Apple & Bee’s Newest Prints


I’m no stranger to the lovely line of sustainable toiletry bags by Apple & Bee – I did a giveaway on Hair Thursday a few years ago, and still use their adorable cosmetic foldout on every single trip I take. I absolutely LOVE their prints!

Well, they’ve added two new prints to the mix (so new that they won’t be in USA stores until April!), and these particular prints are coated with biodegradable TPU, a solvent-free plastic that biodegrades much faster than traditional TPU. Cute AND fab for the environment. Holla!

Apple & Bee has offered up their very popular envelope makeup bag in the two new prints (Lovehearts and Love Bird Yellow) for two lucky commenters.

Soooo….the question is….

Leave a comment with your preferred print before Friday, March 11th at 6pm PST, and you’ll be entered to win! I will announce the two randomly chosen winners on Monday, March 14th. Good luck!

Also, be sure to check out Apple & Bee’s Twitter page for all things adorable!



  1. I like the love birds one! So cute and sweet and would not get dirty in my mess of a diaper bag!
    Jessica recently posted…17- Like Water for Chocolate

  2. I’m a love heart! :)

  3. Love birds! They are really beautiful.

  4. Christina says:

    Love the birds!!

  5. Danielle (elleinadspir) says:

    I love both, but I think the birds a bit more. Great bags!
    Danielle (elleinadspir) recently posted…Society- man! You know- society!

  6. I would normally go for the hearts, but I like the birds!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    The love birds bag is fab!

  8. I really like both of them but the birds are adorable. :)

  9. Totally a love bird! They are all fabulous!

  10. Rachael says:

    I am definitely a love bird. And desperately in need of a new makeup bag!

  11. This would be perfect for my upcoming Vegas trip. I love the hearts one best!

  12. Definitely love BIRD!!

  13. Love Birds! Love Birds!

  14. Bethany says:

    Love the Love Birds!

  15. Oh, wow. I LOVE those birds! If I don’t win one, I might have to buy one for myself.
    Half Hearted Hippie recently posted…Second Surgery- Same as the First…

  16. Amy beth says:

    Love bird, for sure! So cute.

  17. Laura in LA says:

    Love bird! So very cute.

  18. HI! I’m a love heart. Love your blog. :)

  19. love bird!

  20. Love bird all the way!

  21. I’m a love heart! So cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Toss up between Japan blue glitter and Lovebird blue. So cute!!

  23. Dawn K. says:

    I’m a Love Bird, ooh la la!

  24. Caroline says:

    Love Heart all the way! Adorable.

  25. I’m a Love Bird! Love it!
    Jen recently posted…Shorty

  26. Definitely the love birds! So adorable!

  27. I’m a love bird lady!!

  28. I am a love bird, of course. ;-)

  29. I’m a love bird :)

  30. So cute!! I hope I’m lucky enough to win one.

  31. I’m a love heart!
    Roxanna recently posted…Crinoline Flowers by Daryl Banks

  32. Love bird! How cute!

  33. I’m definitely a Love Bird!!
    Jen recently posted…365- Kind Of

  34. Love birds!

  35. Love heart! So cute!
    Rachel recently posted…Living space

  36. Love bird!

  37. danielle says:

    i’m a love heart! so cute!

  38. Oh, love the love birds!

  39. I’m a love heart!

  40. Oh my…I’m a Love Bird! So cute!

  41. I’m a Love Bird!

  42. I am slightly obsessed with the love birds print! LOVE IT! Also, I’m in desperate need of a new make-up bag! :)
    Kelli recently posted…Oh- hi!

  43. “put a bird on it!”
    (seen that clip from ‘portlandia’? soo funny.)
    beautiful bags.

  44. Love the colors of Love Hearts!

  45. Oh my! I have to pick?! In that case, I’m a love heart!

  46. Katrina says:

    I’m a love heart :)

  47. Natalie R. says:

    I’m a love bird :)

  48. The birds are so cute.

  49. A love bird!

  50. I love the birdies!

  51. I am definitely a love bird! I’ve been keeping an eye on these lovely bags – my old Clinique bag from eons ago is on its last legs!

