My Diaper Bag (+ Clava Giveaway!)


Let’s take a look at my unconventional diaper bag by Clava today, shall we?

Except that, yeah, I don’t carry it that way since I’m juggling a super squirmy 9-month-old. I usually wear it like this:

(Top: Lands End, Trouser Jeans: Gap, Charm Necklace: John Wind, City Flats: Gap, Sunglasses, Ray-Ban.)

However, unlike the above photo, there is a 78% chance that 1) my hair is in a ponytail, 2) my stretched-out sunglasses are falling off my face as I bend over to pick up some random teething toy that Wita has pelted at a stranger, and 3) I’m yelling at Wito to SLOW DOWN as he flails wildly into pedestrian traffic. Otherwise, yep, that’s me. Me and my diaper bag. Calm, cool and collected.

Here’s my thing about diaper bags. I really don’t like them. There just a little too diaper-y for me – in looks and in function. I’ve found that the ones I’ve owned in the past have had really large openings and been very roomy on the inside, which is great for most (I guess?), but I just found myself constantly digging around in my bag while the contents get all jumbled.

When Clava contacted me about trying out a bag from their Carina Collection, I immediately knew that I wanted the Carina Zipper Tote. When I told them that I wanted to use it as a diaper bag, I’m pretty sure they considered me a FOOL, as I noticed they quickly emailed links to other bags from the line that might be more suitable for that particular function. I mean, the Zipper Tote was designed for circling the globe in style! A perfectly chic laptop/work bag!

However, my mind was made up. I was going to rock that Zipper Tote as a diaper bag, dammit. Just watch me, world!

And guess what? I love my Carina Zipper Tote as a diaper bag. Check it.

(click photo for larger image)

It fits everything I need without it looking all sausage-stuffed from the outside AND the large inside pockets keep everything from getting jumbled AND the coated cotton canvas outer material can be wiped down easily AND the interior material is waterproof (sippy cup disasters averted!) AND when I no longer need to carry a diaper bag, this puppy will still be used for years and years as an awesome tote AND the best part? It doesn’t look like a diaper bag! HOLLA.

I think you should have a Carina Tote too. (Don’t worry, I won’t force you at gunpoint to use it as a diaper bag, I promise.)

Leave a comment on this post telling me which bag from the Carina Collection is your favorite, and you will be entered to win a Carina Zipper Tote of your color choice. Get crackin’, folks! Contest ends Friday, April 1st at 6pm PST. Good luck!



  1. The pink one would be great for my job!! CUTE!

  2. OOOO I really like that sky blue!

  3. Christina says:

    The Gym bag for sure! I need a ‘purse’ to replace my daiper bag, and this one or the tote would totally work, big enough to hold some of the baby stuff, not too big to carry every day!

  4. I like the Weekender. Perfect for overnight work trips.

  5. I’m actually pretty in love with the zipper tote – it would be great for the work days where I’m actually NOT having to haul my laptop everywhere!

  6. I’d love the triangle tote in indigo

  7. I’m loving the Carina Weekender in the army color. These bags rock and I would love to have a zipper tote!

  8. The Weekender Bag speaks to me. I just like the idea of going away for a weekend. ::sigh::

  9. I think the Square Pocket Tote is y favorite, but I do love the Zipper tote! :) I like it in the Cafe color.

  10. I am totally digging the Weekender!
    Annika recently posted…Brother Sister

  11. Ohh, it’s a tie between the vertical tote and the zipper shoulder bag! Pregnancy brain means I am totally incapable of making a choice.

  12. I think the mini zip cross body could be so handy.

  13. I love the Zipper Tote/Shoulder Bag in Indigo. :)
    Shannon recently posted…Denial

  14. Personally I love the weekender, but I would love to win the zipper tote for my best friend to use just as you do, for she is expecting her first baby in May.

  15. love, love, love the zipper tote in the army color. Expecting baby number 3 in early September!

  16. That’s really cute. I like the white Carina tote!

  17. It’s a tie for me between the tassel handbag and the zipper tote, they’re both so gorgeous!

  18. I adore the Tassel Handbag; even looks big enough to stash a single diaper and mini-pack of wipes for when the baby is older and you don’t need all the the stuff!

  19. I agree with you, I like the Zipper Tote best. It reminds me a bit of Hayden Harnett’s Ibiza bag that I have been coveting for forever…. I used a red leather laptop bag that I bought at Marshall’s as a diaper bag until the zippers broke – I got so many compliments on that bag, it was cheaper than a nice diaper bag, and I loved it! I hate how anything associated with babies gets marked up 50%.

  20. I love the zipper tote in Army — it’s amazing how it holds so much without looking bulky!

  21. I carried a diaper bag for a year but then I switched to a roomy messenger bag with pockets. Next baby, I will have no diaper bag and this is a great idea! I love the Watermelon the most!
    Jessica recently posted…Play Football- Man

  22. Love the Zipper Tote! Crazy organization for a crazy first time mama to be!

  23. Emily Poechman says:

    I think the bag you chose, the shoulder bag/tote, would work the best for a diaper bag because of being able to wear it over your shoulder like in the picture.

    The colour I like is the stone coated canvas!

  24. I love the Carina Gym Bag
    Priscilla recently posted…Zippy Illuminated Keyboard Giveaway

  25. Love the pocket duffle!

  26. The navy blue is the business.

  27. They’re all so beautiful. I quite love the triangle bag in blue. Thank you for the chance to enter!
    Lisa recently posted…Happy St Patty’s Day!

  28. I LOVE the Triangle Tote–so cute!

  29. I like the watermelon one!

  30. I LOVE The Weekender! I can’t decide which color I like best, but the watermelon is so fun.

  31. I love using “non-diaper bags” for a diaper bag! This one is so awesome!!

  32. Loving the large tote as well as the zipper tote! 2 weeks until my due date with #4…

  33. I so need that zipper tote! We are in the process of becoming foster parents and our age range is 0-2 plus we have 1 bio son so I will need a bag that can handle everything and still look classy.

  34. Love the zipper tote in army!

  35. I’m with you, the zipper tote is my favorite.

  36. I like their cosmetic/toiletry cases!
    bethany actually recently posted…Why 7th grade sucked for me…

  37. I also seem to be obsessed with the zipper tote. I feel like it would make the hassles of a daily commute on public transportation a million times easier — and stylish!

  38. I love so many of these bags, but right now I’m trying to upgrade our luggage, so I’m most drawn to the Weekender. I love the structure of these bags and the great color choices.

  39. Aaaaaand, now I want that zipper tote. To use as a diaper bag. BAD.
    Marianne recently posted…Marianne- Bags

  40. I SOOOO need a new diaper bag. I hate diaper bags as well. I must just carry too much shit b/c the ones I’ve used in the past have been too small or I can’t get them closed after I’ve shoved all my stuff in there. I love the look of this and I LOVE that it has the messenger type of strap. I would definitely go with the same color your chose.

  41. Elizabeth says:

    Those are some beautiful bags! I like your zipper tote, in the cafe color.

  42. Love the weekender… and the zip tote!

  43. Oooh – I love the zipper tote! And I’m with you on disliking most diaper bags.

  44. Definitely the Carina- I would use it for a diaper bag too! Even my husband has mentioned that I need to think about a new bag- the other one is too worn from my 22 month old.

  45. I love the baby blue one! Gorgeous.

  46. I love both the Vertical Tote and the Zipper Tote. And I would totally use the Zipper Tote as a diaper bag too! My second is due in June and I’m on the hunt.

  47. Melissa E says:

    Oh, I love the gym bag, but I wish it had a longer handle. That being said, i definitely LOVE the Zipper Tote. Gorgeous! (And it will be used as a diaper bag, seeing as I’m due with my second in September).

  48. Oh the weekender is great, but I think my favorite is the square pocket tote. It’s perfect!
    BreAnn recently posted…The name game

  49. OH WOW! LOVE that cross body strap!! That would be sooooo perfect while I’m trying to carry my ginormous baby! This is def on my wishlist now…swoooooon.

  50. i’m loving the tan one you’re sporting!

  51. Ooh, I like the the look of that gym bag!
    Navigating the Mothership recently posted…Starbucks Winner!

  52. I love the Zipper Tote and also the Weeekender Bag! I’m currently looking for a diaper bag, so I’d be super excited to win!

  53. Yes! Love the black zipper tote for our little girl due the end of April! Great idea! Thank-you!

  54. Ooh, I love the black. My diaper bag lives in my car and I have a “quick stash” of stuff in my purse. I invariably always need something from my diaper bag which either a) makes me go back to my car or b) remember it and then stuff it into my purse making my purse look huge.

    Not cute.

  55. Love the Zipper Tote/Shoulderbag. My inner New Yorker says black but I actually really love the army coated canvas that you have. I’m pregnant with my first and desperate for a non-diaper-y diaper bag that will still allow me to look chic & pulled together (despite, yes, a messy ponytail and yoga pants.) I think that one does the trick!

  56. OOo, love these. Esp. the cream one on the bottom left. I’m about to upgrade from one kid to two, and I’d love to upgrade my diaper bag at the same time!!

  57. I’m with you on the zipper tote. My last “diaper bag” was very similar (though not nearly as cute) and I simply LOVED having a space for everything…instead of a big black-hole-of-a-mess! I would love one for baby #3 arriving in August!!

  58. I’m lovin’ both the zipper tote and the and the square pocket crossbody. such great looking bags!!

  59. i think my fave IS the zipper tote. though i’m also drawn to the gym and weekender bags.

  60. I’m going to need a new diaper bag in a few months so I’d definitely go with the zipper tote. If I’m not the lucky winner I’ll be purchasing one of these for myself!

  61. I really like the Weekender in the collection…although the shoulder bag is a close second.
    I like the army green color the best I believe…although the watermelon might be just amazing.

  62. Kimberly Z. says:

    I love the Leather Zip Tote-Shoulder Bag , it would be a great work bag, but I love the colors that the Zipper Tote comes in!

  63. My favorite is ALSO the zipper tote…in your color combination. It’s so great looking! But you already knew that.

  64. I totally NEED the Carina Zipper tote. NEEEEEDDDD!

  65. I love the zipper tote, too! So cute. Perfect timing as my current (over-loved) purse is falling apart!

  66. I absolutely love the Gym bag!
    Amy T recently posted…Quick biology lesson and a bit of snark

  67. My favourite is probably the one you love as well :) I also like any of the cross-body ones as well .

  68. After seeing you with the zipper tote, how could I not fall in love? So cute!
    Julie recently posted…An Entire Flock of Sheep Cant Help

  69. Am I allowed to choose the Zipper Tote as my favorite? It’s so great! I also like the Zip Crossbody. I’d love to use the Tote as a travel bag. I can see myself now, navigating the markets of Buenos Aires with ease – everything I need conveniently tucked away in a zippered pocket.

  70. laurenmcwilliams says:

    just had baby #2 and my old diaper bag so does not work this time around! i need a bag with extra room for not only my 5 week old, but also snacks and a sippy cup for my 3 year old!

  71. I like the Weekender, but I like the Zipper Tote – especially to use as a diaper bag. I need a different one, mine’s not working out so well.

