The Great Mofo Delurk!


It’s here! The Great Mofo Delurk!

The day has come, my friends. It’s time to make your voice (yes, you! Over there!) known to your kind host.

Far be it for me to leave you hanging out there without something to say, so tell me. The ice cream truck has pulled up outside your residence, which treat would you go for?


1) Fudgsicle Bar

2) Bullet Firecracker Pop

3) Choco Taco

4) Vanilla Ice Cream Bar

5) Rainbow Sherbet Push Pop

6) Giant Ice Cream Sandwich

7) Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone

8) Creamsicle Bar

9) Banana Chocolate Bullet Pop

10) Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

11) Lemon Slush

12) Rainbow Snow Cone

9 times out of 10, this girl would go for the Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone. Okay, now you!



  1. So exotic! (for someone in New Zealand) – the chocolate taco sounds bizarre and intriguing.

    Hi, my name is Martha and I’m a lurker.

  2. hmm, seeing as though all those tasty looking frozen foods are foreign to me, I will have to go for the burrito. An ice-cream burrito, thats genius! Here in the land downunder we have an ice-cream called a Drumstick. And would you know that a thing called a pluto pop is actually a sausage and not an ice lolly? Its fun delurking!

  3. Wow, so many choices. I’ve never even heard of some of these.

    I’m going to have to go with … (3) Choco Taco. I loves me some chocolate!

    Really enjoy your blog. Keep up the great writing!

  4. #10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich.
    I have no idea why, but this is my go-to ice cream treat.
    Scurrying off into lurk-dom…

  5. Always the Nutty Buddy. Always.

  6. I’ve been going for the Bullet since I was a wee lass, and it’s still my dessert of choice. Little did I know those many years ago, that it shares its name with a vibrator.

    Explains a lot, actually.

  7. (And that’s the Bullet with the cherry-flavored top, as opposed to the chocolate and banana one. Because, oh my god, could it get any more sexual than a phallic thing you suck on with a red top?) Seriously. CHILDREN eat these things.

  8. I’m no lurker, but this is about chocolate so I’ll play. I would normally say fudgsicle, but that choco taco is intriguing me. I’ve never seen one of those up here!

  9. Ms.Kitten says:

    Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone all the way! I would also like to add that I love your blog and I LOVE Hair Thursdays! Keep up the great work!

  10. I just started reading a few weeks ago, with Hair Thursdays of course! For me it’s a Choco Taco baby.

  11. The push up every time!

  12. The cookie sandwich!! Yum!

  13. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

  14. Jeannette says:

    When I was younger it was always the Push-Pop, back then they were orange flavor. These days, it’s always the Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone.

  15. Auntie LaLa says:

    The bullet Firecracker Pop:)

  16. The Giant Ice Cream Sandwich.

    I cannot resist an ice cream sandwich.

  17. OOOO…so many choices..this is a toughy, but my mood tells me to go with the Vanilla ice cream bar. Delish!

  18. chocolate chip cookie sandwich all the way

  19. Creamsicle, baby. My mom never bought them (we were a Fudgesicle household and I really wouldn’t turn down one of those either) but I tried one at my best friend’s house one hot summer day and almost died right there. Orange! With ice cream inside! Refreshing and sweet.

  20. Miguelina (Reluctant Housewife) says:

    The ice cream sandwich. I love the chocolate cookie part.

  21. Delurking by order of Schmutzie to say . . .

    Fudgesicle, of course! Chocolate through and through, that’s the way to go. Unless it’s a Choco Taco kind of day, which is the case every once in a while.

  22. Delurking to say I’m a chocolate chip cookie sandwich kind of girl

  23. I hate to be one of those annoying people who has to make up their own option, but I’m going to do just that. Here in Oklahoma, I don’t know about anywhere else, we have these things that are made out of Sherbert. And they are shaped like Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Bart Simpson (that was from Florida) and the Pink Panther and probably others. They have gumballs for eyes. I would choose one of those.

    Are you going to go back and do an analysis of what these mean?

  24. Firecracker!

  25. hello, it’s me. i’m a lurker.

    on most days, i’d pick fudgesicle, but on others, it’d be the ice cream cookie sandwich…mmm, mmm, good! :)

  26. Howdy Howdy! De-lurking here! LOVE your blog,and the whole hair obsession, being a Hairdresser myself I appreciate the passion for it all;)

    Hands down give me a Choco Taco baby!

  27. I’ve always been a fan of the chocolate banana bullet. A little weird that they call it a bullet, but yummy just the same.

  28. I’ll be with Gina, sucking on our phallic firecracter bullet pops!

    And along similar lines, I’m really not ok with the word taco being used in any setting outside of a mexican restaurant.

    It’s a slippery slope from a choco taco to other ice cream flavors…like strawberry. Eck.

    ~you may now depart the gutter, where my mind is apparently located~

  29. Joining WW Again says:

    Definitely Nutty Buddy. With no thought of WW points. At all.

    (Food eaten in street=0 points)

  30. Offically delurking to give a shout out to my love…the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich! Hands doooown!

  31. I’m a lurker, I guess…

    The chocolate, nutty deliciousness of a prepackaged ice cream cone is THE best ice cream treat. (Unless Ben and Jerry are there. Then I wanna hang out with them.)

  32. 6) Giant Ice Cream Sandwich

  33. Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone. I had a horrible experience with the Choco Taco once. Don’t ask.

  34. The sunday cone. I love the extra chocolate in the tip of the cone.

  35. Mmm, choco-chip ice cream sandwich.
    We have an ice cream truck that comes around our neighbourhood, but a plain cone is like three bucks. Yikes.

  36. I’m pretty boring and would usually go for the Vanilla Ice Cream Bar. Although I eat it weird (so says my husband), in that I eat all the chocolate off first and then eat the ice cream.

  37. I’d go for the GIANT ice cream sandwich!! YUMMMMMMMYYYY:)

  38. There is absolutely NO question –> Banana Chocolate Bullet Pop

    It was what I bought with my spare change when I was 5 and it is what I’d buy now.