  52. Wendi M. says:

    Love Bird!!

  53. I just spent about 25 minutes browsing their site. Such great stuff!!!

    I’m definitely a love bird!
    lindsey recently posted…This is probably going to be one of those rambling posts

  54. I’m a love heart for sure!

  55. Love bird! These are so cute, thanks so much.

  56. Alicia CP says:

    In like the birds, but if I won, would getbthe hearts tongive to a friend. She LOVES hearts and this is just too cute! (I wish their website included a picture of it OPEN).

  57. How in the WORLD to choose? I guess the hearts? No, the birds! No, the hearts. Definitely the hearts.

  58. Can’t beat products that are cute & environmentally friendly! I love the little heart-print bag!

  59. Valerie says:

    I’m a love bird.

  60. They are both so freakin’ adorable, but I love the heart one!

  61. I’ve never heard of Apple and Bee before and now I’m OB.ESS.ED. I’m totally a Love Bird!

  62. Birds. Love them.

  63. Jessica says:

    Those love birds are my favorite for sure! So cute!

  64. Melissa says:

    Love birds…….adorable!!

  65. I’m a love bird, definitely!

  66. Ohh, little birds for spring, please!

  67. tracey c says:

    love bird all the way! they are all so cute!

  68. Jessica says:

    The love hearts are cute!

  69. Leslie M says:

    Love heart!

  70. I’m a definite love heart.

  71. Love hearts – but it’s a tough call!
    Mama Bub recently posted…So Much More

  72. I’m a love bird! :)

  73. Christy M says:

    Lovehearts, by far! Very cute!

  74. I love them both!
    verdemama recently posted…The Shape of Things Namely My Bod

  75. Tessa Jean says:

    I’m a love bird!

  76. They’re both great! I’ve been looking for something to carry my contacts in while I travel and I think this might be it! Thank you. :)

  77. I’m a lovebird! So sweet!

  78. I’m definitely a love heart! Very cute stuff!

  79. Katie M says:

    Definitely a Love Bird!! I am into everything birds lately :)

  80. I’m a little surprised to find I love the birds more. So very cute!
    Kim recently posted…My Virginian

  81. Definitely the Love Birds. The colors are perfect!

  82. I pick Love Birds! I am obsessed with birds now and I love the colors!

  83. Ashley Elaine says:

    I love the love hearts. :)

  84. I’m a love birdy! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  85. I’d have to go with the love heart- too cute!

  86. Brooke R. says:

    Love hearts for sure. Portlandia ruined birds for me. ;)

  87. Love birds = adorable!

  88. CUTE! Love them both! But I’d say bird if I have to pick.

  89. I am totally a Love Bird.
    Korinna recently posted…A date made of Meh

  90. I’m pretty sure I’m a love heart!

  91. Love bird definitely! But they are all stinking adorable!

  92. They are both so cute! I think I am a Love Bird.

  93. Love the love birds! Great design.

  94. The Third Jessica says:

    Oh my goodness, I am so a love bird. Fingers crossed!

  95. love bird!!

  96. Love Heart! The colors are so sweet..

  97. Definitely a love bird! I’m from Portland, so… #putabirdonit

  98. Oh, I’m in love with the birds.

  99. jen in pa says:

    i love the birds :)

  100. Oh, they are both so cute, but I think those little birds are singing to me!

  101. Definitely Love Bird. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Kristen recently posted…Forcing the happy

  102. love heart! very very cute!

  103. Love heart! :)
    Amanda recently posted…GPOYK 14 mos

  104. Both are SO cute! What a great giveaway!
    Meaghan recently posted…Weekend Highlights

  105. Michelle Baxter says:

    Love Bird! Sweet.