  72. The Maiden Metallurgist says:

    Love it! I like the olive one you have, I’d use it as a diaper bag too, I’m due in 1 days!

  73. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, I love them all but I’d probably pick the cafe color.

  74. I love the zipper tote as well as the Carina square cross body. I think the zipper tote is the winner though.

  75. I would totally use the zipper tote for work! I love, love, love the (light) blue one!

  76. The zipper tote is my favorite, and I especially love the color you selected. This will be perfect as a carry on for my travel-heavy job!

  77. Alexandra says:

    I think the Carina Weekender and the Carina Tassel Handbag are both absolutely adorable!

  78. I love the zipper tote you have (in ivory, to make me feel like I’ve emerged from winter), but for something small and springy, the tassel handbag in powder blue with a red stripe is FANTASTIC too. So many great choices, so hard to choose!
    MommyTime recently posted…Rude or Incompetent You Be the Judge

  79. SaraMcDevitt says:

    The crossbody! Good for concerts!

  80. All the bags are cute, but honestly the zipper tote looks the most useful!

  81. I love the Weekender bag but I would probably get more use out of the zipper tote (sans diapers)!

  82. I love the Carina Vertical Tote.
    Christy recently posted…Feisty Girl

  83. Tie between the vertical tote and the zipper tote/shoulderbag!

  84. The red Carina Zipper Tote is my fave. Love love love this giveaway.

  85. the tote is my fave – diaper bag or otherwise!

  86. I love the zipper tote. I would like it in Black!

  87. They’re all so pretty! I would love to have any one of them!

  88. The zipper tote is definitely my fave, and I really like the white.

  89. Love the zipper tote in blue! Thanks :)

  90. The zipper tote/shoulder bag is totally what I’ve been looking for! I’d love to have one of those …. perfect for work, for shopping, for travel!

  91. Love the zipper tote in cafe, or indigo, or oh, crap.
    Mama Bub recently posted…I would make an excellent ostrich

  92. I actually like the Carina Zipper Bag the best! I’d have a tough time choosing one colour though! xo, Gabriella
    Gabriella recently posted…Organization- Make Up

  93. Love the one in white with red details. I wonder if I can get away with white with my 8 month old.

  94. LOVE the zipper tote. Not a mama but tend to carry tons of stuff with me at all times, so that would be perfect!

  95. OH! I heart this bag….I would chose the stone color with the adorable olive green accents. LOVE IT!

  96. I am a diaper bag hater as well……I have only used my super fabulous cross body purse for baby #2. This looks great…I think I would go with the red to be dramatic!!!

  97. LOVE the zipper tote and i would SO copy you and use it as a diaper bag! Its great!

  98. I love the Weekender! But I think I need the Zipper Tote as a diaper bag, obviously, since I just found out I’m pregnant for the first time. :)

  99. I’d go for the weekender in either the army or the blue. Super fun and a good bag to practice travelling with carry on only with!

  100. I have to say I am WITH YOU on this one…every diaper bag I have ever seen has made me kind of want to gag. Even the bags that claim to be ‘un-diaper bag-ish’ are still wrong. This is the perfect solution.

  101. The Weekender is very cute!

  102. I may or may not have gasped when I saw the ice blue Carina bag. Love.
    Korinna recently posted…Weekendy goodness

  103. The weekender would make an awesome replacement for my gym bag that is falling apart! Love <3

  104. Tammy Lacer says:

    I really like the Carina Tassel Handbag. It is sooo cute!!

  105. I love the zipper tote. Fabulous idea for a diaper bag.

  106. Lauren E. E. says:

    You totally sold me on the zipper tote. Please and thank you!

  107. I would definitely use the zipper tote for a diaper bag, too! Which I need since I’m due in two weeks. :)

  108. Christina Z says:

    I love the Zipper tote in pink is awesome !!

  109. I, like you, like the zipper tote. So cute! Especially in the darker blue color.
    Jessie recently posted…Two

  110. The zipper tote in indigo is my favorite!

  111. The zipper tote is my favorite as well!

  112. I love the zippered tote! I need to merge my purse and diaper bag into one. This would be perfect.

  113. I love that zipper tote in turquoise, but that gym bag is tempting too. Adorable!

  114. Catharine R. says:

    My fav is the Carina Triangle Tote in Indigo.

  115. Christina says:

    You have just sold me on the zipper tote. I just got another tote and it hasn’t been exactly what I wanted, and now you have me craving this one. Thanks for sharing it!

  116. i’m all sorts of in love with the shoulder bag tote in indigo.

  117. I think the zipper tote is my favorite, though the Mini Zip Crossbody is super cute as well. I love all the colors, but I think the Army is my favorite!

  118. The Weekender or Zipper Tote, I think.

  119. Angie elliott says:

    Love the zipper tote for my sister who is expecting her first baby in June. I want her to have anything that will make her feel pretty and special because once her baby comes it will be all about him!

  120. Oh, the Zipper Tote, and in your colour. I love it!

  121. Oooh, I love the Carina Zipper Tote in stone! Those are great! And I would totally rock it as a diaper bag too.

  122. Edy McConnell says:

    Lo-oo-oo-ve the little clutch!

  123. I’d love the dark brown one.

  124. I love the zipper tote! And it’s a toss up between the blue or the watermelon. Both scream spring to me!

  125. Hmm… I think the zipper tote is my favorite, and the Army color is perfect for summer!

  126. I love the all black zipper tote for work and airports! I could easily stick a small purse inside along with my bonanza of magazines and ipad and not look like a bag lady. Great giveaway!
    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie recently posted…Giving old furniture new life- Modern Relics

  127. I love the army colored zipper tote!

  128. I love the Carina Square Pocket Crossbody, but the zipper tote is awesome as well. I LOVE all the color choices. Hard to choose!
    Jen recently posted…10 Months

  129. Due in May with my first baby and currently in the throes of the great diaper bag debate. I LOVE this bag – it is perfect. I’m thinking I’ve found my bag – Carina Zipper Tote Indigo.

  130. well, if I had to choose, it would be the zipper tote in indigo, but I also really like the square tote in indigo and the triangle tote in army.

    ps – what is that cute little teether/toy in your bag? it looks like the same rubber type thingy as a Sophie Giraffe?
    shannon recently posted…Back to School

  131. I love th Carina Zipper Tote/Shoulderbag in Cafe Coated Canvas. I could use a great diaper bag. I HATE diaper bags, so hard to find anything.

  132. I LOVE the zipper tote! In army green please! :)

  133. I am in hot love with the Square Pocket Tote. Cute!

  134. AppleTree says:

    The weekender is super cute.

  135. Love the white one!! Although anyone would do ;-)

  136. Wendi McCombs says:

    The Zipper Tote in Army coated canvas.

  137. Love the zipper tote — similar to my normal purse that I use and I love the “Cafe Coated Canvas” color or the “Army Coated Canvas” one that you’re sporting! Looks very functional!

  138. I think you have done it perfectly with the zipper tote in Army.

  139. Luckily for me, my fave from the collection is the zipper tote! As a poor grad student, I would love to win this bag and be able to tote all my medical student wares around the hospital in style!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  140. That zipper tote is PERFECTION. It would definitely be my pick…
    Rebecca (Bearca) recently posted…I cant believe Im posting this

  141. That Zipper Tote is the one. Never heard of Clava, but will look into their lines. I’m always looking for a great new bag.

  142. Love it! You’re right about conventional diaper bags, too. This looks perfect!

  143. Oh, now I have really bad bag envy. I’ve been looking for a bag just like this for weeks and weeks and making hubby crazy. I want cross body with shoulder option (because chasing a toddler requires both hands and shoulder bags don’t stay put), outside pocket, light colored interior so I can see what the heck is inside. This meets all my requirements except price, of course. ;)
    I hope I win!

  144. Christy M says:

    The zipper tote is awesome! That blue color is seriously making me salivate. I’m right there with you about the diaper-bag-look. Ewww.

  145. I love the zipper tote. I’m a sucker for a bag with lots of pockets and can be carried both on the shoulder/arm and across the body.

  146. I’m loving that Triangle Tote… and in blue, surprisingly? I can only carry bags that have straps like that, all others drive me crazy.

  147. oh my. my baby boy gage is a week old and i would die for that bag in the army green!

  148. Sarah Viola says:

    OH MAN, do I want that zipper tote. I think I’d choose Army, like yours. Or maybe watermelon?

  149. I love the Carina zipper tote in the army color! It’s the perfect size for my diaper bag needs!

  150. I’d love the army coated canvas just like you have right there. Snazzy!

  151. I love the tote in cafe coated canvas!!! What a great looking bag!

  152. Definitely the zipper tote. I have the same problem – hate carrying a diaper bag.

  153. I love the zipper tote – maybe in a blue? I have the same problem with losing things in a bag that’s too big, but I also hate something that’s too small or has too many tiny pockets. This one looks perfect!

  154. Stephanie says:

    I love the Carina Tassel bag. They are all very cute!

  155. I want to pretend like I am the Triangle Tote kind of chick, but with three under 4 years old, Zipper Tote here I come. I have The. Worst. diaper bag, leftover from my messenger bag days in NYC. This would be a HUGE update for my (non-existent) look.

  156. Definetely 100% the zipper tote. I’ll go a step further and state my claim on the army-green one like yours. LOVE IT!

  157. I’ve been looking for a diaper bag (I’m due in July with my first) that isn’t baby bag like and can also be used as a travel bag. I love how you use the Carina Zipper Tote for a diaper bag. It is my favourite in the collection as well.

  158. lindsaywillman says:

    my favorite is the carina zipper tote in army. it’s lovely.
    lindsaywillman recently posted…Week 39

  159. It’s definitely a tie between the Carina Tassle Tote and the Carina Zipper Tote for me! I love them both!!!

    Super-great giveaway, I hope I win!

  160. I like the zipper tote. While I wouldn’t be using it for a diaper bag (for a while at least), it looks really cute and functional! Love!

  161. I think I’d have to pick the Gym Bag in turquoise. I love the shape of it, and that I could use it for my diaper bag and regular bag. And the white handles, the turquoise color and red accents? GORGEOUS.
    Jessica recently posted…21- The Great Gatsby

  162. Ummm, am I allowed to like all of their bags?! The Weekender is fantastic. I am always on the look out for a classy bag that I can use on short trips. Oh and the clutch. I need a new one of those. And then there is the Pocket Duffel. Because I hate suitcases. Passionately.

    The Zipper Tote is lovely, and I how it looks so functional. I’d be hard pressed to pick between the green you have and the dark blue. Both are beautiful colours.
    Gillian recently posted…Recollections

  163. I too love the zipper tote! I have 4 kids and need a bag to hold all sorts of things!

  164. The weekender bag looks awesome!

  165. I want the exact same one as you! These are so cute and would also work as a camera bag with a padded insert.
    Mary Sue recently posted…Ma’s Breakfast Bowl

  166. I love the black one for my sister who is currently baking my nephew – due in June!

    Love your simple yet chic outfit!

  167. I love the zipper tote, too, but my second favorite is the weekender! Neither of which would be used as a diaper bag. Both in Army, please and thank you.