  39. Chocolate chip cookie sandwich, for sure. Yum!

    I admit it, I’m a lurker. But I’ll be better about leaving comments from now on, I promise. I love your blog, especially Hair Thursdays!

  40. Choco Taco, please!

  41. If the ice cream sandwich was a Fat Boy, I’d go for that. Otherwise Fudgicle.

  42. Choco Taco. I know that evil too well.

  43. Delurking…the giant ice cream sammich, definitely.

    Now Eddie Murphy is in my head, thanks for that. The Ice Cream Man is coming!!! Ruuuunnnn!!

  44. Hhhmmm – toss up between the nutty buddy and the chocolate chip cookie sandwich. It’s only 9:15 am here in CT and now I’m craving some ice cream. (I must be PMS’ing!)

  45. The Creamsicle for me! Although, with my lactose intolerance, it will make me very uncomfortable afterward. Worth it!

  46. Definitely the ice cream sandwich. Definitely. Now I need one.

  47. Is anyone else’s neighborhood ice cream trucked named “Mr. Ding-a-ling”? Should I be worried?

    Giant Ice Cream Sandwich. Delicious.

  48. delurking to say…the chocolate chip sandwich please. maybe two.

  49. Also, Nutty Buddy. Especially if it has caramel inside.

  50. choco taco.

    ooo, delurking is painful!

  51. Choco Taco, followed closely by the Nutty Buddy. MMM…chocolate.

  52. I’d go for the vanilla ice cream bar, but I’d call it a “brown cow.” My mom called them that, and I am doing my best to ensure that that term does not die out.

  53. The chocolate chip cookie sandwich! I used to live in Washington DC and would do weekend runs on the national mall. I sometimes tucked money in my running shorts to get one of those from a street vendor after my run. Mmmmmmm…

  54. The last time I de-lurked here was for the Crayola Crayon post! Today- I say Fudgsicle all the way!!

  55. Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone — so bad, but so good! Now that I’ve exposed myself, I’ll go back to lurking…

  56. Definitely the sundae cone for this lurker.

  57. Delurking to say sweet jesus I need that fudgsicle now!

  58. Wow, this is an honest to God delurk for me. I’ve been reading and have never commented. But when it comes to ice cream, my opinion must be heard!

    My favorite was always the Screwballs on the ice cream truck. So out of this, it would be the Fudgsicle or the ice cream sammich.

  59. I’m a lurker and I always go for the chipwich.

  60. Coming out of lurkerdom is a tough business…but I loves me some ice cream!! I pick the chocolate chip cookie sandwich…nothing like sitting my two favorite things down together and making a sammy! The only thing better might be a George Clooney and Brad Pitt sammy!!

  61. For SURE the Chocolate Chip Sandwich. . .reminds me of high school in the cafeteria. Delicious!

  62. I was going to say the Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone until I saw that Choco Taco. We don’t have those in Canada that I know of. Very intriguing.

  63. THe lemon slush because this pregnancy is making me crave citrus.

  64. Nothing compares to a good ole Fudgesicle for me. :)

  65. Always, always the chipwich (#10). Dairy Queen no longer carries these and I had a full-on meltdown in front of the freezer case upon discovering this.

    Viva la Chipwich!

  66. I’m going to have to go with 8. Creamsicle Bar. Only because it’s flavored ice….with a gooey surprise of vanilla cream inside. I love these in Weight Watchers form. DE-LISH!

  67. Ooh, definitely the cone. I loves me some ice cream, but I loves it more when it’s in a cone. Yum.

  68. I am SOOOOO glad I was not the only one whose mind automatically went a totally different direction than ice cream when I read “bullet”…

    But I think today, I choose the giant ice cream sandwich. There’s nothing like it!

  69. Fudgesicle, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  70. Delurking to lay claim to the vanilla ice cream bar! (Although I’m with Jessie– I eat the chocolate first, then the ice cream. Soooooo good!)

  71. I feel like I’m alone here, but Choco Taco, all the way. :)

  72. I would totally go for the Dreamsicle! Mmm!

    And I’m Karly and I mostly lurk, but only because you always have a zillion comments by the time I get here.


  74. You’re missing the ever fantastic Chocolate Éclair bar! By far my favorite.

  75. Choco Taco? What a clever name! The upper midwest (my original stomping grounds) has never seen such a thing and for that reason alone I would choose it. I usually lurk, but was “on” last Thursday. Thanks again Whoorl, the hair appt is set for next week.

  76. Depending on which personality was showing through that day (the one who MUST have chocolate right this very NOW dammit! or the other one who’s all about the fruity flavors), it would be the creamsicle or the Nutty Buddy Sundae cone.

  77. So I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten most of these – apparently I had a deprived childhood with a total lack of ice cream trucks. Chocolate being the most important treat component in my life, I’d probably pick the choco taco or maybe the chocolate chip cookie sandwich. The other chocolate ones are out due to being inundated with too much bland vanilla ice cream, having nasty banananess or the fact that I don’t really like nuts. And delicious as fudgsicles are, they don’t qualify as real ice cream. But then again, it’s still like 90 degrees here in TX. If it’s hot enough outside, ice cream would just make me thirsty, so lemon slush. Sorry for my treatise on frozen treats…

  78. I have to pick just ONE?!? Ice cream is a passion of my father’s so I come by my obsession honestly. But, gut reaction? Probably the biggest one. Okay, no, most likely a fudgesicle or an ice cream sandwich…before seeing what was in my other hand to munch on… :)

  79. Alexandria says:

    Hey! Ive delurked before, but here I am again. I found you through the wonderful Angella’s blog, who I found through my cousins blog ( What a load off my back. Ok, so, I don’t know WHY we don’t have the CHOCO TACO in Canada because it looks FABULOUS.

  80. #10–The Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich is calling to me right now…

  81. Nutty Buddy. Although I’ve never had a choco taco. And the one summer I went to camp for a week I survived on chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. But now I’m old and my teeth are sensitive, so it will have to be the Nutty Buddy.

    See why I lurk?