  106. Love the love birds!

  107. love bird for sure

  108. I’m a love bird!
    Amanda recently posted…The Most Awesome Playmat

  109. Oh — I am definitely a love birdy!

  110. Love bird!

  111. Love birds! How sweet!

  112. I am a Love Heart!

  113. love bird, definitely!

  114. Love birds all the way!

  115. I’m a Love Heart!

  116. Ohhhh…the birds please!!!! In my next life, I want to *be* a bird. :-) I do hope that we Canadians have a shot at winning!

  117. Love Birds are so cute and I would so love to win!

  118. I’m a lovebird, all the way!
    Barb @ getupandplay recently posted…Im going to need one of these

  119. stephanie says:

    love heart <3

  120. They are both so cute, but I’m going with Love Bird :)

  121. I’m definitely a Love Bird ;) But ALL of them are dang cute….

  122. Love Hearts – nothing against my avian friends.

  123. I am a love bird! I must have missed your last giveaway, so cute!
    Jessica recently posted…Tulips

  124. I am so a little Love Bird. Partly because I am working through my irrational hate for the colour yellow and mostly because it’s just so happy :)
    Wendy recently posted…I know every mom says this

  125. definitely a Love Birdie

  126. I LOVE the LOVE birds!

  127. Love birds, for sure! Too, too cute. Thanks for such a rad give-away!

  128. Love birds. Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. Such a hard choice – but I have to go with the Hearts. So cute!

  130. Love heart! The colors are great.

  131. Ooh. I’m a love bird. I need a new makeup bag to stick in my purse.

  132. The love heart reminds me of a sweater I had in highschool. Horrible acrylic sweater with pink, purple and blue hearts. Ah, the 80s….
    Amy in StL recently posted…Winter musings

  133. Adrienne says:

    Bird! :)

  134. How can you resist the Birds? Love!
    Julie recently posted…Enough with the Frogs and Locusts

  135. Jamie R says:

    The love birds are very cute.

  136. The love birds are so stinkin’ cute!

  137. Kristen M. says:

    Ohhhh, so cute. Lovebird for me!

  138. Definitely the birds!

  139. ooh, love heart. so hard to decide though!
    kat recently posted…this weekend…

  140. I love the birds!

  141. I am so a little love heart.

  142. Love the birds!
    Carrie recently posted…February Play List

  143. Jessica says:

    The heart one is too cute!

  144. LoVe BiRdS! I like the colors on the bird bag the best!!
    Heather recently posted…Im Not Ready That Much I Know

  145. Oh, love birds definitely!

  146. Oh, a love bird I think. This is very timely – I’m desperate or a new cosmetic foldout and hadn’t found one I liked. I will be back for shopping!

  147. danielle says:

    LOVE BIRD 4 EVA! :)

  148. Emily B says:

    Def. a love bird.

  149. tadpoledrain says:

    I am definitely a love bird. I love stuff to put stuff in!

  150. Birds!

  151. Cristina says:

    Love BIRD…especially in those colors, tweet tweet.

  152. I love the Lovebirds! the colours are fantastic!

  153. The birds are adorable!!
    Manda recently posted…Bowing out

  154. Love bird!

  155. without a doubt….a LoveBird!

  156. Love Bird! Love it!

  157. Love heart!
    mjb recently posted…Corners

  158. Kristen says:

    I’m a love heart!

  159. I’m a love bird!

  160. Love bird!

  161. Michelle says:

    Definitely the love birds!

  162. Love heart, for sure!
    Gretchen Alice recently posted…PoP- Editon 21

  163. What a lovely little gift! It’s a tough call, but I would go with the love birds.

  164. I’m definitely a love bird.

    I am crazy about all of these prints!

  165. Jessica says:

    Yeah, I’m a lovebirds girl myself – but the hearts is sweet too!

  166. Ooh, both are so cute, I would have a hard time… the heart one is so cheerful, I think that one would be my favourite!

  167. I love those hearts, they do me in! <3

  168. Tiffanie says:

    Love bird! They are adorable!