  168. Zipper Tote for sure! I’ve been looking for an upgrade since we are adding a second BOY to our bunch. Definitely indigo for me! :)

  169. ooh i love this and I don’t even have a baby :) I would become a nanny and carry it as my diaper bag for someone else’s baby if I won, though. I promise you that! Army coated canvas, please and thank you!

  170. Although maybe totally impractical for a diaper bag (which I need as I’m due May 1st – yay!), I’d pick the zipper tote in the stone color.

  171. Love the whole look! I’d pick the army/red combo, too.

  172. I’d choose the zipper tote in ice blue!

  173. The army one definitely. Yay new diaper bag!!

  174. Oooooooohhhhhh! The zipper tote in red or blue. Gorgeous!

  175. The Weekender is glorious!!! I love the army color.

  176. I’m going to be a copycat and say the Zipper Tote is by far my fave!!! I have 3 boys six and under, so I’d be rocking it as a baby/toddler bag for now! :)

  177. I love the Zipper tote and would love the dark brown one.

  178. The zipper tote looks pretty perfect as a purse and a mom carry all.

  179. That Zipper Tote is the epitome of awesome. I love it.

  180. I am unexpectedly drawn to the light blue.

  181. Love the Zipper Tote!

  182. I think the Zipper Tote is my favorite!

  183. I love the Carina Weekender!!

  184. Definitely the zipper tote! The Indigo would be my color of choice.

  185. I’m drawn to the Triangle tote but they’re all fabulous!

  186. I love the Vertical Tote! Great idea to use the zipper tote for a diaper bag.

  187. I LOVE the zipper tote and would totally use that as a diaper bag.

  188. Loving the crossbody! It’s hard finding something small like that that’s actually cute.

  189. The Carina Zipper Tote would be perfect for grad school and fieldwork. I usually haul around a mini-computer, a water bottle, wallet, cell phone, pens, and other junk and this would be the perfect size bag! I love the light brown and light blue colors.

  190. Brooke R. says:

    The Zipper Tote has got to be my favorite as well!

  191. I kind of like that Clava myself. And totally would use it as a diaper bag, and then as a laptop bag once I no longer needed the diaper bag (someday in the far distant future when I will no longer need to be carrying diapers, changes of clothes or someone elses stuff. It could happen, right? RIGHT?!?!?)

  192. Definitely the zipper tote! It’s gorgeous and so practical (and the two don’t always go together!). x

  193. Oh yeah, I would totally go for the tote/shoulder bag too. Those colors are delectable. And I love a cross-body strap.

  194. I LOVE the zipper tote!! With 3 kids, I find I always need room for extra stuff but I hate the jumbled mess of so many larger bags.
    Crisanne recently posted…Tuesdays

  195. They are all awesome! Love the Tassel and the Weekender and the Vertical and the…. Thanks for the contest!

  196. Ohoh oh oh I love both the one YOU have, the Carina Zipper Tote and I also love the Mini Zip Crossbody!
    stickyheels recently posted…Slow weekends with no agendas

  197. Loving the zipper tote as diaper bag – it would be awesome for me as a new mama!

  198. I love the olive one and the light blue!

  199. Christina says:

    I was just online looking for a non-diaper bag looking bag to use as a diaper bag ;) I love it!!!

  200. This is perfect timing – I’ve been looking for a new diaper bag for spring/summer and the Zipper Tote in stone coated canvas would be perfect!

  201. I love the white one on the bottom left! It would be a huge upgrade from the tote I use now where toys get lost with diapers, etc.
    molly recently posted…Mememememe

  202. I am with you on the diaper bag dilemma! I love bags with the cross body strap. It helps relieve my over-worked shoulder.

    I am torn between the navy, white, or army color. Or maybe my usual cream.

  203. Love the mini square cross body tote, but really all the totes are great!

    Great colour selection too!

  204. Obviously white makes everything look so amazing, but in a purse it would get too dirty. I like the color you have because it goes with EVERYTHING!
    Katie Lee recently posted…THIS is where we live now!

  205. Gretchen Burleson says:

    I like the zipper tote in indigo! And I’m expecting twins any day now and would love a stylish bag!

  206. I am LOVING the Triangle Tote!

  207. oh my – they are all beautiful!
    I love the green, the one that you are modeling so hotly :)
    and let me tell you – i need a new diaper bag.
    My current hot pink bag really is not right with my 8 month old son.

  208. The weekender in the blue coated canvas would be amazing

  209. You look so fashionable with that bag! No one would know that it houses diapers.

    I love that zipper bag and the blue with red details looks absolutely luscious!

  210. Well, you have pretty much sold me on the zipper tote, but I also really like the square pocket tote. Thanks!

  211. I like the Carina pocket duffle – it comes in Watermelon! So perfect for an overnight bag.
    Emily recently posted…A book review

  212. Emilie-VT says:

    um, ya—the one you are caring happens to be on the top of my list :)

  213. The Tutugirl says:

    The Zipper Tote would be perfect for my job this summer, and for carrying to school next year!

  214. While I really love several of them (Weekender, tassel handbag!), the exact one you have is just perfection! I adore it. That’s absolutely the one I’d pick.
    Mrs. Smith recently posted…A to Z

  215. Love the zipper tote in Stone, also the weekender! Great bags

  216. You better believe that I will follow your good lead in taste and choose the same one you did. In dark blue.
    Janssen recently posted…Some Weekends Are Heavy on the Fun and Light on the Lazing Around

  217. The zipper tote looks like the one for me. Perfect for my stuff, the 3 year old and 5 week old’s stuff. Can’t wait for the day when I get to stop carrying other people’s stuff.

  218. Leave it to you to turn a stylish tote into a diaper bag. I expect nothing less from you!

    I am baby-less but love a good tote. I’m partial to the tote myself – particularly the ice blue one with red accents (adore that color combo!).

  219. I think the zipper tote is my favorite. I am totally thinking about copying you and using it as a diaper bag for my upcoming arrivals (twins in May!).

  220. I love that zipper tote! I have a 9-month old also (and a 6 year old and a 4 year old)! I MUST have this bag! (Thanks!!)

  221. I want to love the mini zip crossbody but sadly it’s too small for all the stuff I tote around. The normal crossbody is more my size :)

  222. I would love the Carina square pocket crossbody.

    I really wish the website had views of the inside of the bags–that would be most helpful!

  223. rayshell cook says:

    Love the Cafe Coated Canvas! Would really come in handy once our new peincess arrives in July! Even now it would get good use as my everyday bag is rather large.

  224. I love the Carina Square Pocket Crossbody but it was really hard to choose just one.

  225. Christine H. says:

    Zipper tote, definitely. I would use it for a laptop bag.

  226. I love how you’ve used the tote as a diaper bag!
    I am enamored with the triangle tote… so cute and I can still stash a diaper and small pack of wipes for my daughter.

  227. erica d. says:

    I am loving the Cafe color! So handy with all the storage areas. Great bag!

  228. My favourite is the zipper tote too – especially in Indigo.

  229. I’ve just been looking for a tote to bring on a plane with me (in addition to my carryon). I love the Carina Tote (that light blue is amazing, I’m not normally a light blue type of gal)…although the Weekender is pretty sweet too.

  230. Elizabeth says:

    I love the zipper tote in the army. I have been looking everywhere for a diaper bag (baby due in 4 weeks!!) that can function as a diaper bag without looking like one. What a great find!

  231. I could not agree with you more. I hate diaper bags that look like diaper bags. I’m always glad to get past that initial stage where blow-outs happen so I can just throw a bag of diapers and wipes into my purse.

    These are really cute and I think the one you picked would be perfect for a diaper bag. And the olive is a good choice so that the husband will actually carry it. Although that never happens, so i might as well get the baby blue. :)

  232. I love the Carina Gym Bag. It’s super cute!

  233. the zipper tote in cafe is cooler than just about everything i own.

  234. I love the triangle tote but would love to win this one too!

  235. Zipper tote in indigo is gorgeous!

  236. RebeccaW says:

    I like the black one! :) Using that as a diaper bag is brilliant I hated my big ugly diaper bag.

  237. They are all beautiful, but my fav is the triangle tote, followed closely by the zipper tote.
    Amber recently posted…thankful day 12

  238. Christine says:

    I need a diaper bag (though it cannot look like one!) since I am expecting a baby and I love the brown one.

  239. I like the square pocket crossbody, and also all of the other ones. How to choose?

  240. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the zippered tote and I whole heartedly agree that traditional diaper bags are for the birds!

  241. torn between the weekender and the gym bag, but I love the zipper tote in Army.

  242. Ah, only wish I had known of these when I was in diaper bag carrying days. Loving the Carina Zip Crossbody.

  243. I am not familiar with these bags, but after seeing the zipper tote, I have decided I need one! I am a very compartment-type person, so I think the interior of the bag is perfect. Indigo is my choice. :-)

  244. I’ve been looking for a less-diapery bag with more internal organization – this looks awesome! I am a fan of the olive/red combo.,.or maybe basic black so the husband won’t mind carrying it….

  245. I’m going to be a grandma at the end of June and will need my own diaper bag – this one would be perfect!!! What a beautiful bag!! I’d love it in simple black to go with everything and stay clean.

  246. Erin L. Thiele says:

    I really like the Weekender, but sometimes if I have a bigger bag, I’ll overpack and then I hate carrying the heavy sucker. The zipper tote seems great for everyday for sure. And I’m all about a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

  247. I think the zipper tote is my favorite! I also like the square tote. The color you have is great. I’ve always thought that the whole “diaper bag” thing is just a marketing ploy…you just need a sturdy bag with pockets that’s easy to clean!

  248. Love the zipper tote, but I also love the mini cross body bag!

  249. Oh, I am so utterly torn between the dark blue one and the light blue one. Can I have both? Pretty please?

  250. I love the weekender in indigo or the zipper tote in stone. Great bags!

  251. LOVE the Carina Zipper Tote in Army! Since I am due with #2 in 3 weeks, this will work perfectly as a super-stylish diaper bag!

  252. Love the zipper tote, and the color of yours is gorgeous!

  253. This collection of bags is SO my style – thanks for sharing! I love the zipper bag (in either of the blue shades), but I also love the triangle tote (although I suppose they are very similar). You have spectacular taste!

  254. I actually think the Zipper Tote IS my favorite – particularly the sage-y green one you’re holding in your photos. I also love the Weekender…if ever there is a chance to get away for a weekend, right?!

  255. love the white. perfect for spring!

  256. I love the Carina Tassel Tote and your fabulous Zipper tote of course.

  257. The zipper tote is my favorite. How pretty and useful!

  258. impossible to choose…but if forced to i’d pick the gym bag in black. woot!
    LobotoME recently posted… on my mind

  259. christine says:

    I’m loving the Carina Zipper Tote – Army color!

  260. I like the black to go w/everything or maybe the red!

  261. Aristella says:

    Definitely the zipper tote. I need a new diaperbag and how I hate actual diaper bag. How I wish this were in my price rage.

  262. Definitely the Carina Zipper Tote. It looks perfect!

  263. The zipper tote is so cute! So many pockets! Though the vertical tote is a close second!

  264. I really really like the Carina Weekender! In Blue canvas!
    Jenna Z recently posted…Another Ball Quilt

  265. I love this zipper tote! I would absolutely love it in the shade of green that you are modeling! I’m a sucker for larger bags with tons of space for storage. No kids yet, but I could totally see using it in the future as a chic diaper bag :)
    Cara recently posted…homemade pizza

  266. bottom left white one, Gorgeous!