  82. De-lurking to say I’d like a Bullet Firecracker Pop please? Ah the memories… my mama loved the Creamsicles if our Ice Cream Man Toby May had them she’d get one if not she loved Fudgsicles. Now in the summer if I happen to be where there’s an Ice Cream truck I’ll get one of my mama’s favorites and remember how much she loved me and how she always made sure she had money for the ice cream truck for us:)

  83. I’m clearly not delurking, but I have to say – I am PASSIONATE about the Bullet Firecracker popsicle. My mother said it was the very first thing I ever ordered (as a toddler, no less) from the neighborhood ice cream truck, and I’ve been getting it every since.

  84. Probably the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich. But I’ve never tried the Choco-Taco. I don’t think we have them in Canada. Anything chocolate is my top choice!

  85. Hello! Delurking to tell you 1. I started reading after being introduced to you through Susan at Friday Playdate 2. My hair looks significantly better since you’ve come into my life and 3. I’m all about the choco-taco. 4. I love lists too!

  86. I would really take any of them, but if forced to make a choice, it would have to be the Giant Sandwich.

  87. Delurking!
    I’m glad erin rae mentioned it earlier because chaco tacos also send my mind straight to the gutter. I’m going to have to go with the red, white, and blue bullet.

  88. Orange Creamsicle! Orange Creamsicle!

  89. you know i am here but i can’t resist living in the past and pretending i am ordering a sundae cone (though the chocolate chip sandwich looks yummy).

  90. The classic firecracker pop, but of course!!!

    That was always the best thing about lifeguarding at our community center pool – a freezer full of firecracker pops for the taking.

  91. I was wondering what your question would be this year…

    My answer?

    None of these! I hate sweets and I have sensitive teeth, so ice cream is pretty heinous to eat.

    But if someone held a gun to my head and made me make a choice based on my personality?

    I’d either go for the classic ice cream sammy or the ever-so-naughty “bullet!” :)

  92. I always went for the Bullet Firecracker Pop as a kid, and I think I still would today! Unless I were PMSing, then I’d have to go for the Choco Taco.

  93. No de lurking here… But just to let you know I’m still reading, in my “free-time”. I think I’ll go with the fudgesicle…

  94. Um, do I have to pick just *one*?

  95. Definitely the Ice Cream Cookie Sammy. Delurking to say hello from Seattle. I read you through a feed, so I rarely comment, but you consistently entertain me. Come by and say hi sometime! :)

  96. delurking to say choco taco if i’m feeling hedonistic, and bullet firecracker pop if i’m feeling virtuous. hedonism usually wins.

  97. When I went to parochial school, we could buy for only a QUARTER!! a nutty buddy or an ice cream sandwich. I always got the ice cream sandwich, so I think I’d have to go with that, for old times sake.

  98. stacy kathryn says:

    I like to lurk…I would get the bullet. I like stuff on a stick when its hot out.

  99. God damn lactose intolerance! I’m stuck with the snow cone, which I contend is the dessert equivalent of balsa wood.

  100. I don’t really like ice cream, nor chocolate, so I would have to go with the firecracker bullet.

  101. Ouuu delurking…I need to do this on my site. I don’t even know how I came across your blog? Probably while sitting around bored in one of many foreign countries. I would definately go for the Sundae Cone! Where the heck do you find choco tacos?

  102. Pulling out $1.50 in assorted small change for an ice cream sandwich.

    I’m fairly new to your site. Since I’m delurking, may I say that I agree with the comments about your hair foo. Fabtastic. However, I can’t get past the eyelashes. I’m totally jealous.

  103. Mmmm…Banana Chocolate Bullet all the way.

    Hi, my name is Miss Pickle, and I am a lurker.
    Am loving hair Thursday’s!!

  104. Hi I am Holly and a friend of Chirky in real life. I would go for the Sundae Cone any day of the week and I recently started lurking cause of your food list for babies and then saw your hair thursdays and keep coming back.

  105. Choco Taco baby

  106. Oh la la. The choices are slightly different than here in Canada… #4 Would be called a Revello up here. But I will go with the Lemon Slush seeing as I had one on a ferry in Seattle once and I fell in love.

  107. The fudgsicle bar…yum.

    Now I want one for breakfast.

  108. choco taco or choc. chip cookie sandwich. must. have. chocolate.

  109. Definitely the choc chip cookie sandwich.

    Sadly, our town has no ice cream truck.

  110. As a child I had to have the push up (orange only). Now I want the nutty buddy. I love peanuts and chocolate!

  111. leaning toward the ice cream sandwich. or anything else with chocolate. I don’t waste my calories on non-cocoa based items!

  112. I’m not a complete and total lurker :) I’ve commented a time or two, but this post is right up my sweet tooth alley! If I was in the mood for a fruity treat I would go with the creamsicle. MMMMM! If I was in the mood for chocolate, I would do the chipwich. double yum!

  113. This is the official Moose delurk. Now Moose needs to go get coffee. Because, without coffee, Moose apparently likes talk about herself in third person. Which is obnoxious.

    (I’m an ice cream sandwich girl.)

  114. Vanilla ice cream bar…it has chocolate, what can I say?!

    My name is Jane and I too, am a lurker and I love your site – you are such a gifted writer! Thanks for always making me laugh!


  116. Giant Ice Cream Sandwich – mmm mmm goooooooooood.

  117. Mediocre Housewife says:

    Never in my life have I ever seen a choco taco. I think I’d pick that one, just to see what it’s like! Otherwise, my standby Fudgesicle, please.

    You have 138 comments! I’ll be lucky to get 3. (hint!) I’m such a whore. I hate myself… ;)

  118. #10 Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie, and then the Ice Cream sandwich

    But I have never seen that Burrito and it is looking fine!

  119. 8) Creamsicle Bar

    Yummy yum yum!!

  120. I don’t eat ice cream, but probably the fudgsicle.

  121. Bullet Firecracker Pop for me please. It would also be good if you could tabulate our results in pie chart form, (your organization of the crayon colour results last year will go down in the books).

  122. I would have to go with the fudgecicle; creamy and yummy without the guilt.

    Hi, I’m Andrea and I lurk!