  169. A love bird!

  170. Melissa says:

    Love bird!

  171. Sarah G. says:

    Love bird!

  172. I just saw these in a store this weekend–too cute! I think I would prefer the love birds!

  173. I am a love bird. They are wicked cute!
    Jen recently posted…The Week Ahead

  174. Love Bird. =)

  175. Love the love hearts!

  176. Love bird!!!

  177. Tina powell says:

    Love bird all the way!

  178. A lovebird! Absolutely!

  179. i love the lovebirds! what adorable merchandise :)

  180. Courtney says:

    I love the love heart.

  181. Lindsay says:

    Ooo! Love birds, definitely. :)

  182. Love bird!

  183. MichelleG says:

    the bird! the bird!

  184. Oh! This might help bring calm to the chaos that is my too big purse.

  185. I didn’t read carefully until I went back up to the top to drool some more. I like the hearts but both are nifty.

  186. I am so all about blue and red lately, so I am a Love Heart!!!

  187. I’m a love bird! So adorable!

  188. Love birdy!!!

  189. la la love the love heart

  190. am'ti b says:

    pick me!

  191. I’m a love bird! These are so cute!

  192. Love heart! LOVE their stuff…

  193. I need me a love bird please!

  194. Andrea Utz says:

    Love the birds!

  195. I’m a love heart! =)

  196. Bird is the word!!!
    Lisa recently posted…The land of the living

  197. I heart those hearts! xoxo

  198. I’m a love bird! So cute!

  199. Heather Ben says:

    Love bird!

  200. I am a Love Bird!

  201. Rebecca says:

    love heart…very cute!

  202. Love the birds!!

  203. I’m a love bird! How completely delightful are those prints?!

  204. I’m a Love Bird!

  205. I’m a love heart.

    (these are all very cute)
    Torrie @ a place to share… recently posted…A little pep talk

  206. Ooh, so pretty! I am definitely a love bird. Love the yellow!

  207. I love the love heart!

  208. Love bird!!!

  209. Hearts – love it!
    Blondie recently posted…3-7 – Fitness &amp Nutrition

  210. Love bird, for sure.

  211. Definitely a birdie. I call my daughter janie-bird and LOVE bird motifs.

  212. I stumbled upon your site thru Sizzle. I love the yellow and brown bird bag :) So adorable! I’d love to be the newest winner :)
    Matilda recently posted…ah- i guess i am ready

  213. Definitely a love birdie! So much so that I have similar birds hanging from my earrings right now!
    Gillian recently posted…Friday Photo

  214. rayshell cook says:

    I am Love Birdy girl or at least I hope to be! :)

  215. Hear the love heart bag.

  216. Love birds!

  217. I’m a love heart! Love this!

  218. I love the bird one. Soo cute!!

  219. i love yellow! the birds are just too cute!

  220. Oh, both patterns are so stinkin’ adorable!
    I think I like the birds just a smidgen more though.

  221. Both are precious….maybe I would choose the birds though.

  222. oh man, normally I’m all about birds, but in this case I’m definitely a love heart!
    elizabetht recently posted…Week Nine- Chili

  223. Lovebird!!! Adorbs!!!
    birdie recently posted…Hairmergency

  224. I think I’m in love too!!!!

  225. I’m a love bird!!!

  226. Considering I’m from Portland, I should love the birds (I actually do!)…but I love the hearts more! My 14year old self would be so disgusted!

  227. definitely a love heart!

  228. Laura Robinson says:

    those are so so cute! I LOVE the birds!!!

  229. Oh I would LOVE the little yellow bird one for our upcoming road trip. They are adorable and chic at the same time.

    Jill V.
    Jill V. recently posted…Dollhouses

  230. Love bird! How adorable are those pouches?!?
    S recently posted…how to dremel a dogs nails

  231. Michele says:

    I love the love birds!

