When The Internet Ceases To Exist


Yesterday, our Internet connection was out for approximately eight hours. And it was glorious.

After my 5-minute OH MY GAH WHAT SHALL I DO! NO INTERNET! period, I realized there are plenty of things to do away from the Internet. Like enjoying your life without crouching over a 15-inch screen looking for your cyber buddies.

Let’s take a walk through Whoorl’s Day Without Internet. (In list-form, of course!)

1. This is huge. Almost 2 YEARS LATER, I finished Harry Potter #5. Yes, the same Harry potter I wrote about in October of 2005. It seems I took your advice (your advice? Are my 2005 commenters even reading this blog anymore?) and took a break from Harry Potter. A very long break. Finally, I can move on to The Half-Blood Prince and put #5 on the shelf for good.

2. I took care of my new black eye, which I explained over here.

3. I shipped back the Wheely Bug that I was SO intensely excited about. Turns out, if your baby is taller than the average 2-year-old, he will end up looking like an old man with secondary osteoporosis pushing a walker. Seriously, his upper body was parallel to the floor. Not good. (BUT SO HILARIOUS TO WATCH!)

4. I sorted through a 24-pound Fed Ex delivery of Wito’s birthday presents shipped from my mom in Oklahoma. Needless to say, Wito had a great day.

5. Dude! I did some crafty crafts! Look at these cute ponytail holders I made!


I even attempted a photo of the back of my head.


As you can see, back-of-the-head photography is not my forte.

I needed yesterday’s breath of fresh air. Of course, the result of the outage has forced me to be shackled to the Internet for the remainder of the day, writing Parent Dish posts and working on Hair Thursday.

Oh well, it was worth it.



  1. such cute ponytail holders. love them

  2. Maybe by the time you finish book six SAJ will be done with book seven.

  3. Those ponytail holders are cuuuute! How did you make them?

    I think I need an internet outage. I’d get SO much more done.

  4. I am still working on HP Book 2…

  5. ditto on the ponytail holders. I thought they were the size of buttons, clearly not if they are holding all your hair. Dish! great fabric choices too. Don’t you wish you could design fabric? I think that would be an incredible job.

  6. Dude. I could use an outage. AM ADDICTED TO ALL THINGS INTERNETY.

  7. I think we need a precious ponytail holder tutorial–those rock!

  8. I, too, could use an outage. And I, too, would like a tutorial on making those pony tail holders :)

  9. The ponytail holders are way cute!

  10. Can you PLEASE post a “how-to” on the ponytail holders? I think they’d make great gifts!

  11. I am so jealous that your hair can fit into one of those skinny hair ties. Mine would bust out and be all, “You ain’t the boss of me!” Because, apparently, my hair is totally street.

  12. Loving the hair thingies. Very cute.

    Read the black eye story… ouch. I had one last week from Jack chucking one of those stupid metal cars at me. Love it.

  13. ooh! if i had hair, i’d so want one of those cute hair ties. being crafty is fun and being away from the internet is good!

  14. I second or third, 42nd? whatever, ponytail holder tutorial, please!

  15. Let’s see, a ponytail tutorial. I’ll put that together right after I:

    1) Take care of my child
    2) Write posts for whoorl
    3) Scour the Internet for hair photos, photoshop all images and write the Hair Thursdays posts
    4) Return 5,000 Hair Thursday emails
    5) Write ParentDish posts
    6) Take care of my personal hygiene
    7) Eat

    I’ll have that to you guys in Summer of 2008! ;)

  16. The pony tail holders are fabulous. Too bad I just lopped off all my hair and have no use for such a cute item.

    I am trying out a new rule this week. No internet while my child is awake and under my care. I feel like the kid is going to grow up thinking that everyone has a hard plastic device growing out of their waist. I’ve been mildly successful, but man it is tough to put down the computer.

  17. I elentymillionandone the “cute ponytail holders” comment! I won’t wait for the tutorial, but still, cuteness! Also? So can relate to the black eye story. Not that I’ve had one, yet. But Little Miss is an incredible sleeper, and has been since very early on, so much so that we’re spoiled rotten. When she does have an off night, I’m rendered utterly stupid and crying because OMGshe’snotsleeping10hours!!!! People with less-sleepy children bean me with bricks. But when you’re used to a good 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, dealing with a baby who wants to play from 3-5am all of a sudden is a rough adjustment.

  18. You returned the wheelie bug! No!!!! They are so fun. You aren’t supposed to push them, wheelie bugs are supposed to be ridden!

    Do you need Baby Bug and I to come over there and give you a lesson in wheely bug riding? Yes, I think you do.

    I wish it would have worked, but he is like 5 inches taller than BB! When I tried to sit him on it, his knees were up in his torso. It was a sad, sad sight.

  19. But for reals. The ponytail holders are cute. You should sell them. I would totally buy nine.

  20. Hey Whoorl, my sis in law is totally making those cutie pie pony tail holders, too and she’s all up in the headbands, and cute baby bobby pins. It’s all about the fabric choices and you, my dear, have some great fabric. Fun Fun Fun.

    You are SO right, Sharri. There are some UGLY ones out there. (But I’m sure your SIL’s are darling!)

  21. Wah, I want the tutorial. Surely Wito can take care of himself for a day or two, right?

  22. actually, i thought your back-of-the-head shot was pretty good…

  23. hey… i’ve been reading for a while… never commenting… but soaking in all your hair knowledge because I’m helpless :) but LOVED the ponytail holders… and love google… so I found instructions! :) http://www.jcarolinecreative.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=JC&Screen=PONYTAIL

    hope that helps!

  24. And when exactly were you planning on sharing how you made those fantabulous hair thing-a-ma-bobs?

    uh huh … waiting

  25. I need an internet free day. Today I’m taking a work-free day and it’s GLORIOUS.

  26. Screw the tutorial – you need to sell those ponytail holders! They are all sorts of cute.

  27. De-lurking to post a link to ponytail holder tutorial. Their samples look pretty similiar to these, but I think not as cute!

  28. I love the material on your ponytail holders, whoorl!

    I found a tutorial for ponytail holders that look similar to whoorl’s at j caroline creative if anybody’s interested.

    Did you make yours similarly?

  29. okay, I KNOW you are busy (and trust me, I haven’t had internet all week so I know it feels like your limbs have been cut off) but OMG I need to make those ponytail thingies. Plllleeeeeeeease? I love them!

  30. In order to save Whoorl from one of her many duties, I am going to take a stab at the How-To for the ponytail holders.
    **I am not a licensed profesional…I will not be held responsible for any hair band related tragedies**
    1) Buy fabric covered button making kit. These come in varying sizes, available at craft stores. make sure to get one with the tool. Then you can get refill and just use the same tool to make more.
    2) Buy pretty fabric (you will only need small swatches.)
    3) Follow directions on button making kit.
    4) Thread a plain hair elastic through the hole in the shank of the button. Loop it through itself so it is secured to the button.
    Voila! You are crafty AND chic!

  31. I think whoorls super spam protector holds comments with links in them in moderation so Elaine’s wasn’t up when I posted mine (and I know mine was moderated before being posted) :)

  32. Hey, did you notice that the super cute wheely bugs come in two sizes – small and large? Maybe the large one would be big enough for the Wito?

  33. Cute ponytail holders! next time my internet goes down…No, I’d better not even think about it.

  34. Ohhh the ponytail holders are sooo cute and lovely :D:D