Early-Onset Alzheimer’s


Don’t you hate misplacing an important object? And you look everywhere but it’s nowhere to be found? And then you totally FREAK THE HELL OUT BECAUSE YOU NEED IT NOW AND YOU CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER SINGLE SOLITARY MINUTE OR YOU WILL EXPLODE?


I just spent 15 minutes searching every room in my house for my glasses.

I had them on the entire time.







  1. Ooooh, I’m good at the key in the door deal. At least I don’t put them in the refrigerator like my mom…yet.

  2. I too do the key in the door, or at least used to at my old apartment. Haven’t so much at the new one. Also, last week I couldn’t find my comb, and it was driving me nuts. I couldn’t find it for about 2 days. Then I thought, “just maybe I should check the bathroom trash can” and sure enough, I had thrown it away. I? Am an idiot sometimes.

  3. I do that all the time! Most often with my sunglasses (on my head) and my keys (often right there in my hands).

  4. Jurgen Nation says:


    I do that all the time with my pens (in my ponytail) or my keys (in the door). Double-meep.

  5. I’ve done that before with contacts … both trying to take them out when I’ve already done it (ouch) or looking for them, thinking I’d dropped them in the sink, and finally realizing that I’d already put them in.

  6. Glad to know I’m not the only one, ladies. :)

  7. Yes, I’ve put keys in the fridge before. Usually things like that go “missing” when I try to multi-task.

  8. undercover celebrity says:

    So funny. My mom did the same thing this weekend. I assure you, your absent mindedness provide great entertainment for the rest of us.

  9. I can’t even see to find my glasses! I have to have the beaux do it for me and I am totally screwed if he is out. I have even put my contacts BACK on just to fing my glasses!

  10. this does happen to me. like the other day on the way to the airport i SWORE i had left my make up case on my sister’s dresser. we were only about 5 mins away but the thought of trying to exist without my mac lipstick for a couple days scared me! so we turned around, i ran in the house and it wasn’t to be found.

    i had packed it in my suitcase. safe and sound. i felt like an ass.

    i also have been tearing the house apart looking for my passport. so far, it isn’t turning up but i can picture in a box. . .just don’t know where that box is!

  11. It is indeed a sad day when you start acting like your mother! Don’t forget the keys that were hanging in the closet for several months.

  12. KEYS IN THE CLOSET! Mom, that’s the one I was trying to remember. Hahahaahaa! :D

  13. Infuriating! I do this too often!

  14. You.Are.Too.Young.for.This. (as you already know). Seek help now or get one of those goofy chains to wear around your neck so you don’t lose them.

  15. Okay…it happened. Last night I was attempting to find the cap for the bottle of acrylic paint I had in my hand. I was looking everywhere. Under the tarp I was using. Perhaps it had rolled under a chair?
    Oh, God…was I sitting on it? After five minutes I looked at the paint bottle in my hand and found the lid…screwed on where it was intended. I need help.