Yes, yes. Hair Thursday is coming, but probably not until this evening. Just in case you didn’t know, yesterday was Halloween, and instead of scouring the Internet for hair photos, I was chasing a runaway shark in the dark.

Don’t believe me?


This photo accurately portrays 97% of my evening. Although, Wito did grant us ONE photo displaying eye contact.


And you know what? 15-month-olds don’t care about candy. They care about trampling over other toddlers in an attempt to run into strangers houses because well, that’s where the light is, and they aren’t really down with being forced to walk around in the dark for NO GOOD REASON.

This year, I am not participating in NaBloPoMo. Mainly due to the fact that I ALREADY post every blessed day. Remember this place? Yeah.

However, I’m all over NoBloShoeMo on Flickr.


You should join. Off to solve some pressing hair dilemmas.



  1. the shark suit is ultra cute!

    hey, that rhymed… i may have found a new career! ;)

  2. i don’t think i have enough shoes to do it. that’s a sad state of affairs!

    that’s one cute shark. :)

  3. WOW, he is so cute I can hardly stand it. And I love the shoes (are they heels or flats?)

    Flats. I am a flat-wearer 100% of the time.

  4. Love the shark costume. We didn’t even really try to trick-or-treating thing, unless of course I spied a Baby Ruth being handed out, then I shamelessly drug my little monkey over that way : ) Our evening was spent chasing a wayward monkey around a very large crowd of children.

    The red shoes are fantastic, dare I ask where they were purchased?

    J. Crew. Notice the theme as the month goes on… ;)

  5. Catherine says:

    Damn that kid is cute. And the pic of him running away is HILARIOUS!!!

  6. Cutest costume ever.

  7. Adorable shark costume! I love the shoes and I think could do NoBloShoeMo for possibly three months!

  8. Oh my god, Wito’s shark costume makes me want to have a baby. Stop! My apartment isn’t big enough for one.

  9. That is one SWEET shark costume! Sweet shoes, too.

  10. Alas, I don’t have 31 pairs of shoes. And that might be the most adorable Halloween costume EVAH.

  11. Smart shoes. Very cute.

  12. That’s one cute Land Shark! I’d be seriously tempted to keep him in that thing as long as it fit.

    Costumes have come a LONG way from the plastic mask and one piece trash bag outfit (that my mother would never buy for me anyway!).

  13. Hot shoes! I joined the group to enjoy the photos, but I own about a dozen pairs of shoes, two of which are regularly worn – sneakers and black ballet flats (replacing black slides from the summer). That’s it. Nothing saucy, nothing pretty, nothing in a color other than black, brown, or the one pair of gold sandals that were a gift. Super sadness.

    Cute, cute, cute shark!

  14. A shark in crocs! Hilar.

  15. In love with the shark costume.

    Makenna’s 15-month Halloween was spent inside every doorway/hallway we encountered. Paige’s 15-month Halloween was spent exploring deep inside a few select houses. I guess her ladybug costume was endearing enough to gain her full access.

  16. EEE! LOOK at that baby shark! Seriously, could he be any cuter? I don’t think so.

    I’m participating in NaBloPoMo but sadly not NaBloShoMo. I would love to, but I’m sure everyone would be bored of seeing me wear the same three pairs of shoes every day. Sigh.

  17. Heather Cook says:

    That is the cutest shark ever!!!!! I love that costume!!!!

  18. Natalie 42 says:

    Cute Shark you got there. And love the JCrews.

  19. Chiara Goodyear says:

    can you please tell me where you got that shark costume? i am also mom to an off the charts baby boy. at his 6 month appt a few weeks ago he was 29.75 inches and 19lbs. close to half my height at 61 inches. :-)

  20. Oh, I am all over that NoBloShoeMo. Awesome.

    And your shark is ultra-adorable. People kept trying to look in our house last night…but probably because we’re those people who have the monster music, random screams (compliments of me) and awesome jack-o-lanterns.

  21. Ah, the shark suit with crocs looks familiar! Must be something in the costume that makes them run – we were chasing our shark all night.

  22. Miss Virginia says:

    SO BUMMED! Can’t find those shoes on the J. Crew website…did you get them last year? JUST. MY. LUCK.

  23. Chiara Goodyear says:

    Thanks. Did you alter the costume? The one I see on looks like it covers the legs to the ankles…

  24. A shark that sucks his thumb … love it! And the shoes!

  25. Ha ha! Greatest runaway shark picture ever!!

  26. The shark costume is so cute and him running away from you, priceless.

    And your red shoes… to die for.

  27. Yes, I too was thinking: land! shark. Oh, too awesome.

  28. runaway. shark. Now that is comedy. I was chasing a runaway train conductor. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way but tiring nonetheless. Lucky for me, 23 month olds care about candy …not about eating it, but COLLECTING it is VERY IMPORTANT WORK.

  29. Adorable costume! Love your pointy toe shoes! Oh how I love the pointy toe shoes! I have some black ones that people ask how I get my toes into them!

  30. cute!

  31. babystyle huh? i almost got the same diguise for my son, but i opted for the spider suit instead. which, incidentally, was only worn for 10minutes until the fat spider belly caused him to faceplant and obtain his first, well-earned, busted lip.

    wito made a wonderful runaway shark, btw!

  32. Okay, that’s one damn cute shark. And very, very pretty shoes!