  267. Oooh, I love the Triangle tote, but I wish it came in Watermelon. That being said, I’d make out with the Zipper tote (in Watermelon) if I was to win one. And then I’d fill it full of diapers and stuff and attempt to look as stylish as you do while toting my 6 month old around. In my stylish hair that hasn’t seen a cut since before I had said child, so probably not so stylish.
    ellbee recently posted…Garlic Roasted Chicken of Goodness

  268. The weekender is so cute! But I’d take the one you have in stone in a heartbeat too.

  269. Christine says:

    I want the one you have. So cute and versatile!

  270. I love the same one you’re using and would totally use it as a diaper bag as well!
    Vanessa recently posted…A different kind of “love” post …

  271. tough call…there are a ton of great ones, but i’d say either the zipper tote or square pocket tote are my faves! great colors too. crossing my fingers…i could use an (un)diaper bag!

  272. I think the zipper tote is my favorite with the gym bag a very close second!

  273. I have to say the zipper tote is actually my favorite- making the prospect of winning one that much more exciting!

  274. Totally love it in white!

  275. oh la la most def the tote!!

    ps and you wear it well too!

  276. Kristen M. says:

    Love them all….but I am with you! All of my gifted diaper bags gathered dust while other bags really fit the bill if they were washable and full of pockets.

  277. katherine says:

    Zipper tote in army ftw! Perfect for a law student now…maybe a diaper bag later :)

  278. Oooo! I love the stone! I am 8 weeks pregnant and it would be AWESOME if this turned out to be the very first baby related item I own. LOL

  279. So glad to see all of the comments! Thank you all for your kind words about the bag & a BIG thank you to Sarah for this beautiful post!

  280. Love the Carina Weekender, as well as the Zipper Tote. Both would be great for travel. Am looking for a new carry on bag after my trusty backpack wore thin on this last trip.

  281. Love all of them! But either the shoulder tote or the tassel handbag would be perfect for me right now. Large enough to function as a diaper bag, but still a real purse/ hand bag
    love them all!

  282. That dark blue zipper tote neeeeds to be mine!

  283. The cafe coated canvas zipper tote looks like the BEST CARRY-ON EVAH!!!

  284. Zipper tote for sure! I love the light blue/aqua color.
    birdie recently posted…The One in Which a Good Run Equals a Temporary Lapse in Judgement

  285. OOOh, I love the weekender bag, but the zipper tote would be perfect for a diaper bag too! Thanks for the awesome giveaway~

  286. Ooh! Love the zippered tote in cream or gray. I’ve bee looking for a new diaper bag (expecting number 3 in 5 weeks) and I’m happy to hear that this zippered tote is Whoorl-endorsed to be used as a diaper bag!

  287. BIG fan of the zipper tote. BIGGER fan of the top handle AND cross body option. The zippered top & light weight material the deal. Living in a big city + mass trans + having a lot of stuff = this would be the perfect bag.

  288. I love the Weekender AND the Zipper Tote (since I’m traveling with two in diapers right now, the bigger the better and a zipper is a must). Thanks for inspiring me to be stylish as a mom once again, Sarah … I have to KEEP TRYING! :)
    Manda recently posted…Finally! A fashion show! the long-awaited FINAL Le Creuset update

  289. The photo of the interior of that bag made me shiver – Purse/Diaper Bag HEAVEN! For an organizer by heart, a well kept bag is a dream, I’m officially IN LOVE! However, it’s a toss between the Carina Tassle and the Carina Triangle.

    Maybe I should just tell my husband that I need one of each, then I’ll never buy another purse again….or at least until next Fall when fashion demands a change!
    Ashley recently posted…Twitter leaves me feeling like a Twit

  290. I would love the Carina Zipper Tote/Shoulderbag. I desperately need a new work bag!

  291. The Carina Weekender is my fave, but really I’d take any of them. :)
    Roxanne recently posted…the weekend

  292. Michelle says:

    I love the Carina Foldover Clutch but would love the Zipper Tote to gift to my sister who is preggers with her 1st baby!

  293. I like the vertical tote!

  294. oooh! I’d love to ditch my Skip Hop (even though it’s a great bag) and look way cooler with this bag! I think you got the best one in the collection – although the gym bag is pretty cute, too :)

  295. Heather Ben says:

    I am loving the gym bag, but it doesn’t have the cross-body strap. So, I think i would have to go to the weekender. But i totally love the zipper as well. all for different needs! in black…

  296. I love the Carina zipper tote too. Exactly my kind of bag… and I’ll be using it as a diaper bag as well. I too love lots of pockets for the bags I use as diaper bags. Everything in its place. Thanks for the chance to win!

  297. The Triangle Tote is cute! The perfect size of a purse I would normally use.

    I am expecting my first baby soon (girl!) and have had no luck finding a diaper bag that isn’t so diaper bag looking… The inside photo of the bag you are using was helpful… so I’d have to say I would be honored to carry that thing around as my diaper bag!

  298. Sarah C. says:

    The dark blue, so dreamy!

  299. Claire H. says:

    I can’t decide between the Zipper Tote/Shoulderbag and Large tote- love the look and function!!

  300. nice pockets. i think i like the army coated canvas the best.

  301. The zipper tote really is the best. And you nailed it with your color choice. I really like the light blue coated canvas with the red zippers. I think I could pull that off

  302. So cute! And you should definitely be on their website as a bag-model. Love your ensemble!

    The Carina Weekender seems like a handy-size bag, but I’d love the zipper-tote, too, also to double as a diaper bag. The Army color is my fav, followed by the sky blue.

  303. Love the zipper tote – the white (or stone???) with the red zipper accents…so cute for summer!

  304. Kate Robinson says:

    I NEED the sky blue zipper tote!

  305. It was love at first sight when I spied the zipper tote in your hands! ZIpper tote like yours FTW! And we are in the bizness of making our first baby now, so wouldn’t it just be the bee’s knees to have a stylish diaper bag (esp since my plans for boot camp have been FOILED)?

    Hooray! And you look fabulous!

  306. that zipper tote is totes cute. red would be delectable!!
    mommymae recently posted…when life gets in the way

  307. love the indigo one. I’m so in love with indigo these days.

    You look great!

  308. I love the army color zippered tote, but white and ice blue are also nice. That bag would come in handy for so many different including work, baby, beach it would be hard to decide which to use it for!

  309. suzanne murphy says:

    the navy is super cute!

  310. That light blue is amazing. LOVE.
    Gretchen Alice recently posted…PoP- Edition 22

  311. LOVE the zipper tote- and I would definitely use it as a diaper bag!!

  312. Danielle says:

    I love the triangle tote!

  313. Ooh. Tie between the Zipper tote and the Weekender, but Zipper tote probably would win that showdown for me. Love these cute bags! (And your ensemble! )

  314. LOVIN the gym bag.

  315. zipper tote is fabulous! cream is definitely my favorite.

  316. I agree with you! That is a sweet bag.

  317. I think I like the army or the light blue zipper tote the best!

  318. The Carina fo sho! So cute!

  319. oh my, a hot pink weekender would just make my year..ahh…

  320. Megan LaBelle says:

    I actually think the zipper tote is my favorite!

  321. Thank you for the zipper-tote review! I was starting to think that I would be stuck with “diapery” diaper bags forEVER. Definitely love the zipper tote (the mini crossbody isn’t too bad either).

  322. Carina Gym Bag!!!! Love it!

  323. BeRefinnej says:

    LOVE the Carina Triangle Tote (can’t decide on color) but I definitely like the zipper tote wayyyy more. Never heard of this company before. So exciting!

  324. zipper tote that you have. I need that!!

  325. Danielle says:

    I like the square pocket cross body in indigo or the zipper tote in indigo!

    Cute look by the way!

  326. You look amazing, mama! And I think I’d pick the same one you’re rocking, though as I’m childless, I’d use it as a school/everyday bag. Awesome giveaway!
    Mia recently posted…Ode to Elizabeth in the process of making a linocut Taken

  327. Oooh, you totally picked the best one- fun collection, but the zipper tote looks the most awesome!!

  328. Going with the zipper tote–love that the bags are vegan (as far as I can tell from the site!)

  329. Frannie Von Schmidt says:

    Hi, Sarah! What a wonderful giveaway. I am truly in love with the Clava Gym Bag in White. It is absolutely lovely! : ) Keepin’ my fingers crossed!

  330. I love the gym bag, and I would use it as a diaper bag too!

  331. Jennifer says:

    I love the gym bag! It’s a great shape and I love all the options for colors!

  332. I really like the blue and the army colors. I too like the idea of a diaper bag that doesn’t scream diaper bad. In fact, I’ve never used a REAL diaper bag, always a regular bag outfitted as a diaper bag.
    Carrie S. recently posted…Vintage Eyeglasses Yes- Please!

  333. I think the Zipper Tote is the best too – I am a huge fan of compartments/zippers and that bag would totally cover me. It would be hard to choose a color because I like so many of them but maybe the army color like the one you’re carrying. This bag would be perfect for me as I’m due in May with my first!

  334. I love the white, perfect for summer!!! Loving all those compartments too!

  335. Oooh, so hard to decide. I love the army green that you have, but I think the pale blue is my fave. And I WOULD use it as a diaper bag.

  336. I’m totally loving the zippered tote bag and would use it just like you! Baby #2 is due in 2 weeks, so this would be absolutely perfect timing to win!
    Rebe G. recently posted…Ready- or not!

  337. I think you’re spot on with the zipper tote, it’s perfect for almost anything!

  338. I’d definitely go for the zippered tote bag and would use it just like you! Baby #2 is due in 2 weeks, so this would be absolutely perfect timing to win!
    Rebe G. recently posted…Ready- or not!

  339. The Third Jessica says:

    Oooh, that light blue one is prettyprettypretty. And I would also use it as a diaper bag!

  340. Tiffani in FL says:

    I like the dark brown one.

  341. I am LOVING this bag! My fav is definitely the Zipper tote/Shoulder bag! That green-ish (??) color with the red zipper would go with EVERYTHING! Before I even knew you were giving this bag away, I thought, “I NEED THIS BAG!” THANKS!!!

  342. That light blue one is beautiful :)

  343. I like the vertical tote. Would be very practical for me…Thanks!
    Kristen S recently posted…Menu Plan Monday- Week of February 28 2011

  344. The gym bag but I can’t decide which color…black or indigo??

  345. ohh, that weekender bag is nice.
    regan recently posted…new! house!


  347. I have been looking for a new get-a-way bag and The Weekender looks terrific. For sure my favorite.
    Anna recently posted…47-365

  348. I love the zipper tote! The blue one is fantastic.
    Valerie recently posted…Lately in words and pictures

  349. Zipper tote All. The. Way!!

    I am so with you on the diaper bag thing. No one can believe the gear I stuff into my purse. I need one of these!

  350. Caroline says:

    I’d love the exact one you have, it’s perfection!

