1) Sorry about the Hair Thursday polls not working earlier today. They are back up-and-running, so place your vote!

2) I posted an entry about my nap troubles over at ParentDish, and if you have ANY comments or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU.

Back to hiding under my pillow while Wito screams.



  1. Oh, Whoorly-girl. My two boys went to one nap around 13-14 months of age. I found it to be good, because instead of being stuck in the house with 2 hours of 1 1/2 hours in length, we could go out for the morning and then I would have a 3-hour chunk in the afternoon.

    Emily has had some days where she does one nap…

  2. Oddly enough, the polls worked when I did them. I love Hair Thursday, by the way. I wish you could do my hair, but we live too far apart…and I’m growing out my hair.

  3. I’m loving your new Dish job. It’s like four times as much Whoorl!