  123. DEFINITELY the Choco-Taco….aaahhhh, sweet memories of junior high school lunch. (and yes I was the fat nerdy girl in school) :)

    Diana (de-lurking)

  124. I have to admit that the Choco Taco is intriguing…. So either that one or the Creamsickle depending on if I was feeling chocolatey when I got to the door. :D

  125. Choco Taco all day and all night! :O)

  126. ice cream sandwich.

    the orange cicle sounds good, but probably wouldn’t live up to my latest Jamba Juice orange dreamcicle knockoff…

  127. Niether. I prefer the Cherry Garcia ice cream..if it’s not there I’m not getting anything.

  128. FW Sunshine says:



    Nutty Buddy all the way!

  129. Giant ice cream sandwich: classic, yet delicious.

  130. #10. no question.

  131. The chocolate chip cookie sandwich!

  132. Natalie 42 says:

    cookie sandwich or nutty cone. Although i love a good ice cream sandwich from time to time.

  133. What’s wrong with you people? Do you not see the snow cone?

  134. Giant ice cream sandwich for me please!

  135. Fudgesicle – always, always, always…
    ~in Alabama

  136. Nutty Buddy. In fact we have an old fashioned ice cream truck that makes its rounds through the neighborhood and he learned that if he didn’t have one, not to even bother coming down our street.

    I am THAT serious about ice cream.

  137. All of those are lovely but really I’m longing for a hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen… I love their soft serve. But if you are going to make me choose… I’ll have a Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone
    There. I have officially De Lurked :)

  138. i love firecracker pops almost as much as i love to lurk
    mwa-ha-ha-ha (

  139. If I can’t have one of everything I’d pick the Sundae Cone, every time.

    (Recent fan — not intending to be a lurker, just didn’t find you until the thing with Holly’s haircut got stuff rolling with your hair Thursdays. Yay for the internet!)

  140. dude, choco taco all the way!

  141. Either the ChocoTaco or the ice cream sandwich. Mmmmm, chocolatey wafer goodness. Anyway, I’ve been reading your site for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it!

  142. Not-entirely lurker, since I’ve occasionally commented, but I’m a newbie, feel like a dork and get all nervous about saying anything. Hi, Nerd Here!

    Anyway, if the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich is That Brand I Like (the name of which has completely escaped my brain), I’d go for that. If it’s too bloody hot, I’ll go for the Red/White/Blue Firecracker Pop.

  143. I used to be a huge fan of the nutty buddy when I was younger, but for some reason that is grossing me out right now, and I have no idea why. I think I would be really boring and go with the Vanilla Ice Cream bar.

  144. delurking to say nuddy buddy if I can get past the scary slo-mo track of “Cotton-eyed Joe” that plays on the ice cream truck here.

    cheers here in Maryland from me and baby P.

  145. I’m pregnant so I get two! The Sundae Cone and the Chocolate Chip Sandwich. Oh man, this is evil. Now I’ve got cravings. Thanks.

  146. Catherine says:

    Chocolate chip cookie sandwich. I’ll go back to counting points tomorrow!

  147. Put your hands together for the choco taco!

  148. nutty buddy for me! Yum.
    now I want Ice Cream.
    Hello and have a good day!

  149. Nutty buddy, please. But here we call them Drumsticks.

  150. 10) Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich..Yummy…

  151. Okay it took me 5 minutes to scroll down, you are a popular lady today. Or we all really need to make our ice cream choices known :-)

    Um, easly choice, CHOCO TACO! Where were these when I was a kid? Frankly, where are they NOW!

  152. CHIP BURGER!!!

  153. My chose would have to be the Giant Ice Cream Sandwich. (Just leave out the first three words, and you’ve only eaten a sandwich, and sandwiches are good for you, right???)

  154. Apparently I am a lurker who does not proofread – that second word should be CHOICE! (I guess I’ll just blame it on the “it’s-my-first-time-commenting” jitters)

  155. The Sundae Cone, definitely. I ate one every single night of my first trimester…. my husband bought boxes of them! My daughter is just over four months and I still haven’t had one but maybe its time again.

    I’m a new reader, here via SAJ and the slob group.

  156. #10… Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich… This is so wierd. My husband and I were just talking about how we were craving these. In New York we could get them at the corner “bodega” we didn’t have to wait for the ice cream truck! Also, here I am de-lurking, love your site and am gethering the courage to send you my pic for some hair help!

  157. Choco Taco, baby!

  158. ooh, it’s a tie between the ChocoTaco and the Sundae Bar!

    Damn you for putting this up… now I want some ice cream.

  159. Hi Whoorl,

    Look, I am commenting! I would take the Choco Taco because it has the most caloric return.

    You are fantastic Whoorl, don’t ever forget it! Let the hair obsessed unite!


  160. Pass me a Chocotaco!!

  161. Giant Ice Cream Sandwich, please. And get that to me STAT! I needs me some ice cream this afternoon…work’s gonna kill me. Oh, and I’m delurking, for I can’t remember if I have commented before or not!

  162. If I knew it hadn’t been sitting in the freezer for a couple months, I’d pick the chocolate chip cookie sandwich. Otherwise, I’d go for the regular ice cream sandwich – you can’t go wrong with that.

  163. phew, I’m tired from having to scroll so far down your page. Just kidding. I love you and am proud to say I AM NOT A LURKER!

    Number 6 for me. Please make a note of it.

  164. Choco Taco and I am a lurker. Seems strange to comment on someone’s site of whom I don’t know…

  165. I don’t lurk so much as leer. And I’ll have the creamsicle, please.

  166. Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone, I ate those all the time when pregnant with Lance and was teaching. It was the only thing that I could stomach in the cafeteria if I forgot my lunch or wanted a sweet treat.

  167. As much as I’d love to say all. Because I’m a huge fan of all either 2 or 5 if forced to pick.

  168. There is nothing on this Earth that truly surpasses the Chipwich in all its glory.

    (That’s the real name, by the way. None of this “Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich” nonsense.)

  169. #10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich.