  232. I’m a love bird!
    Cupboard Love recently posted…I Fall I Don’t Get Back Up

  233. I love the “Love Heart” pattern! :)

  234. Oooh, I think I’m a love heart, although I am very fond of both. Super cute!
    Steph recently posted…Forever You

  235. MELANIEL says:

    I love the hearts!

  236. Love the yellow birds… although those red birds aren’t looking too shabby either :)
    Jessica recently posted…Mrs Clean

  237. Danielle says:

    LOVE BIRD!!!

  238. Definitely a love birdy!!

  239. Stephanie says:

    awww….I’m a LOVE bird!

  240. I have a strange bird obsession with home and personal accessories so yeah, I love the Love Bird! :)

  241. that’s a tough call! I love them both!

  242. So so so so so so cute. Definitely in the bird camp though!

  243. All the bags are super cute but I am definitely a love heart!!!
    Allison recently posted…Just had to share

  244. I’m a love bird!

  245. I love the love birds. : )
    Kim recently posted…Hello world!

  246. Jessica says:

    The Love Bird one is adorable!

  247. I’m a love heart!

  248. I’m a love bird!

  249. I’m totally a love-bird, but they’re both very cute.

  250. Love heart!

  251. sarah m. says:

    love birds please!

  252. love heart!

  253. Love bird, yes!

  254. Love the love birds.

  255. love bird

  256. That’s a tough one… but, BIRDS! so cute!

  257. Latoya Shaw says:

    I am a lovebird. and one day I hope to have a love to share the wonders of bird watching with.

  258. LOVE BIRDY! Perfect color combo

  259. Lacey Cutchall-Soto says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Love Birds print-Super cute !!!

  260. Congratgulations on your new job!
    Thats awesome!
    You have a lovely Blog.

    I’m a new follower!
    Come check out me!


  261. Love both of the new designs so much! Either one would be perfect for carrying all my essentials!

  262. Jill E. says:

    Definitely the Love Birds. Super cute!

  263. lovebirds definitely ;)

  264. Kristen says:

    Ooooooh… these!

    They are both pretty but I’d have to choose the Love Birds. That makeup bag would look perfect in my purse!

  265. I’m a bird! A love bird!!
    Amanda Brown recently posted…House- Home

  266. I’m a Love Heart-too cute.
    elz recently posted…A Big Change

  267. Michelle says:

    I’m a TOTAL love bird :):)

  268. Love Hearts for me!

  269. Kristin says:

    I like the birds :)

  270. I’m loving both, but I guess since I am in Portland, put a bird on it!!!!
    Page recently posted…confusion- P&Ls and limbo

  271. I am definitely a love bird kind of gal!!
    Heather recently posted…An Angel Among Us- Lessons from Kim

  272. Ooh, definitely love hearts!

  273. love heart for sure! love this!!

  274. Imma love bird! Tweet tweet!

    samanthajocampen at gmail
    samantha Jo Campen recently posted…I don’t like sand but for this I’d make an exception

  275. Definitely a heart girl – every time!

  276. I’m…indecisive! I love them both! But I guess when it comes down to it I’m a love bird.

  277. can i be both? if not… then, a love bird.

    so cute!

  278. ooh, I’m a bird! these are lovely.

  279. I’m a love bird! So cute.

  280. Too cute!

  281. Love Hearts!

  282. So cute! I’m definitely a love bird

  283. ooh, tough choice. But, I’m going with the love birds.

  284. Oh, tough choice! Love the love birds though!


  285. i think i’d have to say i’m definitely a love bird!

  286. They’re both so cute. But I’m definitely a love bird!

  287. Jennifer Baker says:

    Love the bags! Pick me pick me!

  288. I am a Love Bird! Thanks for this delightful giveaway!

  289. So cute! Love bird love bird!

  290. I’m totally a love bird. Thanks for the contest!

  291. Well, since my last name is “Bird,” and I’m in love with both my husband and my son, I definitely have to say Love Bird! :-)


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