Navy and White Stripes


Oh navy and white striped top
I wear one of you nonstop
So cute with skinnies,
flats or a mini
A bright scarf helps you to pop

Oh navy and white striped top
My love for you won’t stop
A couple are fine
But I’ve crossed the line
I shouldn’t be allowed to shop



  1. Awesome. I’m with you man, everything I’ve bought this spring, save for one top has stripes. :)

  2. Damn you! Five minutes ago I was trying to talk myself out of purchasing one on And now I want to buy 10. I want a labeled photo with sources so I know which ones I need. I’ve ordered several in the past and the fit has been not so cute so I currently own none and need at least one right now.

  3. I don’t feel so bad about my closet now. :) Love it!

  4. The Third Jessica says:

    Yay! Now I don’t feel half as bad about my own closet. And Sarah, look at Boden – super cute stripey tops!

  5. Ooooh, then you need this dress –

    I’m wearing it in my avatar photo – it’s BEAUTIFUL!

  6. My fiancé loves to give me a hard time anytime I come home with a new navy and white striped top or sweater (just picked this one up the other day: LOVE.) I just showed him your collection to prove that I’m not alone in this sickness. So, thank you.
    Mia recently posted…I am the WORST about this Do it all the time

  7. Haha! I love it! The thing is that I love each of those tops, too! I would probably own them, too!

  8. That is hilarious.

  9. I am currently wearing the second from the left, but in yellow. My fiancée practically forbade me from buying any more navy and white stripes. I showed him. Yes I did. Shutup.

  10. I’m so glad it’s not just me. Everything I own is stripey. I have four navy and white striped tops and I thought *I* was bad enough…

  11. Love it. The boden striped tops are the BEST.

  12. This new company has built their whole line around the stripped boatneck.

  13. We know just how much you love every single stripey shirt. It is like a match made in heaven with Whoorl written all over it! Each stripe shirt screams Sarah James! Love it. Love it. Love it.
    Mama in the City recently posted…In The Year 2000

  14. I am the same way…and navy and blue gingham. My fav. navy and white shirt is Boden. Scoop neck, soft fabric, just the right amount to stretch. Swoon.

  15. Yep, me too!!!!
    Jill Browning recently posted…Cotton bowl

  16. Amen Sista, amen!

    A nautical print top..or even better..a nautical dress w/ pockets….let me just give you my credit card now, bc I can’t even contain myself.

  17. I am in love with striped tops as well! :)
    Shannon recently posted…Electric Feel

  18. Forget about the tops…that poem is super hilarious!!!!

    OK, so the tops are pretty addictive also.

    Jill V. / TerraSavvy recently posted…Little Learning Books

  19. best. poem. ever. and i’m in love with the sailor stripes this spring, too. but i bet you look approximately a billion times more lovely in them than me.
    Tricia Lee Miller recently posted…Untitled

  20. Love navy and white!

    I got this dress recently and can’t wait to wear it:

    I also have an oversized Navy boatneck sweater with white stripes that I got at Harold’s a hundred years ago. Since they closed down in Norman (perhaps everywhere) I am hanging on to my Harold’s stuff!

  21. I love that you wrote a poem to your tops. I also love navy and white together.
    Angella recently posted…The Little Things

  22. oh i’m loving navy and white stripes…i just ordered the kate spade navy and white iphone case because i can’t get enough of them.

  23. Michelle Baxter says:

    Totally in stripe love! I love your fashion sense, Whoorl…could you list where all of your stripey goodness came from?

  24. I have the same addiction. I most recently bought the Lands’ End striped shirt you had on your blog several weeks ago & love, love, love it. My only concern is everyone probably thinks I’m wearing the same shirt all the time!

  25. friend i am 100% with you…it is a sickness. i have to stop the stripey madness ;-)

  26. You had me at Navy and White Stripe.

    Guilty as charged. My closet is the same. With some grey and white strip mixed in too.
    Alix H. recently posted…Karma Rebate


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