  170. Creamsicle! (I love your blog!) Now back to lurker status….

  171. Tough choice, but I’d have to say the Ice cream sandwich, yummmm! Fantastic blog by the way!

  172. I don’t eat sugar, but in a perfect world, the Choco taco. I’ve never had one before, and I am all about new treats.

    I will now retreat to the shadows….bwahahahaha

  173. Sometimes commenter here…but mainly when we were both pregnant at the same time. ;) Constant reader, though.

    I would get the Sundae Cone ALL THE WAY! The Schwann man used to sell them to my mom and boy, oh boy are they deeee-licioussssssss!!

  174. Creamsicle….for sure! And I love the hair Thurs. – I wish we could see more “After” pictures….I am looking forward to that.

  175. fudgsicle! but what i really want to know, is what happend to jello pudding pops? they were the absolute best. happy de-lurking day!

  176. I’m going to have to go with the Nutty Buddy too… and it wasn’t power of suggestion either! I totally had made the choice (and was drooling) before I got to the bottom of the post. Woo!

  177. Choco-taco baby! YUM!!! (Drumstick would be a really yummy 2nd though)

  178. p.s. I forgot to mention that I am TOO A LURKER!! If I had a decent photo of my hair you would have had a submission for Hair Thursday weeks ago…I WANT BANGS!

  179. Most of the time I would go for the Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone, but some days I would have to have the Lemon Slush.

    Happy Delurking Day!

    And paisley – you referenced the Schwann man! I LOVED it when the Schwann man came to our house! Treats galore!

  180. Thanks to this post, I am going to be forced to go and purchase my own favorite phallic treat: Big Stick! Which, sadly, are neither as Big or as tasty as they used to be.

    Out of your selection, I’d go Fudgesicle. Mmmmm. Not a lurker. Since this is the 150-someth comment, I will re-post part of what I wront to Schmutzie.

    I DO try and comment most everywhere I visit, but I’ve noticed a few things. Please don’t take personal offence here:

    1. I really like reading ‘mommy’ blogs…but I notice that Mommy bloggers tend NOT to comment on non-mommy blogs. Sorry, it’s true. They are busy people AND moms, so of course they don’t have time, I totally get that. I will go ahead and cop to actually stopping/refraining from commenting some places due to this trend.

    HOWEVER: The second you join the ‘club’, your comments skyrocket.
    Seriously. One of the times I got the most comments? I pranked my readers for April Fools’ saying we were having a baby. People came out of lurkdom like you wouldn’t believe.

    2. You can only say how cuuuuute the so-cute kid doing the so-cute thing is so many times before it becomes syncophantic.

    3. Blogger eats comments.

    4. Sometimes I just haven’t anything clever to say.

    Am over at if anyone would like to de-bunk my mommy bloggers don’t comment on non moms’ sites theory.

  181. Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar!

  182. They all look good. But, if I could have only one – the chocolate chip cookie sandwich!

  183. Either the sundae cone or the ice cream sandwich. I know my husband would either go for the bomb pop or the choco taco.

  184. Sarah the lurker here. I would go for the nutty buddy sundae cone. Yum-o.

  185. Ooooh, no push pops?! Okay, the bullet firecracker pop it is…unless you happen to have an astro pop hidden somewhere in there.

    I miss the ice cream truck.

    I’m not *technically* a lurker, but I still have opinions about ice cream treats, gosh darn it!

  186. Chocolate chip cookie sandwich. Why…are you sending each commenter one? If yes, you are my new favorite blog! (Actually, you are one of my new favorites anyway, found via Hair Thursdays. Happy to delurk.)

  187. Sundae cone. Always.

  188. Tie between the ice cream sandwich and rainbow sno cone.

  189. Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone – then I’d eat the nutty buddy and ice cream part and toss the cone. Wow, and it takes this to get me to delurk after a year and half! Love your posts.

  190. Okay, I am not a lurker, but I am new to Whoorl! There wasn’t a Strawberry Shortcake pictured, and so I’ll go with the chocolate chip cookie sandwich (bullet firecracker if it’s hot in the middle of a summer day)!

  191. Fudgsicle! YUM!!!

  192. *sigh*
    I don’t want to bore you with the details of how many times I had to read and re-read this list while biting my lip in increasing anxiety in order to make a decision on what I would eat in a hypothetical blog-poll that has no implications whatsoever on my real-life calorie count and actual ass-size. Except knowing me, just thinking about all 12 of those options will probably do just that.

    I digress – Choco Taco AND Nutty Buddy, so I can have a bite of each and unload the rest onto my husband. Yaaay!

  193. 90% of the time I would pick the Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone too…the other 10% of the time it would be the ice cream sandwich.

  194. bullet firecracker. every time. i love those things. it reminds me of summertime (even when having one in january) and being a kid.

    in fact, when i can have sweets again, i may just have to go and get some!

  195. #3 – choco taco. no question. LOVE THEM.

  196. Jacquelyn says:

    I lurk the hell out of your flickr page, especially. I would like to request a “how we met” on your and your husband.

  197. The bullet firecracker. It is the best, even if it turns your tongue and lips blue.

  198. Usually I would go for the Sundae cone (love the chocolate lining the tip of the cone), but today I’m thinking that fudge bar looks pretty good.

  199. giant sandwich, all the way!

    happy delurking day from atlanta ga!

  200. Today I’ll say the Vanilla Ice Cream Bar. I’m a classic kind of girl.

  201. Mm. Ice cream sammiches.

  202. Definitely the Bullet Firecracker Pop. (Admittedly, our local ice cream stand sells them and I have been known, on occasion, to buy one or two – when I’m not enjoying a soft ice cream cone.)

    And while we’re on frozen treats – Friendly’s Ice Cream – (Is Friendly’s a national thing?) makes this ice cream called “Hunka Chunka Peanut Butter” which is to DIE FOR. They just started putting it in half gallons at the store. Could I be hungry???

  203. not a lurker, but thought I would comment anyway. Choco-chip sandwich please!

  204. So, here’s the deal. I am very anxious about a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I think I might create some sort of pie chart to keep my mind off things.