  351. I like the tassel handbag and the zipper tote equally. What a great collection!

  352. The zipper tote is my favourite too, and I’d go for the blue coated canvas. Love it! And you look amazing, as always. :)
    Amanda Brown recently posted…All Banged Up

  353. Zipper tote which I would use as a diaper bag. The cross body strap sold me! The only thing I carry that you don’t have in there is a blanket for nursing. And I usually have some matchbox cars and diapers for my 2 yr old.

  354. I wouldn’t mind any of them… but I think I like either Stone or Indigo the best!
    verdemama recently posted…Good Things Come in Pretty Packages

  355. I love the color you have. And I probably wouldn’t use it as a diaper bag at least for a few more years…
    Elizabeth recently posted…Best Things of the Week

  356. tadpoledrain says:

    Ooh, I love love love the Weekender, but for sheer practicality, the Zipper Tote is fantastic. :)

  357. Miss Virginia says:

    Ok, not only do I LOVE the zipper tote, but Iove your entire outfit as well. Off to the gap and lands end tomorrow for the jeans, shoes and shirt (already have the glasses). BTW…you look quite glam, in fact, at first I thought that was a professional model shot from JCrew.

  358. I would have to go with the zipper tote because I have young kids and it’s got the sholder strap. But I also really like the gym bag….

  359. The Weekender, definitely – I love the boxy style and the different color around the zipper. So cute!

  360. The Carina Mini-zip Crossbody. Love!

  361. Elizabeth says:

    I like the indigo color on the Square Pocket Tote.

  362. Torn between the weekender and zipper tote!

  363. Callie Randall says:

    Love the tassel tote. Super sassy!

  364. Carri Dillon says:

    Carina Zipper in Army all the way!!! Perfect for me and my 8 month old boy!

  365. Carina Zipper Tote in Blue Coated Canvas…I never knew a bag could break my heart!!!!!

  366. Stephanie says:

    Nice stuff…I like the zipper tote, too, in white!

  367. the indigo!!!!!!!!!!

  368. I love the Zipper Tote the best – in blue or the dark chocolate colour, or the colour you have. or white….love them all.

  369. A toss up between weekender and zipper tote

  370. MichelleG says:

    oooohh… Carina Zipper Tote/Shoulderbag. in your picture of the color choices: top row, third from the left (“Stone”, i think?)

    i was JUST telling my mother-in-law and sis-in-laws that i didn’t want a traditional diaper bag and would probably just carry one of those roll-up mats in a large tote (ala tjmax, etc)… and they all looked at me like i was CRAZY. well girls, whose crazy now? :o)

  371. I love the looks of the weekender.

  372. Elizabeth says:

    So happy I don’t actually need a diaper bag anymore. I’ve been changing diapers for almost 10 years straight. We have three girls and the youngest just got potty trained, yay!! I could use that bag for other purposes though. I love all of the colors! Very cute!

  373. love the stone colored one!

  374. The red is pretty flashy…I’m not usually one for red, but with my black with white polka dot coat, it’d be sweet!! So red for me. Pick me, pick me!!
    SarahD recently posted…Heading down

  375. I think you got the best one! It’s definitely the cutest. Good choice!

  376. I actually love the exact one you are using!!!! So the Canvas zipper tote in army color!!! :)

  377. Michelle says:

    I like the Gym Bag in light blue – the blue with red zippers is SO pretty! I’d love the zip tote too. :)

  378. I am taken by the weekender and the zipper tote!
    Allison recently posted…From the Archives- A Birth Story

  379. Diana Parra says:

    I love the blue zipper tote!

  380. Prior to this post I would have considered the Pocket Tote for a diaper bag, but as usual your sense of style is outstanding and steal worthy (it’s flattery, right?). Now I’m coveting the Zipper Bag in blue – trendy and practical!

  381. I love the one on the main page- I think that’s the Stone Cold one? LOVE!

  382. oops, just realized I meant INDIGO (not baby blue!)…

  383. Okay the zipper tote rocks. I am so sick of my skiphop but all of the other diaper bags I’ve looked at are hideous.

    I also love the other two crossbody bags – crossbody bags are definitely a must with two babes!

  384. I’d love the Carina Square Pocket Crossbody! :)

  385. This zipper tote looks great! I would love to double it as a diaper bag :)

  386. That zipper tote looks amazing! I love the long strap for carrying the bag cross-body.. that is my biggest pet peeve, bags falling off my shoulder when trying to wrassle my Jojo.

  387. A Little Coffee says:

    Love the white one with the brown zippers, in the bottom left corner!

  388. Sarah West says:

    I am always on the lookout for a fun and not too “diapery” diaper bag. These are perfect. With me being only 5 feet tall it is easy for bags to look like they are taking over and this one looks like the perfect size. Baby #2 is scheduled to come via c-section on this wednesday (3/30/11) and I find the white one with the red zippers would be perfect for either a boy or a girl (since we do not know what we are having yet :) ) Love it!!!!!

  389. I Loooove a big purse and sometimes use it for an overnight bag if I don’t need too much stuff. My favorite is the pink zippered bag. I had a purse that color that the strap broke on and have not found one I like enough to replace it since. This could be the one!!!
    Lisa recently posted…Like a teenager

  390. oh I want to win this so very badly….so, very, badly! My favorite is probably the one you have (original, I know!) but the large tote is pretty great too! (might even fit the baby? wait….)
    CourtneyJo recently posted…Saddle Up

  391. It doesn’t get any cuter than the Carina Zipper Tote/Shoulderbag does it?!! Tres cute! Now choosing a color is hard. Its a toss up between Indigo and Army.
    Did I mention its my birthday on the 2nd of April. Fingers crossed! :)

  392. Jennifer says:

    I think the Zipper Tote is my favorite! Great giveaway!

  393. Love Love Love the zipper tote/weekender you are sporting. I am getting tired of carrying around diaper bags, I think 17 months is long enough! As for color, loving the army green or possibly what looks to be black with green accents. I am so in need of a new multi-purpose bag! By the way, you totally look rocking in the pics with the bag…I am still trying to get my style and body back since baby #1 came along.

  394. shahin kachwala says:

    I like the Carina Zipper Tote in Black!

  395. I really love the mini carina zip crossbody in the same colour as the zipper tote your wearing in the pics. So army… or indigo… or cafe! Argh, I can’t decide!

  396. Love the zipper tote and the crossbody!

  397. i really love the zipper tote best. i’d probably get it in black or army. or indigo.
    beyond recently posted…Hello again

  398. God willing, I would so rock the Carina Zipper Tote in Stone. Your creative organized illustration sold me! Done.

  399. Natalie R. says:

    I love the zipper tote as well.

  400. I would love this bag in the cream and brown. I overspent for my diaper bag and it hasn’t held up well!

  401. amy david says:

    My fave is the one you carry…olive and red, love it!
    Been looking at a crossbody bag for a while now.

  402. I like the zipper tote. I walk to work this would be so easy to carry.

    P.S. I love your outfit!

  403. Love the Army! Got a new little boy set to arrive in June so this would be perfect!

  404. Michelle Baxter says:

    I love the bag that looks just like yours! Which Ray Ban Aviators do you recommend….the large style or the small?

  405. I HATE my diaper bag. Such a PIA, I was constantly digging through the black hole of that large space to find a bink or a teether.

    The zipper tote in indigo is amazing! Definintely my favorite.

    You look fantabulous, by the way! Your bootcamp success has inspired me to kick up my workouts a notch.

  406. Ohh..I love this bag! I like the color you have best!

  407. Elaine C. says:

    Ooh, these are all fantastic! For me it’s a tie between the triangle tote and the zipper tote.

  408. I’d love the mini cross body for everyday weekend use, but the toe you have would be perfect for back and forth to work. Hmmm ,if I win the tote maybe I’ll have to get the cross body too.

  409. LOVE LOVE LOVE and God knows NEED this! Any colour would be awesome but I’m partial to black (or pink).

  410. Loved yours – the Carina Zipper Tote/Shoulderbag! And I would definitely use it as a diaper bag – baby #1 arriving in August!

  411. let’s be honest. all those bad boys are pretty amazing. if i were to choose, i would say the dark blue.

  412. I love the Triangle Tote. Super cute and functional too!

  413. The gym bag and the zipper tote are my two favorites, both look super cute while still allowing you to haul around a ton of stuff…great combo!

  414. Sheila Hickmon says:

    My fave is the Carina Tassel Handbag!! Thanks!

  415. First of all, you look darling Sarah! Second of all, i love the carina zipper tote and need it for a baby bag too! Such a cute idea.

  416. I’m partial to the one you’re sporting.
    Dr. Maureen recently posted…Too much to say

  417. Christine says:

    Ohhh, I never get to have a really nice bag anymore and I would LOVE to win this! I adore the zipper tote in Army or Cafe. Simply beautiful and I would feel so fancy carrying such a great bag around with me (I would use it for everything and with two kids it would fit my needs perfectly while making me look chic!)


  418. i’m digging the cream colored on with the brown handles (far left, bottom). they look like they’d be great work bags, too!

  419. Am I allowed to say I love them all!??!?!?!
    Jennifer recently posted…Mema and Papa

  420. I’d pick the exact one you have, in the same color. What can I say, you’ve got good taste.

  421. I love the zipper tote, just like you have!

  422. Love it! I’m well past the diaper bag stage but I’m sure I could find another suitable use for it… maybe jetsetting around the globe!

  423. the zipper tote is my fav too, and the army color is the perfect spring bag, not too light, not too dark. great stuff!
    sarah recently posted…march in kc in eights

  424. i never thought i would say it but i really like the zipper tote!
    it’s not my usual style but i love the room & the function.

  425. Love your blog!!! The Carina Zipper Tote in Stone Coated Canvas is just what I have been looking for.

  426. Andrea in Fort Worth says:

    DIAPER BAG ENVY!!! *swoon*

    I’m liking the Army color but ALSO loving the watermelon color…just because it’s called watermelon.

  427. I love the olive one that you are rocking! Or, the olive and off white! They are all lovely though:)

  428. I LOVE the Carina Zipper Tote and am busy shopping for a diaper bag at the moment, so “perfect timing!!”

  429. The white coated canvas one is gorgeous! Love your blog

  430. I have been looking for a nice summer bag lately (dreaming of warmer weather), and I love the cream colored zipper tote. Which I would use for a work bag… if I ever find a job! (Maybe I should just buy the bag first, and the job will follow. That’s good financial planning, right?)

  431. Jessica L. says:

    The triangle tote is downright adorable…I would love to carry it around everywhere I go! I would also love to have this amazing weekend bag (no kids yet!) in that gorgeous navy color!

  432. Carolyn V says:

    I’ll have to be a copy-cat and agree with you on the zipper tote. Love the compartments and it would be great for taking to work.

  433. Sky blue zipper tote!

  434. Molly C. says:

    I really like it in the Army color because that seems like a good neutral. I don’t think I could commit to any other color

  435. i LOVE the Carina gym bag!

  436. I love the vertical bag. But they are all awesome.

  437. kimberley p says:

    So there are about ten bags I would absolutely love, and thats saying a lot since I am a diehard Dooney fan. BUT, I’d love to give the canvas and leather mailbag to my lovely daughter. She is graduating from HS this spring, and headed to University of the Pacific!!! And she needs a new bag. And this one is so cool!

