Sunshine. Rain. Love. Loss. Family. Army Crawl. Trophies. Babble. Stripes. Wine. Blooms. Bonding. Highlights. Party shoes. Smiles. Guffaws. Tears.

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  1. This is lovely, friend. Just like you.
    Kerri Anne recently posted…Weekend Update- Coastal Craving Edition

  2. Who is that black dress by? Love it.
    Danielle (elleinadspir) recently posted…Your people will wear cardigans- and drink highballs

  3. I wish my random family pics were half as stunning as yours. Your family is beautiful!

  4. I’m also wondering about that black dress. So cute!

    Your family is incredibly lovely.
    findingmagnolia recently posted…Hair!

  5. The black dress is Dolce and Gabbana, and I found it years ago at a Neiman Marcus Last Call sale event for 75% off. It was the only one left on the rack, and it fit me to a tee. I consider it my dream dress, and will wear it until the fabric dissolves!

  6. This right here is life. xxx

  7. The one pic looks like your at the salon? Your hair looks so good there. Why? lol. I guess I mean did you have it curled or is it some great product or what? It has a ton of volume

    HA! I think my hair looks really big because, if you look closely, I have foils in it! I was getting some highlights that day…

  8. Oh just lovely and such great snapshots.
    Mama in the City recently posted…All In The Family

  9. You have great shots. Most of its your artistry but I’m curious, what kind of camera do you use?

  10. Thanks, Mel. All of those shots were taken with my iPhone. I use the Instagram app, which is super fun!

  11. Your children are just beautiful. A lovely family you have!

  12. happy to let you know i am joining 2009 and will be getting an iphone soon now we can share pics. so glad you posted a pic from the party night b/c i wanted tosee what you wore!

  13. Well it helps that your family is beyond adorable. Honestly, so cute! But i’m very impressed by the iphone quality. Thanks for responding.

  14. Love this!

  15. I love this! Such a cool way to recap the month. I might have to copy you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that . . .

  16. You are absolutely gorgeous. Seriously.
    Steph recently posted…Forever You

  17. Holy super model family! You guys belong on a billboard :)

  18. Love this. And you guys. :)
    Angella recently posted…I Believe I Can Fly

  19. OK, yeah, so I was going to do the pic a day thingy starting last month….now I am definitely doing it! I started Friday.

    Love that you are capturing life as it happens.

    Hope you are feeling better than you have been lately.

    Babble????? Is that your new gig?! I sure hope so! Jealous!
    I can’t wait until you share it with all of us what you are up to writing.
    Jill V. recently posted…Fun Friday

  20. Love, love, love this collage.