Saddy Sad


Well, hello there. Wito and I would like to make it known that we miss Lini and Bishop Stu Tu.

Please come back! I have Coca Cola and Fritos! And Rotel dip!

To keep my mind off the fact that my family is 2 million miles away, I’ve made a new hair tutorial that I will be debuting on Thursday. The Whoorl Blowdrying Tutorial, and good Lord, it is awful. So incredibly awful and lame.

It involves stupid photos and a horrific video because you can’t really show the blowdrying motion with a photograph. Yeah, you heard me, a snippet of a video of me blowdrying my hair. SERIOUSLY DUDE, WHO GIVES A SHIT.

(Hey! To the 5 people who requested a blowdrying tutorial! I’m here for you, man.)



  1. Whoorl! You read my mind! I have a new cut and am adjusting to the blow dry method my hairstylist used. I thought of writing to ask you to demo what you do – and then thought, “Duh. You can’t demonstrate how to blow dry hair on the internet!” And you! You came up with a way. You’re a queen! I am waiting with droopy hair…

  2. I could totally use a tutorial on blow drying! Also, I was hoping to find out about which kind of brush to use. Right now I use a regular old plastic bristle brush. Everyone tells me to use a big pronged comb when my hair is wet and bristly brush when I dry- but me no likey bristly brushes. Help!!

    PS. My BFF called with a hair dilemma. I told her to write in to your hair-apy Thursday’s but she needed help ASAP. So I sent her a few glam photos for inspiration a la Whoorl. We had our own mini-hair Thursday. So don’t you ever start thinking you ain’t helping nobody, because you’re saving America’s woman from bed head and mullets.

  3. We are saddy sad also.

  4. Maybe you should include a video of you doing your hair from beginning to end – just for those of us who are ESPECIALLY hair-challenged.

  5. I don’t really so much want a tutorial as I want someone to come actually blow dry my hair for my every morning.

    Oh, who am I kidding. I can’t wait for the tutorial!!!

  6. Whoorl – you SERIOUSLY think that it will be horrible? You know as well as I that the blow-drying tutorial will live in infamy as did the curling iron tutorial. And? 5 people? Maybe you should notice the delurking page. THREE HUNDRED AND NINE!!! I’m sure the majority of us are in need of help with the blowing. Wait. Blow-drying. Yeah. The second one.

  7. Correction – THREE HUNDRED ELEVEN!!!!!

  8. I give a shit! My hair has never looked better and it is all because of you.

  9. I also give a shit! I have the most awesome haircut I’ve ever had and nobody knows because I can’t blow dry my hair (with a round brush- are you doing the round brush thing?) to save my life. I am pathetic and bed-headed and eagerly awaiting the blow dry tutorial!

  10. sweet jebus my prayers have been answered! I even went out last night for the first time in FOREVER and I put my hair up because I couldn’t face (find) the blowdryer! thank you thank you thank… can’t wait

  11. Yay! I can’t get rid of the curl on the bottom that I get from blow drying. Even if I use a straightener it will bob up and flip out. There must be something wrong with my technique starting right at the root. Can’t wait to see the video.

  12. You make me laugh! I will be sure to tune in for the tutorial :-)

  13. As a wavy haired-woman, I will greatly appreciate the blow-drying tutorial. Word.

  14. bishOp stu tu says:

    whOOrl gOOrl,

    I checked your bedroom today..twice!!!…to see if you and witO might be there.

    shO’ miss you. here’s two words for mr. witO…


    makes me smile.

    yo dad, da bishOp.

  15. I must say I was disappointed to show up and NOT have them there. No Lini to force me into cupcakes and no Bishop to force me to say Yum to Rum. But then I remembered that they passed those traits onto their wonderful daughter, so I guess it’s all good.

    At least you get to OK soon. When do *I* get to go back??

  16. Thank goodness! A tutorial! I am long-haired challenged. I finally grew my hair out from the short pixie cut my mother always forced on me (she used to also force a perm, but that’s a story for another time – maybe Halloween *shudder*) and I have never ever learned how to really blow dry my hair properly. In fact, I don’t even own a blow-dryer…yet! I’m counting the days.

  17. I know I didn’t delurk on the 3rd, but I am now in order to tell you that thanks partially to your advice, I just received my Mason Pearson hairbrush in the mail, and I LOVE IT! Love your blog too.

  18. Joining WW Again says:

    Also, please, now that we’re on the subject of blow-dryers… what kind of blow-dryer does everyone use? I have an Elchim that is 2 years out of warranty and has already been sent to the manufacturer to have a lethargic motor fixed 3 times – at $15 a pop!

    (It works fine for months, then it just slowly looses oomph until one day it smells like burning.)

    The company tells me it’s because the dryer, which blows air *out* is actually at the same time sucking excess product *in*, which gums up the works. Riiiight.

  19. that means you have to move back.

  20. i was just going to send a request for a blow-drying tutorial – you read my mind! we’ve all seen pictures of the impossible shininess of your hair, so i don’t think anyone will be bored by a tutorial. thank you, thank you, thank you!

  21. Well! I, for one, am psyched.

  22. I read your post about your parents the other day and meant to comment over there. I feel your pain. My fam is way up north in MI while I’m down in the dirty south (NC). And I actually like them. And miss them all of the time. Everytime I leave them or they leave me, I hold it together until they’re out of sight then cry my eyes out and go into a deep depression for about a week. Ok, TMI. But seriously, I feel your pain.

    ps. I’m psyched for HAIR THURSDAY! Woo Hoo!

  23. I wasn’t one of the 5 who requested it but HELL TO THE YES I could use a blowdrying tutorial. Like Teej above I could not get rid of the curl….finally found some styling products and a good brush that have improved the situation, but would very much like my hair to appear more Whoorl-like.

  24. i am right there with ya whoorl. being away from my family is the hardest thing! and my sisters. my mom has made it clear that in 5 years she wants us all to be in the same place. ummm hello…boston, LA, OC, phoenix, oklahoma. how is that going to work?
    lini and bishop stu tu should move to Cali!

  25. looking forward to the blow session.

  26. Ooh, I feel your pain! We have lived a lot of places due to the military, and when my husband retires in two years we’re moving back to his home town and NOT MOVING AGAIN FOR A LONG, LONG TIME.

    I’m also very excited about the tutorial tomorrow…you’re saving the woorld one head at a time, girl!

  27. I’ve never known how to blow dry my hair properly. I also could use some advice on how much gel to put in my hair, or even to use it at all. You are truly a fountain of hair-iffic knowledge.

  28. OMG YES. I cannot WAIT to read/see this. WAHOO!

  29. I’ve been growing my hair out and keep on cutting the back in an attempt to catch the sides up. I was going to ask you for advise but you answered my question. No mulletts. Thanks Whoorl. I think about my hair way too much and your hair posts help me feel like I’m not alone. I’ve got a terrible case of pony tail envy.