  438. Love the weekender! I want to take it on a cross-country road trip.

  439. Whew! It took about an hour to scroll to the bottom of the comments! I’m diggin’ the black/graphite-lookin’ number, bottom row, second from left.

  440. The Weekender bag in army is amazing! I’m in love. The red details are perfection.

  441. hmmm, that’s a tough one. i love the camel colored you are holding and the white with the grey trim and orange detailing.

  442. not to be a copy…but i LOVE the army! perfect carry-on for travel!! or really….any time!

  443. HeatherJC says:

    I love the Carina Zipper Tote that you have! That would be my favorite!

  444. I like the gym tote. Almost makes me want to go to the gym.

  445. I have a 18 month old that still poops 4 times a day….I NEED a big diaper bag! Tote, Tote, Tote!

  446. I love the zipper tote for laptop/work!

  447. Jenny Lewis says:

    I covet the exact one you have. Except my toddler is now POTTY TRAINED, so I’d be using it for other fun and folly.

  448. Totally digging the Zipper Tote in the same color you have – real original of me, eh? Perfect for upcoming summer travel with a 2 and 4 year old!

  449. I LOVE the color you have….it seems like it would go with anything! Love the idea!

  450. Loving the zipper tote in the cream color. The best part about them is that the look like they could withstand anything!

  451. LOVE the zipper tote in Olive (the one you have ?) !! Perfect for before,during,and after baby !!!

  452. Ooooh sooo cute! This makes me feel like my diaper bag is so ugly and frumpy. I love the navy one! Adorableness.

  453. Savannah C. says:

    The navy blue one is my fav :)

  454. They’re all pretty cute, but I think the zipper tote is my favorite. Maybe the white with grey accents? Or the light blue? Hmmm…

  455. Truthfully, I think I like the Zipper Tote the best! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Kristen recently posted…Okay- fine- I get it now

  456. LOVE the zipper tote. Would use it as a super trendy laptop bag.

  457. I love the zipper tote in army. It’s neutral but not boring, and would certainly add something to my neutral and boring wardrobe. :)

  458. The foldover clutch is adorable! Sometimes you need something small for date night, but so many clutches are covered in sequins or something. This would be perfect!
    Christen recently posted…What I’m Not Supposed to Talk About

  459. The Square Pocket Tote looks really nice and functional!

  460. So beautiful. (Both the bag and you!) I have a squirmy 7 month old and am trying desperately to find the right bag. My husband would die before using the current bag, which has no closures anywhere and really isn’t doing it’s job as a diaper bag.

    I would love, love, love to be sporting a new Clava Zipper Tote around Seattle with my sweet baby. (If I win I promise to not like my husband use it. He’s not worthy.)
    Isabel recently posted…In which he’s seven months

  461. Love, LOVE the zipper tote! I currently hate my diaper bag, and with another baby on the way…I have to find something more functional :)

  462. Love the Carina Zipper Tote in army!!!!

  463. I love the gym bag — maybe it’s pretty enough that I would actually go the gym just so I could use it?!

  464. PINK! :)

  465. I have to pick ONE? I think your square zipper tote, though that triangle one is also gorgeous.

  466. I’m all about that Weekender – have been looking for something like it for quite a while now!

  467. I’m gonna have to say the Zipper Tote. (The Vertical Tote was tempting me, but those extra outside pockets on the Zipper Tote just won me over.)

  468. I’m partial to the square pocket cross-body. I also love the zipper tote as I am still in my diaper bag days and it looks so great…..but really I wouldn’t be turning down any of them.

  469. Oooh, fabulous timing–I’ve just been shopping for a new tote as mine has literally fallen to pieces. I love the zipper tote, especially in grey.

  470. I’m in lurvve with the stone zipper tote!

  471. Love the pocket duffel- and the zipper tote!

  472. Ooooooooohhhhhhh… Fantastic bags!!!! I do like the Zipper Tote, but also the Gym Bag!!!!

  473. Love the zipper tote.. great size to bring stuff to class!

  474. They are all lovely but I like yours best. I have a 6-week old and a 2 year old and we could really use a new bag!

  475. Jen Carroll says:

    I love the zipper tote!

  476. I really love the one you have! Olive is such a great neutral color that would go with everything.

  477. They are all awesome bags, but I’d love to have the Carina Square Pocket Crossbody in army!

  478. Definitely the vertical tote!

  479. The zipper tote, definitely. What a perfect laptop bag! I’m in love with the light blue/red combo – so chic.

  480. Holy cow. I am in love with these bags. I love the Zipper Tote, but the Triangle Tote is adorable too. And the colors! Love the light blue, but the olive is a lot more versatile. Thanks for introducing these, they are fantastic!

  481. Ah-mazing! It would be hard to decide…

  482. That foldover clutch is pretty awesome! The watermelon would be awesome for summer.
    Amy in StL recently posted…Incompatibilities

  483. The zipper tote is so cute- love your whole outfit and accessories! I think I’d choose the indigo or chocolate brown hue.

  484. That Carina Zipper Tote rocks!

  485. Definitely the carina zipper tote!

  486. It’s a toss up between the Zipper Tote and the Tassel Tote. Either in the light blue are perfect for summer.

  487. I LOVE the Carina Zipper Tote as a diaper bag in Army like you are using it as! I’m due in the next few weeks with twins, so this would make my life a whole lot easier plus with a dash of style!!!!

  488. the zipper tote is AMAZING. as a part time nanny i’m always on the lookout for purses that can double as diaper/kid bags. this looks like a great transition bag–meaning i can sling it over my shoulder full of barbies and juice boxes during the day and not look crazy meeting friends after work. thanks for the heads up!

  489. Zipper tote!

  490. Uhm, yeah, I totally want the the same exact one YOU have :)

  491. the weekender has so much style! but i do love the zipper one, too. so awesome!
    elizabetht recently posted…Week 12- Not a Success

  492. I love the zipper tote in army! What a perfect diaper bag, and since my 2 year old just spilled bubbles ALL IN my current diaper bag, I am in the market! Fingers crossed!

  493. The light blue would work brilliantly for work and travel! The bags are too cute!

  494. I dig the blue one.

  495. The weekender bag would be awesome…most likely b/c I haven’t been on a trip in a year and a half. The zipper tote is super cute as well and would definitely be great for me to haul my kid’s things around in.

  496. The bags are great – I am especially keen on the Triangle tote.

  497. Laura in LA says:

    Lovin the cafe color zipper tote!

  498. THAT. IS. GORGEOUS. Omyword!

  499. Oooo… I love the navy blue one! I would like to add that to the nautical-themed clothes that I am collecting for my spring/summer wardrobe!

  500. It’s hard to decide… but the carina zipper tote/shoulder bag is in my top three ;-)

  501. I love it in watermelon!

  502. i love the weekender, and all of the bags in army green!

  503. I’m torn between the gym bag and the zipper tote. They’re all lovely!
    hillary recently posted…I Dont Want To Stifle Your Flight

  504. Love the zipper tote!

  505. You chose the right one, Sarah. I’m with you on the Zipper Tote. Just not sure which color I would choose…they’re all wonderful! But I am 5 months pregnant, so I’d be using it as a diaper bag, too.

  506. Love, LOVE the zipper tote in Army!

  507. They’re all super cute, but I love the zipper tote! Such great colors!

  508. Carina Zipper bag! Carina Zipper bag! Carina Zipper bag! Carina Zipper bag! Carina Zipper bag! Carina Zipper bag! Carina Zipper bag! Carina Zipper bag!

  509. Cafe zipper tote makes this jayhawk smile – for the first time this week.

  510. Christine says:

    I was just starting to look for a new purse that can double as a diaper bag, can you say good timing! I love the carina leather zipper tote in the caffe color. But I would take a free bag in whatever color they wanted to give me!

  511. me likes the zipper tote as well – and would use as a diaper bag to boot! white or the caffe color.

    fyi, i lurve you.

  512. I’ll have to go with the dark blue since it’s my FAVE color. HUGS!!!

  513. The gym bag is very cool, but I prefer the compartments in your bag. Zipper tote shoulderbag all the way! I’d be so psyched to win it!
    Abbe recently posted…You Scratch My Back- I’ll Pay You

  514. I’m loving the zipper tote, as a diaper bag, in either the dark blue or the chocolate…tough decision.

  515. I think I’m actually loving the zipper tote.
    Kim recently posted…Friday Confessional- Mischievous Monkeys

  516. Well, I don’t mean to be such a copy-cat, but I would like the exact bag you are holding in those gorgeous photos (Boot Camp! Hot mama!). And I would also use it as a diaper bag. We are nearing a diaper-free existence over here (well, during the day anyway) and I love that it’s such a cool tote, post diapers. And let’s be honest, I’ll still be toting sippies….

  517. Want it. Love it. Need it. Any color!!
    Baby is not far off in our future :)

  518. Beige! Which is odd because I’m a coloraholic but for some reason it really grabs me. Awesome giveaway!

  519. Oh, that duffle bag in the light blue is divine.

  520. LOVE the zipper tote, in the exact color you have! Perfect for the many sippy cups I tote around every day.

  521. Oh I need the cafe zipper tote in my life!

  522. Stephanie says:

    If I truly had to pick one, I’d probably be practical and go for the dark brown or black… but if I had to pick one just because it was pretty that light blue sure jumps out at me.

  523. The zipper tote is definitely my favorite. It’s lovely!

  524. Love! Such cute bags. Hard to narrow it down to just one…

  525. I think I love the white bag with the red stitching! Fingers crossed… thanks!

  526. I love it! The one you have! In the color you have!

    If I had guts, I’d go with the stone..but just how “wipe downable” is that canvas? I don’t trust myself.

  527. Zipper tote is definitely my favorite – gotta have the shoulder strap when you have more than one crazy running around!

  528. The blue one please; LOVE IT! And yup, it’ll be a diaper bag too :)

  529. I love the triangle tote!

  530. Christina says:

    I love the large tote and I really love the zippered tote you are demonstrating here. Even if I don’t win, I may just purchase from Clava. Thanks for bringing this line to my attention.

  531. I love the carina foldover clutch. so cute.

  532. I love the zipper tote in stone. It would work great for my everyday, carry all my crap bag. Would have loved to have it as a diaper bag but alas the girls are out of diapers and carrying their own bags now!

  533. I love the zipper tote or the triangle tote. Not sure I could pick a favorite!
    Lindsay recently posted…A few favorites

  534. so i saw this top in your kgphotos and thought ooooo i need that. so now i am off to order it!

  535. The dark blue zipper tote! I love it!

  536. I am in love with that zipper tote. It would be perfect to use for hauling all the things I need to with a toddler when we are traveling.

  537. Definitely the same one you’re rockin…. love it, love the army color.

  538. Stephanie says:

    I love the tote you have in army green. I am due to have a baby boy in 8 weeks and this is really the perfect diaper bag!

  539. I’m loving the sky blue!
    Barb @ getupandplay recently posted…Charlie is 2!

  540. My Real Diaper bag has been sitting idle for a couple months now; I just cram everything into a little tote. This would be much more dignified.
    Kate F. recently posted…Creative reuse

  541. (Ugh, I pressed submit by accident. I am in deep, deep love with the green one you have. Red zippers! Eee!)
    Kate F. recently posted…Creative reuse

  542. SARAH!!!! I love this giveaway, what a fantastic bunch of bags too! I love their Weekender bag. Could fit a lot of things into that tote.
    Mama in the City recently posted…Date Night!