    Seriously, would you all expect anything less? ;)

  205. The firecracker pop – although – i live in the midwest and here they’re called Bomb Pops.
    I’m Julie and I’m a lurker.
    I believe I recall you being a KU fan and a football fan. I work in St. Louis for The Lawrence Group – why is it named that? Because all of the partners went to school together in Lawrence. I run the office football pool, and have a little guy (22mos) I’m enjoying all of your articles at the dish.

  206. Choco Taco.


  207. 10) Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich, most definitely. It’s so extravagant. When I was younger the moms at the pool use to tell us to stick candles in it and call it our birthday cake. Not sure why I remember that, but it’s always what comes to mind regarding ice cream sandwiches of the chocolate chip cookie variety.

  208. Mmmmmmm… Choco Taco all the way! The best!

  209. Jen-Again says:

    Mmmm, banana and chocolate bullet.

    And a pie chart of the choices sounds like a swell way to keep your mind off of an appointment that is making you anxious.

  210. I am Abbie and I am a lurker. Not just a lurker, though; one who has learned wonderful things about how to do her hair from Whoorl. And I can’t even thank you with a comment? Seriously. I am a detestable human being.
    Anyway, for a few years, it was the choco taco all the way. Now, however, I have gone back to my early childhood favorite, the sundae cone. Those things are delicious.

  211. Ice cream sandwich, every damn time! The cheaper/more ghetto the ice cream sandwich, the better it is. Take my word for it.

  212. What is this chocotaco you speak of? I have never heard of this. Might have to try it. Then again, why deviate from what works? Count me in for that giant ice cream sandwich!

  213. misslunch says:

    You’re missing the best ice cream treat – Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar! I’ve been a lurker too…until now.

  214. 2) Bullet Firecracker Pop

    Though, not going to lie, I feel a little dirty choosing that one.

    Anways – also wanted to tell you you’ve completely inspired me to get the chop. Though I am waiting until Dec (hair to be long enough to donate / me lose a li’ weight in my face), I have long wavy brown hair – a la Emily of Not That You Asked – and I’m going to get the Katie Holmes cut.

    So thanks!

  215. Definate the GIANT Chocolate Cookie Sandwich :)

    This is so fun, mind if I borrow it?

  216. nutty buddy-i would eat the coating, dump the cream and finish the cone!

  217. I’m not a lurker, but I have to say…thank you, Amy Beth and Julie! I had started to think I was the only person in the world who calls #2 by its TRUE name, a bomb pop. That would probably be my choice 9 times out of 10. The other time it would be #6, the giant ice cream sandwich.

  218. Oh, um, erm, well I’d like… Ahhh too many choices! Probably the Choco Taco because it looks chocolaty and tacoy and icecreamy. And that’s a good combination.

  219. OG Bullet or the Cone. Love the frozen cones with chocolate in the bottom! Yum!

  220. I only get to choose one??

  221. Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone! Unless the Ice Cream truck has Pudding Pops. Because nothing beats a pudding pop!

  222. As a kid I always went for the snow cone, and was disappointed every single time. I would usually go for a chocolate eclair, but from this list I’d go for the chipwich.

  223. Choco Taco, baby!

  224. Orange creamcicle. Has to be orange no other flavour will do.

  225. 7) Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone

    Almost all the time. I’d have to throw in a creamsicle or fudgesicle now and then, but the nutty buddy would be my ice cream buddy!

  226. I think I’d have to choose the choco taco, but really, nothing there is chocolaty enough for me.

  227. Definitely the Snow Cone. The lemon slush would have to come in second place. Wow…I really want some ice cream right now!

  228. The chocolate chip cookie sandwich.

    And damn it, now I need to go to the store and get me one!

  229. De-lurking to vote for the sundae cone.
    Love your blog. Wito and I have the same b-day. :)

  230. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich — yes, please!! I would de-lurk for one of those any day!

  231. I’ll have a Chaco Taco please.

  232. I would say Sundae Cone. Schwans has some great ones!

    Happy De-Lurk. PS. I love Hair Thursdays!

  233. hmmm… the ice cream truck, I am the girl who was never allowed to approach an ice cream truck for fear of getting abducted by the “dirty man” that was “selling” ice cream as a ploy to get kids to come near his “van”…
    but I do love me a nutty buddy from the gas station coolers every once a year or so…

    love to read- and love to lurk-:)
    new stay-at-home mom to 6 month old here in South Louisiana… and I am contentedly addicted to the internet/blogs- don’t know what I’ll do when the naps start to disappear.

  234. The push up!

    Mom to 3-1/2 year old twins in Atlanta here. Love your blog. I actually printed out your instructions for curling hair and referred to them in the bathroom, and was mocked by my husband.

  235. This isn’t even hard… I’ll have the Choco Taco. A chocolate version of my favorite food… mmm. Happy Delurking Day from a lurker!

  236. Girl of Steele says:

    Frequent lurker, infrequent commenter here:

    Choco Taco

    At a local Mexican restaurant here they serve them as a dessert on a fancy plate with real whip cream and Hershey’s syrup to try to make it look fancier than the gas station treat that it is! Mmmmm.

  237. Creamsicle…unwrapped and placed in a bowl…then pulverized with a fork until the consistency of a milkshake.

  238. Def the bullet firecracker.
    In a sort of related aside, when I ordered Magic Bullet Blender that you see on t.v., I was so excited about it getting here that when the fed ex guy showed up with this HUGE box, I yelled, “It’s my magic bullet! Sweet!” He gave me the strangest look. I didn’t find out til months later about the vibrator.

    Okay, all set, back to lurking then.

  239. Choco taco – booyah! They used to have those at Taco Bell, I think. When I was nine. Mmmmm.

    And I’m not a complete lurker, but I don’t comment as much as I read. It could be because you have amazing hair and I’m secretly bitter.

    But that’s just a theory.


  240. Ice cream sandwich, every time.

    Thanks for Hair Thursdays and all the rest too. But Hair Thursdays make me feel a little less crazy with my own hair obsession.

    LOVE IT.

