How To Make Yourself Feel Like a Flabby Loser on a Friday Afternoon


Spend some time working out next to Michelle Kwan at your gym.



  1. Oh, dear. I think that’s when I’d say, “OK, you win!” and run over to In n’ Out for a burger instead.

  2. i would’ve immediately run into the bathroom

  3. No you didn’t.

    Na uh!


  4. she is SO ripped and was doing some seriously wicked stuff on the exercise ball…

  5. Jurgen Nation says:

    I’d like to work out next to Kirstie Alley. I’d look like an Olsen twin. Not Michelle Kwan, though. She’s gotta be RIPPED.

  6. undercover celebrity says:

    So… you’ve seen her in action. Please share her workout secrets.

    …unless, of course, her secrets include me watching less TV while eating Hot Tamales… :)

  7. Wouldn’t have been cool to take a pic of her on the exercise ball, I guess.

  8. Hm. You must live near me, cause I used to see her at the market all the time.

  9. There’s just something freaky about that. Perhaps next time, you can make some Tanya Harding references while holding a dumbell?

  10. Crap. You put me (drinking wine while watching the Biggest Loser) to shame.

  11. Hey, my wife is a big figure skaing fan and the “news” is supposed to be that Michelle Kwan isn’t skaing in some required competitons because she is “injured.” So, do you know the real story?