  543. Danielle says:

    Ohhh this bag is all sorts of awesome! I would have to choose the zipper tote in Stone Coated Canvas. LOVE!

  544. Zipper tote!

  545. My favorites would be the Carina gym bag and the zipper tote, and I love all the color choices!

  546. I’m digging the zipper tote.

  547. cute! i want one!! the pink one!

  548. Ooh I love the zipper tote! Looks purrrrfect for everyday purse/kid supplies…. Maybe could even use it as a camera bag.

  549. Methinks the zipper tote is my favorite. It would make a lovely gift for someone’s birthday. Mine is Saturday — hint, hint, Random Number Generator! :)

  550. i love the zipper tote too, but otherwise the little crossbody one is my favorite (not super practical though, as I am expecting baby #4!).

  551. Samantha says:

    I just can’t pick between the zipper tote and the tassel handbag! both are super cute = )

  552. i’m pretty sure that my fav bag out of that whole collection is the zipper tote but in that fantastic baby blue color! they have some great looking wallets too.

  553. ooh, hello pretty sky blue bag….*waves*

  554. love that bag and also the tote. the color combo you picked is awesome. love it

  555. Loving them all… I think the Weekender is my favorite.

  556. Amanda Lipstein says:

    I love an unconventional diaper bag, and this one is so stylish as well as functional! Go Zipper Tote! I love the white on top with red zippers.

  557. I think I’d love your diaper bag as a non-diaper bag. I like the mini cross-body too, and think it would make a swanky bag for my daughter to carry her Epi-pen…but she’s going to have to wait.

  558. love the carina weekender. am always in need of a bigger bag… :P

    but in all reality, i’d rock that diaper bag. definitely need one of those in the super-near future :)
    Carolee Beckham recently posted…the neon sign graveyard

  559. Loving the zipper tote….with an 8 yr old and a 5 yr old, I’m still carrying ‘stuff’ for them and it always ends up lost in my purse. The zipper tote could solve a lot of that!

  560. andrea hogan says:

    ME = about to have a baby and still desperately seeking the perfect diaper/non diaper bag!

    You have found it for me!!! I love love love the one that you have!!

  561. Have to say, the zipper tote is my favorite. I’m forever losing things in my purse.

  562. In LOVE with the Carina zipper tote in the Stone Coated Canvas color!!! Actually, all color combo’s are fantastic!

  563. Love the red one! So pretty!

  564. I really like the tote you have in cafe or navy. Looks like it holds a lot and is stylish and practical too!

  565. I love the zipper tote in black and would totally use it as a diaper bag, too. You are rockin’ your whole outfit- love it!
    Morgan recently posted…Style Inspiration- Zooey Deschanel

  566. Andrea Utz says:

    I would pick the zipper tote too, in the same color you chose. It’s adorable!

  567. I love the pale blue tote!

  568. Good heavens, I can’t decide! They are all amazing.
    I’d be happy to own any of those bags. I love the color that
    you got. It’s so versatile. I love the chocolate color and the navy color, as well!

  569. Pretty much in love with the brown colour AND the one you’re clearly rocking.

  570. I can’t go past the Carina zipper tote. Love the “I could go on safari” look of it!
    Anna recently posted…Sleep

  571. I’m with you, I definitely like the zipper tote the best! I have a 4mo old and hate how bulky my diaper bag is! This seems like a great solution. I’d probably do the same color choice as your sample as well, it’s a good shade that’ll go with most outfits. :)

  572. I love the Carina Zipper tote you’re sporting. I hate using actual diaper bags for toting around the baby stuff- I find using an actual non diaper bag (which functions as one) makes me feel more put together and less frumpy.

  573. Zipper Tote! Zipper Tote!! It’s calling my name!

  574. Oh! Great post! I have a petunia picklebottom that I used with my daughter but now that she’s older I don’t lug around so much crap and usually end up stuffing a few diapers, wipes and a wet bag in my purse when we go out (NOT CONVENIENT) instead of carrying around that giant diaper bag. I would LOVE a Clava bag!

    I especially love the camel one with the red zippers!!

  575. Hot!!! I had almost convinced myself to just use a backpack for this baby (3 weeks and counting so i’d better go find me something!) – but your picture has changed my mind! Loving the zipper tote, all i’ve ever bought are cheap bags that last me one season, time for a splurge!

  576. Kristen R. says:

    I love the white coated canvas Carina tote with the brown trim! So classic and roomy.

  577. The white is perfect!

  578. I love the zipper tote also! I’m a shoulder bag gal, always searching for the perfect one and never finding it. I like the dark brown one.

  579. Amy beth says:

    love the zipper bag the most! can’t decide between army or stone though…but i would like very much to have to make that choice!! thanks!

  580. The navy tote is way rad – and I am totally with you on the diaper bag front. I used a Chinese Laundry dual zippered tote for mine – one side for the kid and one for me!
    Jess recently posted…The Most Amazing Dresses

  581. I have to say, the Carina zipper tote in either the indigo or army is my favorite. It would be so great to use now as a diaper bag, and when my daughter is older, I can keep using it (unlike the bag I have now that screams “diaper bag”!)

  582. Love the Carina Square Pocket Tote!

  583. Love the versatility of this bag – great for someone who has 3 kids and carries everything including wipes, money, snacks, crayons and even hockey pucks!!

  584. Christina Cesena says:

    My favorite is is the zipper tote. Fashion and functionality?!?! Hooray!

  585. Kathleen says:

    Ooh, after looking through the whole Carina collection, I think the zipper tote is actually my favorite. As much as I like the light blue one, knowing me it’d get dirty within days…I’m actually really digging the watermelon one.

  586. ohhhh….so hard to choose. the Weekender followed closely by the Carina Zip Crossbody.

  587. Damn! Already 586 others in this one! Crossing my fingers for the zipper tote! Looooooooooove it as a diaper bag! I too have the same aversion and never carry a traditional one so this would be awesome for me.

    Have an 11 mo. old squirmer also.

    Jill V. recently posted…English Muffin

  588. You’ve totally sold me on the zipper tote; ‘army’ is a great colour. And I have a soft spot for ‘watermelon’.

    ps. You look fantastic.

  589. zipper tote for sure. Can’t help it, I’m a sucker for advertising and your post sold me!

  590. I like the zipper tote the best and all the different colors are awesome! I like the light blue and army green the best.

  591. Ohh, I love the zipper tote in black coated canvas! I’m expecting my second child in September, and this bag would be perfect.

  592. oooh. def the zipper tote, although i like a lot of them. in cafe. yum, pockets.

  593. Don’t have a baby, but would love this bag!

  594. The zipper tote for sure. You’ve sold me on all it’s perks!

  595. I love the zipper tote shoulder bag! So many great colors to choose from!
    Meghan recently posted…save the dates and registering! wedding Wednesday!

  596. Meagan M. says:

    That chocolate brown Zipper Tote is divine!

  597. Swooning over the Navy one. I don’t like conventional diaper bags either. This would be a nice alternative to the swim bag I’m currently using!

  598. I love the zipper tote too – especially those fab red zips.
    BLythe recently posted…Lush Life

  599. I’m with the zipper tote crowd… the indigo calls my name!

  600. I have to agree that the zipper tote is the CUTEST! Love!

  601. I would love the same style you have! I completely agree with you about most diaper bags, and as I’m expecting my 1st baby this summer, I would totally rock this as a diaper bag too. So cute!

  602. I love the taupe one you’re modeling. And the pics are so very Top Gun. I also love the red and baby blue. COLOR!

  603. Oh my. That zipper tote is fabulous! Love it! I’m having a hard time picking a favorite color-they’re all so darling!

  604. I love me some pockets. So I’d have to go with with the zipper tote, although the gym bag is also looking quite functional.

  605. Katherine T. says:

    i love, love, love the zipper tote! i’m looking for a new diaper bag and this would be perfect!!

  606. I love the Carina Square Pocket Crossbody!

  607. I am with you… loving the zipper tote. I like the white, but with kids, i imagine it would not be white for long! I’d go green…

  608. I like the bag you picked. Great taste!!

  609. Gotta go with the dark brown one (upper left).

    Off topic (very) – I’m so sorry that sweet Madeline passed away.

  610. I NEED that army bag STAT! Have a four month old and soon-to-be four year old. : )
    Kristine recently posted…jenna’s house

  611. they are all beautiful but I think you’re right about the zipper tote– so functional, especially with little ones. it’s my favorite for sure!

  612. I see why you picked the zipper tote – it’s definitely my favorite one! I like all of the colors too. It’s a hard choice to pick just one!

  613. I think it’s a tie between the Tassel Handbag and the Tassel Tote! Love them both!

  614. The zipper tote in white. Heart!
    zchamu recently posted…Hail Mary for a Convent

  615. Triangle Tote!

  616. The Tassel Handbag is adorable!

  617. It’s a tie! I love the white and indigo :)

  618. I love the shape of the triangle bag, but the zipper tote is probably my favorite.

  619. I love the shape of the triangle back, but the zipper tote is probably my favorite.

  620. The zip crossbody would be a great everyday bag for me! I love the zipper tote as well.

  621. The Carina large tote in watermelon is beautiful!

  622. love it!

  623. Carina zipper tote… You’ve convinced me. (I just might like it in bright pink though)


  624. I love the Carina zipper tote in army green–so chic! :)

  625. Catherine MacDonald says:

    Oh, please! Pick me! The gym bag is adorable, but I would love any of the bags in Watermelon. Fabulous!

  626. I like the exact one that you have! so cute :)

  627. i looooove this tote bag and would totally use it as a diaper bag! so functional and stylish!

  628. Claudette says:

    I love the square pocket crossbody!

  629. I should say the black on black as it would be far more versatile, but I’m going with the army khaki green!

  630. Oohh, the zipper tote in red! And I would use it as a diaper bag!

  631. love the zipper tote in navy or olive! it’s perfect for school and travel!

  632. They’re all super gorgeous, but I am in love with the zipper tote in pink. It just looks amazing.

  633. I actually like the zipper tote the best. Being able to use it as a shoulder tote or crossbody really makes it versatile. What color? Navy. Or maybe black. Yeah, black.

  634. Totally agree on the zipper tote! I love the small little clutch too, but as a Mommy of 3 – I’d have to go practical (and stylin’) with the Zipper tote!

  635. Heather S says:

    hmmmm….i’m torn – the weekender or the zipper bag. I love them both!

  636. Linda Kish says:

    I like the Carina Zip Crossbody

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  637. I love the one your carrying in army with red. Thanks!

  638. I like the zippered tote too!

  639. Love the zipper tote!! I have 2 toddlers and while we’re out of diapers (YEAH!). I still find I have to carry so much stuff around and I have been looking for a new bag.

  640. I kind of love the tassel tote! But the zipper tote is a close second!

  641. It’s a tie between the gym bag and the zippered tote!

  642. As I sit here nursing my newborn at 4am, these amazing diaper bag alternatives are giving me hope for the days when we can leave the house…maybe even in style! I love them all but the zipper bag is my fav. Fingers crossed!