  241. What is this Choco Taco of which you speak? I think I’ll have eight.

  242. Choco Taco, all the way.

    Back in senior year of high school, when I had something vaguels resembling a metabolism, we were allowed to eat off campus, so every Thursday two friends and I would have Taco Bell Thursday. I’d order a bean burrito and nachos, then go back up after that was all ingested and order a choco taco for the road. Driving back to campus in my old 4-Runner with the sunroof open and Choco-Taco dripping down my arm is one of my few high school memories that didn’t involve feeling like an alien being from the planet Nerd.

  243. Hi, it’s Wendy The Hat Enabler. :D Delurking to say, I’ll take one of everything with chocolate in it.

  244. right now, given that i’m dying of thirst and too lazy to talk down to the kitchen to get water, i’d have to say the lemon slush. normally, though, i get the creamsicle.

  245. Ice cream sandwich.

    I lurk often, but have only been brave enough to comment a couple of times. Love your blog!

  246. The Sunday Cone…but here it is called the drum stick…delurking for ice cream *sheesh*

  247. Chocolate chip cookie sandwich.

    We didn’t have an ice cream truck in my parents’ neighborhood until I was almost 14. I only bought from it one time… and then I decided I was too cool for it.

  248. choco taco. werd. i de-lurk all the time. :)

  249. Hello! Definitely the Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone, but we call them Drumsticks. Yummy. Read your blog daily, but not sure if I’ve ever commented before. I enjoy what you write…keep it up! I’ve also never given too much thought to my hair but now want to do something fun to it after reading all of your hair posts!

  250. um, where’s the strawberry shortcake bar? that was my favorite.

    (woo hoo! I have officially delurked)

    (now back in my hole)

  251. The Bullet! The Bullet!

    Project Mofo Delurkization: Complete.

  252. 11) lemon thingie (already forgot scrolling through the responses!)

  253. I’m a lurker…who would join you in choosing the Nutty Buddy – especially if it was the version with the big blob of chocolate at the bottom of the cone! Love your blog!

  254. I’d maim anyone who got between me and a Choco Taco. They have a fried ice cream flavor that uses a delicious cinnamon ice cream inside. Heaven.

  255. I’m all about the classic ice cream sandwich…

  256. My childhood favorite isn’t shown– the Screwball (great name, huh?)- a lovely cone shaped thing of sherbet, with a gumball in the bottom. But my choice now would most definitely be the Chaco Taco. I’ve been craving them my whole pregnancy!

    I’m delurking, by the way. Love your blog! And I LOVE hair Thursdays obsessively. Never stop! :)

  257. Creamsicle. It’s been sooooo long since I had one.

  258. Christina says:

    The Giant Ice Cream Sandwich – because the ice cream sandwich is the most perfect ice cream treat in all the land. So simple, so delicious. Make it giant, and I’m SOLD.

    On the off chance they are sold out of the Giant Ice Cream Sandwich, then I go for the Bullet Firecracker Pop. Delish.

    And also, Banana Chocolate Firecracker Pop?? WTF?? That is just… NO. Just the idea of it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

    (Additionally, consider this my official de-lurk. Love your site, love your hair, etc. Hi!)

  259. We only have a couple of those treats in Canada, so I haven’t tried them all. I would go for the #8 mmmm….
    I read, comment sometimes…keep it up!

  260. The Banana Chocolate Bullet Pop. Or the Vanilla Ice cream bar. Or the ice cream sandwich. Hmmm… I’d have to take a poll of everyone in line first, and then see which my friends were getting (so I could have bites!). But actually, I’ve seen too many rusty gross looking ice cream trucks parked in those self storage places. Could we pretend that we just walked to the milk store for a treat like I used to? Okay. then I’ll have the scooter crunch!


    will you still be my friend?

  262. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich or the Choco Taco.
    Won’t be back again until next year!

  263. delurking, though I do think I’ve delurked before, I just don’t comment a lot. Sorry. i love your site and your hair blogs. You rock. And you have the best name in the world so how can I not like you?

    I pick number 7. I love sundae cones. mmmmm

  264. The Bullet Firecracker, baby. I’m Lyndsay – been reading you since your first post and count your sister as one of my best friends.

  265. The bullet, though I prefer when they’re red on the bottom, so I’m not walking around with a blue lip for the rest of the day.

  266. Always, ALWAYS, the chocolate chip cookie sandwich.

  267. No doubts about it – I’d go for the Choco Taco!

  268. Mmmm…snowcones. Nothing beats hitting the snow cone shack for a cinnamon snowcone…or pink lemonade…or pink champagne…or the ever thought provoking “tiger’s blood”. What flavor is that supposed to be anyway? But, in the absence of a snow cone shack, the generic snowcone from the ice cream truck will work too.

    My name is Meridith, and I am a daily lurker.

  269. .::.J.::. says:

    de-lurking for the day … love your blog!

    chocolate chip cookie sandwich (or as i so familiarly refer to it, “the chipwich”) ALL the way. mmm. so yummy.

  270. Giant cookie for sure!!

  271. Jen Gomes says:

    delurking a little late, love your blog, you are very talented & I want your hair…
    the rainbow sherbet push pop!

  272. As a kid I usually went for one of the bullets (that sounds kinda strange); as someone else mentioned, we called them bomb pops. Now I’d definitely go with the nutty buddy, one of my fav’s.

    Mom of three and frequent lurker here. Love your blog and your shoe collection on flickr!

  273. Well, seeing as how my son is DEATHLY afraid of the ice cream truck… I would have to walk out there dragging him behind (yes he loves ice cream, but the ice cream truck music is like the Halloween theme song to him) And they have these new Jolly Rancher frozen ice thingies that are DELICIOUS!

    And wowza, you have WAY better lurkers than I do. LOL I guess they think I will bite *shrug*

  274. MMMMMMMMMMMMM . . . definitely a dreamsicle!!!! that’s what creamsicles were called where i grew up . . . oh my gosh . . . i LOVE them!!!!!!

    and we called the bullet thing “bomb pops” too . . . and screwballs . . . man . . .hadn’t thought about them in YEARS!!!!!!!

    ok . . . i’m now wanting an ice cream truck to drive by . . . and it’s midnight, so any ice cream truck coming by now would be scarier than heck!!!!

    i’m also REALLY fond of the lemon slushie thing – we get them at the state fair . . .

    ok . . . i’m off in search of cold frozen sugar . . .

