When Will I Ever Learn


This blog is not a place for celebrating my personal good fortune. Every time I start braggity bragging about something or other, trouble looms just outside of my peripheral vision.

I knew the minute I typed last Friday’s entry about what a GREAT flippin’ week I had, things would go awry in the land of www.whoorl.com.

“It’s just a quick WordPress upgrade!” Famous last words.

With a click of a button, I demolished my entire website stylistically. Awesome.

I know a tiny percentage of you would like more details, and let me just say the upgrade wasn’t to blame. The upgrade rendered my theme a little psycho and when I upgraded my theme, I lost all of my CSS changes. ALL OF MY PAINSTAKINGLY DETAILED CSS CHANGES.

This leads me to explain to you just how picky and detailed I am regarding this website. I am constantly tweaking code. I obsess about pixels. ONE TEENY PIXEL can make the difference between happy and very angry. It’s a sickness. Right now, there are at least 15 changes I still need complete before entering Happy Pixel Land.

But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is that I now want a completely different style and I’m determined to make it happen, even if it means drinking REAL caffeinated beverages. It will have to be perfect, which means more time.

No, wait. The WORST part is that 85% of you are sleeping right now. I have successfully bored you into slumber due to my highly-charged pixel rambles.

Why do I care so much? Because I’m crazy details girl. Little teeny-tiny details are going to take me from Beautiful Unique Snowflake Girl (Schnozz, you REALLY shouldn’t have called me that. My head, it grew.) to Crazy Muttering Woman In The Gutter.

That’s all for today. Please pardon the mess over here for the next couple of days/weeks.



  1. Hey Sarah, this is a lot better than that Maintenance Mode thing I saw last night. ;) Not sure if this was a result of your late night of css work, but at least it’s a start! Just shot you an email, and I think it would be easy to get things to look the way you wanted (i.e. the screenshot you sent me). Ball is in your court!

    Oh, man! I am so grateful for your expertise!! Very excited about the new look. :)

  2. your blog, much like you, always looks fabulous. but i understand being a details girl myself. best of luck!

  3. I WISH I could even get in and tweak with mine. I am rendered helpless. Things I want to do, not a chance in hades. Is there a forum or something you can point others to?

    Glad to see you are back up, I can make some pumpkin cookies now.

  4. Pixel Nazis rule, by the way. I am one, by confession and I will spend two hours trying to fix something that is 1 pixel off. I say its perfectionism, or some rare sick disease, as you call it – either way, I suppose we’re both anal-retentive.

  5. I am trying to learn how to tweak my theme, and your blog is like my idol. Keep up the good work!

  6. I tweak very little in my blog. And CSS code? Crappy Stupid Shit. (I’m just jealous that other people can master computer lingo.)

  7. sorry.

  8. If you didn’t want me to call you that, you would have made sure you weren’t so darn pretty. Or original. Or composed of frozen water crystals. Or female. You were asking for it!

  9. You’re friends with Brian Gardner?! That’s more exciting than knowing Dooce. He makes the best free-to-use WordPress templates. I was just looking at his stuff today.

    So, if you’re such a perfectionist, why didn’t you backup your stuff first?! Shame, shame.

    I know! Can you believe how lucky I am? He IS the Dooce of WordPress. I actually had a phone conversation with him this morning- are you jealous?! ;)

    And yes, Neil. OF COURSE I backed up my stuff. It’s just the old CSS template didn’t jive with the new upgrade.

  10. Oh good, I was worried something even worse had happened. Glad to see you’re here again!

  11. Crazy details girls of the world, UNITE. In the united circle there is no shame. And possibly t-shirts. And maybe some cheese.

  12. You’ll be back and hotter than ever, no doubt.

    Anxiously awaiting the new look soon!

  13. Can you fix it? Yes you can!!!

  14. I’m always tweaking my template, and the minute I’m nearly satisfied? I’m simultaneously searching for a new template.

    Problem is, I don’t know nearly enough about coding to even legitimize my fascination with the stylesheet, which makes for a really amateurish looking site with ith all sorts of CSS errors. Oh well…

  15. Oh dear. I don’t even know. I don’t even try. I feel your pain. I have to go to Wichita at 6:00 am if it makes you feel any better, and I just wasn’t going to be okay if I didn’t get a dose of your sweet mutterings. That is sick.

  16. I don’t know my pixels from a hole in the ground, but I have been known to go back and correct typos in entries from TWO YEARS AGO.

    Oh yes.

    So I understand. I really do. And I’m glad you’re back!

  17. If anyone can do it, you can. Good luck on the tweaking :)

  18. This is why I have 30,000 versions of my CSS backed up and then when it blows out I can’t figure out which one is the right one, so what the hell good did it do me anyway???

  19. you shouldn’t have told me that, now i feel all twitchy about how easily that could happen to anyone, meaning ME. *twitch* dammit. i hate technology.

    but, on the up side, so far it’s looking lovely, and your banner is oh-so designy and colorful.

    (tap-tap: you’re on here right now, aren’t you? you’re tweaking right now, am i right?)


  20. I love how the site looks now, and I wish there was something we could all do to help. Unfortunately my talents lie only in making delicious brownies and raspberry coladas. Oh and browsing eBay but I imagine that won’t come in handy for this particular crisis. Best of luck!