  643. sadie clifford says:

    I love this bag and I do not have any bag as cool or trendy as this !! Want to win!

  644. sadie clifford says:

    zipper tote please!

  645. Laurie Ann says:

    I love the classic zipper tote (#77-1002) in white.

  646. I Loooveee the zipper tote. The white and the olive are both amazing. Alhtough I would not use it as a diaper bag – I sure would be able to fill it up.

  647. I love the color of the bag you have. It would be awesome as a diaper bag – and beyond.

  648. I like the weekender! I love to travel and I’m a master at packing light, I could probably make that bag work for a week long trip. I’ve been looking for something to use as a diaper and the zipper bag looks perfect. My first baby is due on April 1!

  649. Perfect timing! I am currently looking for a diaper bag and I am not finding anything I love. The zipper tote would be perfect!

  650. Carina Zipper Tote in Army. LOVE!

  651. love the Weekender!!

    love it!

  652. The Carina Zipper Tote is definitely my favorite! Super cute and practical.

  653. I love the Weekender because of all my local roadtrips I have planned but the Tote would be perfect for the workweek! I’m having serious color indecision- white? (would I make it messy), black? (basic. too basic?), pink (I’m not a pink person. Well, except when I work out. But still, siren song of pink, I hear you!). And you are a total skinny minnie! I hope I get great results like that from my bootcamp endeavors!

  654. I love the zipper tote in Indigo!

  655. That zipper tote IS fabulous. Would it fit a laptop?

  656. oh, the weekender…so cute!

  657. Oh, the zipper bag is by far my favorite!!! I’m looking for a new diaper bag, I would’ve never thought to check with Clava. Great idea :)

  658. I really love the triangle tote, but as a soon to be mom, I have a feeling a bag that small will be impractical.

  659. Kristy Center says:

    Oh my! J’adore!! Can I have them all? Absolutely you chose the best one, in my humble opinion – the zipper bag in army. But for summer I also love the stone and white colors!

  660. I have never had such a beautiful bag so am already envisioning myself as the winner and the ensuing crys of “where did you get that? .. it’s gorgeous. and look, it’s making you gorgeous too!” I’d take any one of them but the one you are rocking is my favorite. Let me win. Please?

  661. I like the tassel tote. Very cute!

  662. Once again, you make being a mom sexy, stylish, and cool!
    Love loVE LOVE the green zipper bag!

  663. I like the zipper tote (in red) because of it’s versatility.

  664. Absolutely love the zipper tote (especially in “Cafe” or “Indigo”)! Perfect for the everyday life as a busy college student!

  665. Ooooh, I’m torn between the Carina weekender and the Clava tote. I’d probably use the Clava more but the Carina is such a perfect weekend-away size – not too bulky, easily organizable, adjustable shoulder strap, coated canvas to quickly wipe off the latte I’d surely spill all over it in an early morning airport run… I love them both. In the event that by some happy leprechaun riding a glittery unicorn chance I happen to win, can you choose which bag for me? I’m a libra you see so all decisions have to be carefully weighed and measured and I will just trust your judgement on this one. :)

  666. Oooh! I love the Carina zipper tote in Olive, just like you have. I am an expecting first-time mom and have been wondering how I can avoid that “diaper bag” look….this is perfect! I would totally use it as a diaper bag.

  667. I love the tassel tote. My kids are slightly older than yours, so it looks perfect for carrying the basics.

  668. I love the weekender in the turquoise blue color! I am currently using a nike duffel bag for an overnight bag. SO UGLY!!

  669. Love this! My favorite is the blue, which surprised me a little. I thoughts I owned a bag in every color, but when I checked my inventory, I don’t have blue!
    elle recently posted…SkillShare- Revolutionizing Education

  670. My favorite is the zipper tote… the blue!!

  671. I like the Weekender as well, but it’s a little large looking to be used as a diaper bag, which is what I will use it for! I love the Zipper Tote in the dark brown Cafe color!
    HoboBaby recently posted…Embrace the camera- March 31

  672. I am ALMOST diaperbag less! This would be a great transition bag as soon as potty training is finished. I like the Olive green one.

  673. I would have to go with the black zipper tote. I have three children ages 2.5-7 and this would definitely hold all my stuff!

  674. Oh my holy WOW. I love the Carina Zipper Tote in pretty much every gosh darn color they offer… The Army green is awesome b/c of the red highlights, but I also really like the pink…
    Jessica recently posted…Mrs Clean

  675. Sadly, I no longer need a diaper bag with a four-year old. I think I could fit goldfish crackers and a few Spider-Man toys just fine in the Triangle bag in Indigo.

  676. Oooh, I would have a hard time choosing between your style, and the ‘gym bag”. Either way, I think I’d go with the red… so cute!
    Rita recently posted…The F Word

  677. Ooh, I really like that bag you’re sportin’!

  678. Holy Moly! I need this so bad! I just had my third kiddo and I have never had a diper bag that I have liked. Right now we are using my old backpack from college and it sucks. I like the vertical tote for the vastness of it but the zipper tote has that sweet shoulder strap which is so necessary! Oh please, please, please pick me!

  679. Awesome bag! I love the army green one.

  680. Army coated canvas!

  681. I love the zipper tote in white/red — and I would also use it as a diaper bag… I still have not found the perfect one and baby is due any day!

  682. Christine Moore says:

    I would LOVE watermelon or sky blue zipper tote!! I desperately need to replace my black and white polka dot diaper bag!

  683. The Zipper Tote is pretty cute in the cafe and army colors!

  684. I really like the Zipper Tote in cafe. That would be my favorite.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  685. Michelle says:

    Seriously, even after reviewing all the purses, the Carina Zipper Tote is my favorite! It’s gorgeous, everything I have been wanting in a purse for so long. I love the white especially, but I would probably get it dirty in like, 3 seconds. I would love any color though. I seriously would love this bag for school and work…perfect fit for my laptop!

  686. my wife just had a baby and I know she’d love that Carina Zipper Tote.

  687. I have to go with your choice! I love the Carina Zipper Tote!

  688. Elizabeth says:

    I love, love, love the sky blue color in the Carina Zipper Tote – so perfect for spring AND my little boy! Who knew diaper bags could be stylish, too?

  689. Love the one in the picture. So cute!

  690. Wow – I think the triangle tote would also make a good diaper bag. If I had to choose, I’d pick your zipper tote, though!

  691. The tassle handbag is so great! Love the size!

  692. Christy B says:

    Square pocket tote. Hubba hubba

  693. Annabelle says:

    Indeed the zipper tote in green with the snazzy red zips. You have fantastic taste. My diaper bag is so… boring.

  694. Zipper tote looks fantabulous! Light bluish color is great summer color!

  695. I don’t want a diaper bag but I just wanted to say that you’re looking very Nancy Botwin today! (And yes, that’s a compliment!)
    MetroDad recently posted…What Ive Learned- The Parenting Edition

  696. Haha, I’m always buying diaper bags in search of the perfect knitting tote. I really love the Carina Square Pocket Tote, but the Zipper Tote would be pretty awesome. I’m just thinking about all the notions I could put in it!
    Cupboard Love recently posted…Old Friends and New Tricks

  697. Carina Square Pocket Crossbody is my fave but I’d love to win the Zipper Tote!

  698. Sarah Ann says:

    Zipper Tote in army for the baby girl due this summer! No gunpoint required.

  699. Ooooh! I love the zipper tote/shoulder bag in red!

  700. Square pocket and triangle totes are my faves! But they’re all pretty great, no?
    Becky recently posted…random iphone fun

  701. Michele R. says:

    My favorite is the Carina Gym Bag.

  702. These are so great! It’s a toss up between the light blue, the army green, and the red. Love the red zippers! Does the inside of your diaper bag always stay that organized? If yes, impressive! If no, welcome to my side of a bucket bag!

  703. I love the Carina Zipper Tote in Army…just like yours! xo

  704. I’m loving the Carina Zipper Tote/Shoulderbag in Indigo!
    kirida recently posted…a baby in uniform

  705. I love the one you’re holding in the photo- goes with everything!

  706. I love the zipper tote in Cafe.

  707. Love the khaki one – army chic! It would match Sophie.

  708. I love that Carina tote, but I also really love their Redford Collection, especially the Redford Canvas Courier.
    Krysta recently posted…Advanced Style- Age and Beauty found via apartment 34

  709. Emilee Lancaster says:

    I really like the vertical bag! They all look really cute and really well- made.

  710. I love the zipper tote! It would be great to carry to class or work!

  711. i LOVE the zipper tote that you’re sportin, lovely lady. it’s a nontraditional diaper bag, but i could imagine it works in a pinch when toting a laptop, ipad, etc…

    what a great giveaway!

  712. I love the bag you are holding in the pic. Perfect.

  713. chatty cricket says:

    is it cheating to say that my favorite is your Carina? Because true story.

    Also- be my personal stylist? yes?

  714. I love the zipper tote as a diaper bag! I would go for that one and use it as a diaper bag as well. My last diaper bag was very similar and I loved the crossover strap and the fact that it didn’t look like a “normal” diaper bag. This ones even cuter and has more pockets!!!

  715. KatieBigTex says:

    Love the zipper tote! My current diaper bag is a ridiculously cheap looking canvas mess. LOVE the green/red color combo.

  716. Love these bags. I really need a new one… :) My favorite from the Collection is the square pocket tote!

  717. Love the bag – love your picks! I would love to ROCK IT as well!

  718. Love the zipper tote in blue and would love one for a diaper bag (triplet two year old boys – I have tons of stuff to carry!).

  719. The Carina Zipper Tote is my absolute FAVE from the Carina collection, especially the black/brown one!

  720. I love it – and it would be perfect for an upcoming trip I am taking with my baby.

  721. I am loving the Carina zipper tote….and the gym bag!

  722. I looooove the pink zipper tote! But I like all of them!

  723. I don’t think I can live without the Gym Bag (in red). Would I help if I told you that it’s my birthday?

  724. WANTED: Zipper Tote in Army. Would be perfect for my new jobby job!

  725. I really love the Zipper tote Bag which is the same one you are sporting. So cute!!!!! I want, I want!! :)

  726. BookBound says:

    Without question, the Zipper Tote Bag is perfect. It is professional enough for a meeting, fun enough for everyday, and versatile. For a young professor, like me, it is sleek without being stuff. It is really great.

  727. Love the zipper tote in indigo! Perfect for carrying around my baby girl’s stuff!

  728. Allison says:

    Aaaaahhhhh!!!! My friend and co-worker has been carrying around this hideous $10 “purse”-that’s-really-a-gym-bag-with-a-broken-strap-but-she-uses-it-as-a-diaper-bag for months! We’ve been trying to convince her that she MUST find something that would be universal and much more fashionable – this zipper tote would be PERFECT for her!!

  729. I’m with you on the zipper tote! that would be my choice too!

  730. Karen Reeds says:

    If I win the zipper tote, will I look as glamorous as you? Love it!

  731. I love your tote and the leather sonoma mailbag they have on the site!

  732. I love the gym bag.

  733. Ainsley says:

    The zippered tote is by far my favorite…

  734. The dark blue one FOR SURE! Love it.