  275. Delurking to throw in my vote for the giant ice cream sandwich — yum!

    Also, confessing that I have never ever purchased ice cream from an ice cream truck. I grew up in the sticks =(

  276. Uh. I’m honored to be #274. I mean, you know, what’s better than TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY FUCKING FOUR?! Christ, woman.

    I’ll take a fudge bar. But seriously, that’s a no-brainer. It’s chocolate. Goes nicely with my red wine……

  277. Hands down: creamsicle. There is nothing like a creamsicle on a hot day. Yum!

  278. Hi! I’m a lurker. I love reading your blog! You’re such a cool person! I would choose the Choco Taco :)

  279. The sundae cone all the way. They usually have chocolate in the tip of the cone, and that’s the best part.

  280. choco taco lookin good!!!! ‘
    delurkin from SC… xox

  281. choco taco!

    Only 3 people delurked for me…I’m kinda sad.

  282. fortune_cookie says:

    Delurking… finally. I’ve been an avid reader for about a year.

    The giant ice cream sandwich is what it’s all about for me…

  283. I’m also delurking here as well…as per your command. ;) I’ll go with the cone, although a chipwich is always good as well.

    Love your blog and your weekly hair polls. I’m tempted to submit my own…

  284. I’ll have a Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich, thank you.

  285. Definitely the Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone.

    I am a lurker, thanks for helping me come out of the shadow!

  286. Oh, hard! Gotta go with the Creamsicle – fond childhood memories.

    Hi, I am reen and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your blog for the short while since I found it. I don’t think I’ve commented yet, so I guess I am indeed a mofo. :)

  287. Vanilla Ice Cream bar. Definitely.

  288. Creamsicle.

    Another question: Hypothetically speaking, is 2 PM too early for wine?

  289. The fudgsicle. No doubt about it.

  290. A little behing over here….definitely the sundae cone. YUM! (the were drumsticks in my youth…oh so far away! lol

  291. fudgecicle

  292. Hells bells, I’m a day late. I do read you devotedly though, even though I never comment. As for The Good Humor Man, I’d take a chaco taco. Mmmmaybe a vanilla ice cream bar. Aw, just give me one of each.

  293. WHAT? No screwball??? You know, yummy the sherbert-ish in a plastic cone that you eat with a tiny wooden spoon, with the nasty gum ball out the bottom? Bummer…
    I go for the #2 then.

    You’ll be hearing from me soon for some Hair Thursday. I’m a frizzball with a six-month old. Also, I live in Charleston, SC (Humidity!!)

  294. Sundae cone!

  295. OK, since you’ve asked nicely I’ll de-lurk for today. Would comment more often if I had something interesting to say! Would be the Bullet (I remember them as rocket pops, early 80s in Southern Ontario?) or the Fudgsicle, although in this paranoid age I’d be reading the ingredient list first, and probably have a big internal conflict on account of artificial colours (sorry, Canadian), artificial flavours (sorry), and carageenan or guar gum. Whenever I crave a green popsicle I experience some regret at the loss of my age of innocence. Popsicles never used to be bad for you right? Of course in the days of my grandmother’s childhood, apparently chewing tar was not bad for you, nor was it considered simply bizarre (before chewing gum? in rural areas? I don’t know, maybe they were just nuts).

  296. I’m late, however I would purchase something different for each member of my family (even the new baby)just so that I could try a number of items. That is one SWEET ice cream truck! We’ll have a number 4, 8, 2, and 6, thank you very much!

  297. Chocolate chip cookie sandwich. Sometimes I buy those from the grocery store – love ’em!

  298. Ack! Late to the party! Any ice cream left?

    I’ll take three sundae cones, please. Because, you know, they are kid-sized and I’m an adult. That’s logical, right? OK, fine. I’ll take two.

  299. I always go with the Bullet Firecracker Pop, it quenches my thirst and last longer. I´ve been an avid reader for more than a year now!


  300. Oops! Forgot to de-lurk yesterday! Anyway, I always go for the Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone. For me, it’s all about the chocolate at the bottom. Yummy! I’ve been know to even hide a couple in Fish Stick boxes, as no one else in my home eats fish..shhhh!

  301. I just found your blog and I love it! Also, it is appropriate because I am now growing out my really short hair and trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL to do with it. Sigh.

    I would probably take the Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone followed by the Choco Taco. YUM!

  302. Day late and dollar short . . . definately the Nutty Buddy!

  303. The Nutty Buddy Sundae Cone. It’s got nuts, and chocolate, and a cone, and, of course, ice cream!

  304. omg. As I sit here reveling in my 60+ comments, feeling oh so proud, I see you have THREE HUNDRED AND TWO comments.
    This is where I again, think, the world just isn’t fair.

    Not. Fair. :)

  305. fudgesicle or rocket ship thingie/bullet firecracker pop

    (my fav isn’t even on this list: big stick cherry/pineapple and NO, i don’t like it just because of it’s name)

  306. Definitely the Creamsicle. …Or the Fudgesicle. Actually, what I really want is one of those strawberry shortcake bars. My heart as all a-flutter now.

    I’m two days late. Wow.

  307. Better late then never.
    Where is the yummy icey thing you eat with a stick and has the bubble gum on the bottom? That is my favorite!

  308. The creamsicle bar!

  309. A bit late, but I’d love a giant ice cream sandwich. :)

  310. chocolate chip cookie sandwich

  311. I am late late late…but I have a write in vote: pink panther pop. I love that gumball eye!

  312. Creamsicle. Who’s buying?

  313. I’m late because it took me days to decide which one I wanted. I’m very indecisive. I decided on the creamsicle. Thanks.

  314. i’m late, catching up–i’ll take a choco taco, never seen that one before, but it looks yummy.