:

    That bag is amazeballs. I am enamored with the nautical, navy stripes.

  244. The navy/white stripes, of course!

  245. I love the stripes!

  246. Loving your blog!
    I am a gold fan myself.

  247. silver!!!!

  248. Did you get that hat from Target? So cute!


  249. Youve sold me on the navy and white stripes!

  250. Gold.

  251. Brittany Gale says:

    I’m a fan of the stripes. Love it!

  252. I’m torn between the gold and silver, but leaning towards silver.

  253. GOLD : D

  254. Gold! Perfect for summer:0)

  255. LOVE the silver!!!

  256. Brittany says:

    I like the stripey one. :)

  257. Phyllis says:

    Love the stripes!

  258. I LOVE the navy stripes!!! It would be perfect for our pool OR beach days!! Thanks for your site… love it!

  259. Oh! Oh! The silver is so wonderful!

  260. The stripes are my favorite!

  261. oh love the blue and white stripes!

  262. Lisa B. says:

    Stripes, please!

  263. i like the stripes!

  264. I love the striped tote! It’s a perfect size too. I really like all of them. I am so in need of a new beach bag. Thanks for the contest!

  265. Elizabeth says:

    I love them all!

  266. I love the stripped one too! And you look adorable in that hat…your family is SO cute!

  267. Brandey says:

    I LOVE the stripes, but I like the silver, too :) It looks like a great summer bag :)

  268. GOLD! My latest fav neutral!

  269. Shannon says:

    I would love a striped beach tote but the silver one is pretty cute as well! By the way, I LOVE your dress in the photo! :)

  270. Hmmm, between the blue and white striped and the gold, I think I could do more with the gold…

  271. Mary H. says:

    The navy & white of course!!

  272. Jessica L. says:

    Navy & White for summer sailor wear!

  273. Carolyn V says:

    I’m in desperate need of a new tote for the beach/ pool and I’m a fan of the navy stripes as well! Gotta rock the nautical look while you’re near the water.

  274. Silver! Love it!

  275. The Stripes!

  276. The Third Jessica says:

    The stripey bag, of course! Thanks! 3J

  277. What a great bag! I love the striped one!

  278. Big fan of the navy and white stripes! I too have a rediculous number of striped tops and dresses….

  279. erin rae says:

    Navy stripes all the way. I got a yellow and white striped bag from Lands End Canvas last year that served a similar summery purpose!

  280. Adrienne says:

    Hmm. Gold please!

  281. Stripes!!!

  282. SILVER!

  283. Ashley H. says:

    I love the gold one.

  284. Lyndsay says:

    I love, love the navy stripes!

  285. The navy stripes are adorable!

  286. I love the navy and white stripes!

  287. the stripes are awesome, but love the silver too!

  288. Ashley K says:

    I love the navy strips! And your hat is killer perfect!

  289. You had me at Navy and White. Heres hoping for some birthday luck.

  290. Stripes all the way!!

  291. Love the navy stripes, I’m loving stripes this summer!

  292. Dude, silver all the way!! Awesome bag.

  293. Christen says:

    Summer = stripes. So fun but still chic!

  294. 100% love the stripey stripes!!

  295. Lauren E. E. says:

    Oh, it’s all about the stripes!

  296. Allison says:

    Ohhhhhhh navy stripes all the way please… :)

  297. Michelle says:

    Navy and white stripes are always so fresh & summery – and I am in desperate need of a bag!! Please!!

  298. Melanie says:


  299. I don’t knooooo! I always default to silver, but the gold has definitely caught my eye.

  300. The navy and white stripes are perfect!

  301. PinkieBling says:

    Ooh, I would LOVE the silver one. Also, when did WIto turn 12?!? He looks so grown up. And Wita’s eyes, my heavens! Beautiful family.

  302. I totally LOVE the navy and white stripes!

  303. I love the navy stripes too! Love the pictures!

  304. Flora R. says:

    Silver all the way!

  305. Aimee Saari says:

    LOVE the silver one!

  306. I love the photos! I’d love the navy and white stripe or the silver! Wish me luck!! :)

  307. Love the white one!

  308. The stripes – they make everything seem so perfect and summery!

  309. What a great getaway..I love how some of your pics look like it could have been 30 years ago classics..beautiful family.
    Silver bag :)

  310. silver bag!

  311. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE that gold metallic tote! As an avid Palm Springs vacationer too and mommy to 2 boys with a 3rd on the way — that could fit all our pool gear!

    P.S. About PS — Would you be willing to share the link to the rental house you rent in PS (looks beautiful) or the hotel(s) you favor? I was in love with the Parker and the Viceroy for many years, but now with all the kiddos, I think we’ve graduated to something slightly more “family-friendly” (yet still stylish?). Any suggestions?

  312. The navy and white stripes, of course!

  313. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE that gold metallic tote! As an avid Palm Springs vacationer too and mommy to 2 boys with a 3rd on the way — that could fit all our pool gear!

    P.S. about PS — Would you be willing to share the link to the rental house you rent in PS (if it is indeed an avail rental — looks beautiful) or the hotel(s) you favor? I was in love with the Parker and the Viceroy for many years, but now with all the kiddos, I think we’ve graduated to something slightly more “family-friendly” (yet still stylish?). Any suggestions?

  314. Oh oh! That gold….I die!

  315. Love the gold!

  316. I love the stripes! Like you, I’m a big fan :)

  317. That silver is fantastic!

  318. Love the stripes!

  319. My lands, how does one choose a favorite? I love them all, but I guess the silver wins me over in the end.

  320. I too love stripes!

  321. as someone who shares your same obsession with navy and white stripes, that would be the one i’d choose! thanks for the awesome giveaway sarah!

  322. although i do have a soft spot for stripes, i LIVE for gold in the summer time. nothing like a little gold lamé to make you feel like liza minelli at the beach!

  323. Love the stripes!!

  324. oh the stripes…love them :)

  325. The stripes rock!!!

  326. Sarah C. says:

    Gold. Love the gold!

  327. I love the navy & white stripes! I struggle each year with finding a beach bag big enough. I have soooo many bags at home that don’t quite cut it.

  328. They are all awesome, but I gotta go with the navy stripes. So gorgeous!

  329. stripes please!!!

  330. Of course the Navy and White. I can’t help myself when it comes to stripes…

  331. The silver bag is AWESOME! Thanks for the chance!

  332. Mary Kate says:

    I love love love the gold. So pretty.

  333. Silver, please! Looks like a great weekend away.

  334. LOVE the instagram line up! I I love the bag! I could love either color. I’m normally a silver girl, little more quiet and neutral…but gold has been growing on me. But seriously, the stripe??? Yea, that’s pretty good too! Crossing fingers!

  335. Stripe, stripe, stripessssssss!

  336. Navy and White . . . no . . . gold! . . . .no silver! Ummmmm . . . I cant decide. Too. Much. Pressure! I could totally rock any of them!

  337. Amy beth says:

    Oooooh silver please! And thank you!!

  338. Stripes for me please!

  339. Thanks for the fashion info– greatly appreciated! :)

  340. Jessica says:

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